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  • 02.04.01  Money counting systems

Our products

Product category: Money counting systems

AST 7000 NT5

AST 7000 NT5 is an automatic cash in-cash out recycling unit.
Designed to guarantee very high performances in counters with many cash transactions, AST 7000 NT5 ensures the security and reliability needed to project open branches, allowing at the same time to speed up cash processing operations.
The teller cash recycler handles the storage, safekeeping (the safe is available in 5 mm, UL291, CEN L, CEN III and CEN IV), and distribution of banknotes through one input pocket.
The unit is equipped with 8 recycling drums with a capacity up to 700 banknotes each; the magazines are conceived with a drum technology. Banknotes’ recognition is performed by CIMA’s sensor BV 5000 employing all the most advanced technologies: magnetic, infrared, fluorescence, ultraviolet, visible light.
It’s possible to have both the authenticity recognition function and the fitness feature; in both cases all solutions are compliant with the regulations of the main Central Banks (Euro currency included).
The very small size and innovative and pleasant look make the unit suitable for any bank environment.

AST 7000 NT5 stores and withdraws banknotes at a speed of 7 and 6 banknotes per second respectively.
To allow an easy service the frame has been conceived in a way that it can be completely removed, so that maintenance can be done in a remote area without interrupting the teller’s normal operations.

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Product category: Money counting systems


A unique device for the retail with four recycling drums having a capacity up to 500 notes each, and with an innovative stacking bag for storing and collecting the money.

SDM 504, in addition to the deposit function, handles up to 5.000 banknotes, 2.000 of which in recycling, while still keeping the ease of use and a compact size of only 0,32 sq.m. footprint. The upper plate is made up of an input slot that contains up to 30 banknotes at a time and an exit slot with a capacity up to 15 banknotes, of a plastic top hood, customizable in colour, of the authenticity validator BV5000, manufactured by CIMA in compliance with the regulations of the main Central Banks (Euro currency included). SDM 504 is perfect to handle medium cash volumes, vouchers or cheques scanning, with an input speed of 5.5 banknotes/sec. The combination between cash-in and cash-out functionalities allows medium and small-size retailers to prepare the cashier start-of-the-day float in the morning and to make the deposit at the end of the day.

The device can be integrated with coin handling devices: a complete service to exchange money, to give the change in notes or coins. A user-friendly interface allows the operator to identify himself through Dallas key, pin code or card reader and to follow his own deposit on the touch screen, and then print the receipt.

The device operating software, when integrated with the customer’s IT system, allows to completely align the equipment’s data with the platform in use, giving information both about the amount of notes processed.

The device is available with two different storage solutions: the high capacity canvas bag containing up to 4.000 notes free fall, locked by a cover with manual seal, and the disposable stacking heat-sealing bag containing up to 3.000 notes.

In the stacking bag version the safe’s opening is allowed just once it has completely sealed, thereby allowing the money collection by one individual operator, and no longer two according to the usual procedure, which results in a remarkable cost saving. Unlike the free fall solution, notes are stacked in this bag, which further contributes to reducing the money processing costs at the cash center.


This solution allows to:

• remove the use of highly expensive, fragile and bulky cassettes (requiring a large storage room at the cash center, CIT vehicles and the customer’s premises);
• remarkably speed up the money processing at the cash center, as notes are perfectly stacked;
• insert stacking bags in transport boxes equipped with ink dye systems by the major manufacturers.

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About us

Company details

For over 55 years we take care of securing and handling the money of our customers.

CIMA was born in 1955.

All over these years we have designed and realized systems to make the handling of money easier and more secure:
earlier in the bank with the anti-robbery booths we had just protected it; then with the cash handling devices we have grown, we have specialized to be able to recognize it, count it, process it, secure it and follow it in its route.

Our headquarters is in Mirandola (MO) Italy and from here we got all over the world.

Our goal for the future is to keep on growing stronger and enhance our offer of products-services aiming at an always higher level, thanks to a continuous and constant investment in R&D and thanks to the participation, the expertise and the passion of all CIMA people.

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