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Product category: Analysis tools for customer data, CRM software

Measure Customer Experience

Smiley Terminal™
Improve your customer and employee satisfaction with our wireless, always on smiley terminals. Our terminals are easy to set up at the point-of-experience – you don’t need power, cables, or Internet connection. Just ask your strategic survey question and instantly start collecting feedback. Your customers and employees respond to your survey question by pressing the smiley that best corresponds to their experience. The data is collected and transmitted via secure cellular network to our cloud-based reporting service.

Smiley Touch™
Discover the cause of your customer and employee's dissatisfaction with the stylish, easy-to-use Smiley Touch. The Smiley Touch is a touchscreen tablet terminal, with mobile network technology, which offers three-tier surveys (1st tier classic 4-Smiley rating, 2nd tier follow-up options, and 3rd tier open feedback), providing organizations with even more insightful feedback and in turn supercharging decision-making.

Web Smileys™
Collect feedback from your website visitors effortlessly with our easy-to-place web smileys. Ask your customized online experience question and capture the user’s feeling when interacting with your website. Once the smiley feedback is given, an open feedback box appears. Responses are collected and analyzed in the web-based Reporting Service. Add our simple script to your web page and the web survey is immediately active. Our 4 smileys are globally recognized and your users instantly know how to interact with the panel. You can easily change your question whenever needed.

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Product category: Analysis tools for customer data, CRM software

Follow Customer Experience

Reporting Service
Follow your feedback from the Intelligent Reporting Service. Track and learn how well you are performing and where you can still improve your service. Our intelligent cloud-based reporting service collects and analyses your survey data and displays your results in a clear format. The service makes it easy for you to see and understand your performance through your feedback results, and identifies when and where improvements are needed.

Email Reports
Spot fluctuations in service performance, implement strategic changes and monitor your improvement results. Our service gives you both certainty of your actual performance and continuous insights for short term and long term action planning. You can easily track the ranking and trending data and compare your survey results to your operational activities. The result summaries are conveniently sent straight to your email.

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Product category: Analysis tools for customer data, CRM software

Improve Customer Experience

How to increase your customer and employee engagement? Share your improved results via our interaction reports and social sharing feature, and inspire your staff and clients to trust and promote your brand. Sharing your results encourages customer interaction and boosts employee motivation. It lifts satisfaction up to 10% per year and improves your service reputation.

Interaction Reports
Displaying our ready-made interaction reports in your physical locations is a great way to showcase your success and build your customers’ and employees’ trust. It shows that you listen and inspires your clients and staff to help you improve your service every day.

Social Sharing
Show your customers and employees you care about their opinion by using our social sharing feature in your social media channels in Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Our feature builds the connection between your company and your customers and makes engaging with your clients and staff quick, easy, and effective.

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Jan 25, 2018

Smiley feedback company HappyOrNot unveils touchscreen terminal

HappyOrNot, the company responsible for creating the globally-recognizable ‘Smiley’ feedback system, today announces the launch of Smiley Touch™, a touchscreen terminal that empowers customers to provide more feedback than ever before, and in turn supercharge company decision-making.

Building on the success of its first product – with over 25,000 Smiley Terminals™installed around the world, receiving over 700 million feedbacks points to date – HappyOrNot also announces new branding capabilities for its terminals, while making significant updates to its reporting services. 

Smiley Touch™
The Smiley Touch is a touchscreen tablet terminal, with mobile network technology, which offers three-tier surveys, providing organizations with even more insightful customer feedback. The survey consists of:

Main question – The Smiley Touch comes with an attention sign for posing questions to customers. Examples of typical questions and prompts include: ‘how was your experience with us today?’ or ‘how friendly was our staff?’ Customers then answer by choosing one of the four ‘Smiley’ feedback options.
Follow-up question – Customers are then presented with a secondary, follow-up question. If a customer expresses dissatisfaction with a particular issue, the follow-up question will display a pre-selected list of causes, such as ‘waiting time’ or ‘service’, allowing for more insightful answers.
Open feedback – A text box and touch screen keyboard allows customers to give qualitative answers.

Branding Packs
HappyOrNot has also introduced branding packs for both its internationally-renowned Smiley Terminal™, which itself has undergone a visual revamp, and the new Smiley Touch. Through fully customizable branding packs, the look and feel can be altered depending on their brand guidelines, and the aesthetics of the airport, retail outlet, or office space that it stands in. Companies can choose to have HappyOrNot’s in-house design team create a design based on their logo, or alternatively create their own with easy-to-use design templates.

Reporting Service
To coincide with the release of Smiley Touch, HappyOrNot has also made improvements to its reporting service. Clients can track and manage their service performance using intuitive and interactive data analytics, accessible 24/7 via the online dashboard, mobile, and automated email reports.

  • Quick View – Provides an instant overview of a company’s key performance results, which are summarized in simple, informative widgets, enabling a focus on the most important information.
  • Analytics – Presents a deeper analysis of customer feedback. Analytics allows companies to evaluate their past and current performance, research long-term trends, and pinpoint exactly where and when a decline in customer happiness was experienced.

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Jan 24, 2018

Say it with a smile: The world's happiest airports

How happy are airport travelers?: HappyOrNot, the Finnish company behind the customer feedback terminals that have been popping up in airports across the world, has exclusively revealed to CNN Travel its happiest airports and the best and worst times to fly. Click through the gallery to discover which brings on the most smiles.

(CNN) — A waist-high army of smiley-faced machines is popping up in airports and public spaces around the world.
You may have already used one of HappyOrNot's 25,000 customer satisfaction terminals, registering your feedback by touching one its four response buttons, from a jubilant green to grumpy-faced red.
But having tapped and walked away to your destination, where does your data go?
HappyOrNot, founded in Finland in 2009 by Heikki Väänänen and Ville Levaniemi, has exclusively shared its first airport report with CNN Travel.
It reveals the airports with the highest customer satisfaction globally, measured by the percentage of people hitting the dark green or light green buttons.

The report is based on feedback from 158 million data-points from HappyOrNot smiley terminals in 160 airports across 36 countries.
HappyOrNot analyzed data collected between November 2016 and November 2017, from airports which received more than 120,000 button-presses in the past year across more than two areas of the airport -- security, baggage reclaim, washrooms and so on. Some 68 airports in 22 countries met the criteria to be included in the rankings.
And it turns out that the happiest airport in the world is a teeny terminal in southwest England, handling fewer than a million passengers a year.
Exeter Airport -- gateway to the cathedral city of Exeter -- has a satisfaction rating of 88.66%, 12% higher than the global average of 76.52%.
It also tells us the happiest and unhappiest times of day, week and year to fly -- as well as the parts of the airport journey most likely to make us hit the red button of rage.

Eight airports worldwide have satisfaction levels of above 86% (with a drop of 3% before the ninth spot). Most of them -- apart from big-hitters Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (No.4) and Rome's Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport (No.2) -- are on the itty-bitty side, proving that what small airports lack in amenities, they can make up for in convenience, manageability and all-round lower stress levels.
"Exeter Airport is seeing increasing numbers of tourists from mainland Europe," says Stephen Ayres, the airport's communications manager.
In the heart of picturesque Devon, the only English county to have two separate coastlines, the region offers, says Ayres, "historic buildings, award-winning places to eat" and "sandy family-friendly beaches."
English as a global language
Curiously, although HappyOrNot services airports on every continent, six out of the eight top airports are in English-speaking countries, which HappyOrNot co-founder Ville Levaniemi attributes to English being "the essential language of air travel."
He tells CNN Travel, "The ability to communicate and understand is so crucial when offering a service, and this is perhaps reflected in our data."
Iceland's Keflavik International Airport -- in eighth place -- appears to be coping admirably with the country's tourism boom. It processed 6.8 million passengers in 2016 -- a full five million more than in 2004 -- but 86.35% of passenger feedback was happy.
Airports with the highest satisfaction levels

1. Exeter Airport, UK -- 88.66%
2 (tie). Cork Airport, Republic of Ireland -- 88.45%
2 (tie). Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport (Rome), Italy -- 88.45%
4. Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, USA -- 87.35%
5. Newcastle International Airport, UK -- 87.05%
6. London Southend Airport, UK -- 86.79%
7. Cardiff Airport, UK -- 86.57%
8. Keflavik International Airport, Iceland -- 86.35%

When and where are we happiest?
Globally, passengers are most likely to hit the green buttons at 9 a.m. on a Tuesday in October or November.

We're most unhappy when we find ourselves in baggage reclaim at 2 a.m. or 3.a.m. on a July weekend. Sunday, when we return from our vacation to face the Monday slog, is the lowest-scoring day of the week, followed by Saturday.

Fliers in July are the unhappiest (80.9%) followed by those flying in April (81.1%) -- prime time for Easter breaks.
It's not surprising that the crowded airports of peak season and busy weekends drive us nuts or that we might regret booking those attractively priced early-morning flights.
Levaniemi tells CNN Travel, "What the trend does suggest is that often the happiest passengers are those visiting airports at their full capacity -- with all staff on the top of their game to keep operations ticking over."

When it comes to our journey through the airport, we're at our happiest (84.6%) when we've successfully cleared security and can at last check out duty-free or grab a coffee.
Our spirits dip when we hit those airport washrooms -- 74.4% -- while the worst stage of all is hanging around at baggage reclaim (69.9%).
It's a strong argument for going hand-luggage only.
Related content
What's the best London airport for me to use?
So are the feedback terminals just emoji-faced placebos, or does our button-hitting make a difference to how the airport is run?
"For the user, it provides a candid way for people to express themselves while the experience is fresh in their mind." says Levaniemi.
"For the airports, management teams can see people's happiness in real-time: allowing dirty washrooms to be inspected within minutes, or extra staff apportioned to a section of the airport that is performing badly. [We] give staff the means to be flexible and react to the environments around them."

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Jan 23, 2018

HappyOrNot closes $14.5 million USD Series A funding to accelerate the bringing of ‘Smiley’ feedback data to the world

HappyOrNot®, the Finnish company responsible for creating the globally-recognisable ‘Smiley’ feedback system, which allows organisations to gauge consumer and employee satisfaction levels in under 2 seconds, today announces a $14.5m USD Series A funding round led by Northzone (www.northzone.com), the Stockholm, London, and NY-based VC firm (with a track record for backing Nordic success stories including Spotify, Klarna, and Trustpilot).

AirTree (www.airtree.vc), an Australia-headquartered venture capital firm known for its investments in market leaders such as Paxata, Prospa, and 90Seconds, also participated in the round.

Marta Sjörgen, Principal at Northzone, and John Henderson, Partner at AirTree, will join the HappyOrNot board.

Headquartered in Tampere, Finland, and with a US office in Florida, 25,000 of HappyOrNot’s distinctive ‘Smiley Terminals’ are already installed across airports, office spaces, and retail outlets around the world.  Customers include large retail chains such as IKEA, Lidl, and Carrefour, as well as global brands including Microsoft, McDonald’s, London Heathrow Airport, LinkedIn, and the British National Health Service. The online equivalent is increasingly integrated within major company websites internationally, allowing customers or employees to rate their virtual experiences on a four-stage scale from ‘smile’ to ‘frown’.

Generating actionable customer and employee feedback data on an unprecedented scale, HappyOrNot has registered over half a billion responses to date, and now supports more than 4,000 clients in 117 countries, and with a global reseller network of over 100 companies. This new investment will be used to turbocharge international consolidation and expansion, with the USA, UK, Germany, and France being priorities for the Finnish company over coming months, as well as the Australian and Southeast Asian markets where AirTree has expertise.

HappyOrNot also intends to invest heavily into research and development, enhancing existing feedback data analytics, and refining its customer success management depended upon by clients including Microsoft, McDonald’s, London Heathrow Airport, LinkedIn, the British National Health Service (NHS), and Dixons Carphone, whilst securing new ones internationally. It is anticipated that more clients will come to rely on ‘The Happy Index’: HappyOrNot’s official performance index score, calculated as the weighted average of the four Smileys, highlights fluctuations to help clients discover the times of day, week, month, or location, when performance is low or high and make more accurate improvement initiatives.

Alongside this, HappyOrNot intends to use this financing round to grow its R&D, marketing, and sales teams from today’s employee count of 65, to 200 people within the next 2-3 years.

This latest funding round for HappyOrNot shows the Finnish company is a market leader poised to take advantage of a sector with enormous potential.

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HappyOrNot® is the global leader in instant customer and employee satisfaction reporting. Our innovative feedback collecting smileys and intelligent data analytics reporting service help our clients to improve their customer experience, relationships, and employee engagement. Since 2009, our worldwide data insights have benefited our clients in sectors including retail, traveling and transportation, outsourcing services, healthcare and wellbeing, HoReCa, financial services, and public and governmental services. We serve nearly 4,000 companies across 117 countries, and have collected and reported on over a half billion feedbacks.

Visit www.happy-or-not.com to learn more.

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