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Beacon technology solutions

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Integrated digital signage solutions

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  • 01  Solutions for stores, head office and e-commerce
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Our products

Product category: Electronic shelf labels

Breece System

Breece System is our dynamic in-store communication platform, including the market leading fully graphic electronic shelf labels and other in-store communication solutions such as Vision (digital signage) that drives profitability and creates a better customer experience. No matter whether you need Cloud, Enterprise or On-Premises software - we have a solution for you.

The Breece solution is powered by displays and antennas from Displaydata. The combination of Delfi's software and the hardware from Displaydata makes the platform the best solution in the market. At the same time, the platform ensures a seamless integration to existing POS systems. Displaydata is the leaders in the design and supply of fully graphic electronic shelf labels (ESLs) and dynamic digital display solutions. Displaydata combines strategic vision and commercial focus with world-class scientific, engineering and manufacturing expertise. Displaydata has an extensive intellectual property portfolio and with full control of R&D and manufacturing.

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Product category: Electronic shelf labels

Electronic Shelf Labels

With our fully graphic electronic shelf labels you can remotely change prices and promotions in seconds - across one store or thousands. Featuring the latest electrophoretic display (EPD) technology, our fully graphic displays reduce glare and are viewable through close to 180°.

The wireless ESL communicator handles a two-way communication between your ERP and the  electronic shelf labels – reporting that updates have been made and providing details such as battery voltage and temperature, so you can ensure the display’s quality is always high. And, with an integrated Bluetooth option, you can not only easily align prices across your channels, you can also offer personal and rewarding promotions through your app, based on a shopper’s location in store. This is how in-store communication should be.

The labels are high resolution, fully graphic and available in up to three colours helping you to influence the buying decision at the shelf edge. They have the brightest and most consistent colours and images available, and they can also operate from -25°C to 30°C.

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Product category: Integrated digital signage solutions

Breece Vision Digital Signage

Vision is our digital signage solution, enabling you to boost sales by highlighting products and prices on TVs. The Vision add-on is a dynamic solution for retailers that want to fully digitalize their store.

The Vision solution enables you to manage in-store TVs as if they were electronic shelf labels. Vision is ideal for replacing paper posters at the end of aisles , in fruit and vegs departments, at entrances - or simply any place you want to create some extra awareness.

Connected to your ERP or other data sources
Vision is fully integrated in Breece and connected to your central ERP and other data sources. New information will automatically be pushed to the TVs when you change prices or product information in your ERP system.

Create pre-customized templates in Breece Designer - an intuitive application with drag and drop functionality for design and layout.

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Product category: Cloud-based IT services

Breece Cloud

Breece Cloud: Plug & play - 1, 2, 3 ready to go
Install and manage your electronic shelf labels at the click of a button, using our plug and play 'Breece Cloud ESL service' with the flexibility of accessing data anytime, anywhere through the Breece Mobile Assist app or your web browser.

A new way of thinking ESL
The Breece Cloud ESL service is a new way of thinking ESL and our way of making everything a lot easier. All you need is just an internet connection, the wireless ESL antenna and the electronic shelf labels.

Key features:
  • Out-of-the-box: plug & play - get started easily
  • Pre-configured and connected to your store (ERP or another data source)
  • No need for a server and local installation of software
  • Secure 2-way communication between store and Breece Cloud
  • Accessible from anywhere either using app or web
  • Use your own device - support for Android and iOS
  • Scalable Cloud setup - grows as your business grows

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Product category: Cloud-based IT services

Breece Enterprise

Breece Enterprise: Manage & update all your stores centrally
With Breece Enterprise you get the enterprise architecture with a centralized management of your stores. Manage and update electronic shelf labels and Vision (digital signage) in your stores - directly from your HQ / central location. Breece Enterprise is designed to be centrally managed from a remote location to eliminate the need for software and servers in each store. All software is installed at your HQ and connects to your stores through a wireless ESL communicator, delivering a true 2-way communication between your ERP / other data sources and the electronic shelf labels.

Key Features:
  • Centralized management
  • Less deployment time
  • Dynamic scaling
  • Easy to manage
  • Productivity everywhere
  • Off site data storage
  • Secure data management
  • Always up
  • Increased mobility
  • Shared resources

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Company news




Jan 11, 2018

Electronic pricing will release more time for customer care

In order to release more time for customer service while managing campaigns and prices on a whole different level, the CF Group, which is part of XL-BYG, decided to introduce electronic shelf labels with Delfi Technologies as a partner and supplier. The implementation takes place in May 2018.

The day before the company's Christmas party, Jes Gravesen, the managing director of the XL-BYG CF Group, announced that five stores are going to get electronic pricing installed in the spring of 2018.

- The response was overwhelming, especially from the staff who has the daily contact with the customers in the stores. Today, our staff spend a lot of time printing shelf labels, taking the old ones down and putting up new ones – this time will soon be used for customer service instead. The employees that have direct contact with customers showed great excitement about the fact that they can spend more time on customers instead of physically changing price labels, says Jes Gravesen.

According to Jes, the idea of introducing electronic shelf labels is not new, but there has not been time for it until now. Denmark has for years been afraid of investments as a result of the financial crisis and it has held the XL-BYG CF Group from investing in new projects, like most other companies in the country. But it’s going well in the ‘Do-It-Yourself’ business and therefore, now is the time for making the investments they've wanted in the recent years.

- Now we think it’s time to realize the dream of electronic pricing and we now have the profits to invest internal IT resources in the project. The goal of giving our employees the opportunity for more customer focus and enhancing the overall customer experience, is crucial to our decision, says Jes expectative.

Updated prices enhance customer experience
According to Jes, there is nothing that can ruin a good customer experience, as if the price in the store doesn’t match the price to pay at checkout. This doesn’t happen often at XL-BYG, but it is annoying for all parties when it happens. 

When XL-BYG has promotions planned, for example for a Saturday campaign, the staff will start working on replacing the small paper labels on the shelf edge already Friday afternoon. This means that the store actually launches the campaign half a day before each time – and by that, customers who use Saturday for buying the promotional offer, can risk the goods are already sold.

-That scenario is fortunately very rare, but it is a risk we want to avoid. At the same time, the staff also uses many resources on replacing paper labels while also having a lot of customers – and that is not optimal. With electronic signs, we can change the price of the selected promotional items on Saturday morning, just before opening hours and the same time have a good attention towards the costumers that to chose to visit our store on Friday afternoon, Jes says. 

In the future, it will be possible to plan campaigns and price changes without the need of calculating the time within printing and replacing the paper labels. An initiative that makes the work for both employees, management and suppliers far more flexible than before.

Electronic pricing is also a CSR initiative
The majority of businesses also take care of the environment, vulnerable groups in society and other social challenges. Electronic price tagging is also part of the XL-BYG CF Group's CSR initiatives.

- In the same way as we have changed some of our business processes and procedures in relation to be environmentally friendly, the shift from paper labels to electronic pricing is another initiative that supports the goal of being more environmentally friendly. I’m not fully aware of the exact amount of paper we use for our shelf edges today, but it will be reduced to zero when we implement the solution in May 2018, Jes says. 

In addition to the fact that the XL-BYG CF Group has a natural interest in being a responsible company, the company is also experiencing a growing demand for documenting the fulfillment of its CSR strategies; especially when the XL-BYG CF Group also is the supplier of building materials to numerous projects in public procurement.

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Dec 1, 2017

Metropolitan - the pharmacy of the future in Munich airport

A location located where the world meets puts great demands up on a pharmacy in order to reach an extraordinary service level
The pharmacy of the future needs to innovate new technology supporting smarter ways of working in order to remove unnecessary time and money from the daily operation. And since you will find this in probably the most demanding conditions - being located in an airport where the world meets – only a great performance helps you to come up to the customer’s high expectations.

For Metropolitan Pharmacy, operating pharmacies at the airports of Munich, Frankfurt, Berlin, Düsseldorf, and Hamburg, its name stands for a high level of consulting expertise, a wide range of products, and service of the highest quality. This includes the delivery of your pharmaceuticals directly on the airplane, if that is what you need. Focusing on its core business and a high level of service are, therefore, two of the reasons why Metropolitan Pharmacy has implemented Breece Cloud and electronic shelf labels in Munich airport, helping the pharmacy to handle updates on products and prices with no further work required from the staff.

Automatic product and price updates - from ERP to shelves
The electronic shelf labels are linked directly to the pharmacy’s ERP, so when products or prices get updated in the pharmacy’s system, the changes will automatically be reflected at the shelves throughout the pharmacy, leaving time for the pharmacy’s staff to focus on a high level of consulting expertise instead of spending resources on time-consuming label changes.

In addition to saving time, the electronic shelf labels also provide a great flexibility for the staff in the pharmacy. The design of the displays is easy to change so the pharmacy can show exactly the information it wants, whenever it wants. When a product update comes from the system, the display will automatically pick the pre-defined design template - it could e.g. be deciding to link two products to one display instead of two in order to save space at the shelf edge.

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Nov 30, 2017

Electronic signage in the supermarket and at the office

As a result of the electronic shelf labels that have been implemented in the majority of Dagrofa's supermarkets in Denmark, the concept has now expanded to include room signage at the office in Ringsted. The concept with 'room signage' works exact as in the supermarket - the name, department or room number can be changed in seconds, just like the prices in the supermarket.

For a long time, Dagrofa has been using electronic shelf labels - also called Breece System - in the majority of their supermarkets. René Severinsen, who is IT Product Owner at Dagrofa, therefore proposed, in the early summer of 2017, that Dagrofa also should use the concept of electronic signage for their many offices and meeting rooms in the administration.

- In the past, we have been using foil on all office doors where the names of the employees in that office where printed. It was a relatively expensive solution and it required an external company to do the graphic work. In a big house like ours, we frequently have people changing departments and someone sitting in project groups elsewhere in the house periodically. In addition, there is also a natural rotation, where some employees leave the house and new ones start. To keep track of employees and the geographical location, it requires a very flexible solution and Breece System offers that, says René Severinsen, who is responsible for the office signage in the administration.

Simple solution with big benefits
Over the years, the task of changing the film every time an employee changing room or a new started was not maintained. This meant they couldn’t really trust that names on the foil were correct. Lack of trust and the relative cost-heavy task, got René and the IT department to look at other solutions.

"We looked at iPads and similar screens, as we wanted an electronic solution, but the economic costs and complexity did not match the relatively simple solution with great benefits that we were looking for. I contacted our partner within electronic displays, Delfi Technologies, and together we worked on a viable solution. We chose from experience and the possibility of only having to develop a bit and reuse the 'electronic price labels’ concept we already knew from our stores, says René Severinsen.

To the right of all offices and meeting rooms in the Dagrofa building is an large electronic sign mounted with local number, department and name. There is room for four names on each sign. At group offices where there are more employees than four, there are two signs.

Up in the right corner on all the signs, is the red recognizable Dagrofa logo, which ensures internal branding and consistency.

The maintenance is minimal
At Dagrofa everything runs through the Google platform and a simple Google spreadsheet is used to make changes to the office signs. The sheet looks like all other spreadsheets and has columns with name, department and room number. For example, if you have changed the room number or name in the spreadsheet, the server updates the sheet and changes are automatically updated on the signs.

The next project is to make the signs at the meeting rooms useful and simultaneously ensure the visual expression. René has already made a prototype with the right information. On the prototype has been made room for the meeting room number, name of the moderator and time of meeting interval.

Electronic signage is spreading
It is not only Dagrofa, which uses the 'electronic signage' solution in other areas than retail. A large number of industrial companies, housing companies and hospitals have installed electronic signage. All solutions are tailored to the needs of each company or institution.

"In principle, our very simple Breece System solution, originally developed for retail, can be used in many different contexts and in a wide range of industries. The solution is easy to install, maintain and is reliable. It is also very competitive in terms of price, says Benjamin Bjerregaard, Sales Area Manager, who has served as the primary contact for Dagrofa for nearly two decades.

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Nov 22, 2017

Visit us at EuroCIS 2018 - Technology never sleeps

EuroCIS is Europe's meeting place for retail technology pros. This is where you will find the newest range of IT innovations geared to retail and omni-channel experiences. Visitors from around the world travel to Düsseldorf to experience EuroCIS 2018 and the latest trends within retail technology - and Delfi Technologies will meet you there!

You can find us at booth 10D53 in hall 10.

Improve the retail experience with Breece System
Improve the retail experience and create digital stores using Breece System (Electronic Shelf Labels) with easy-to-use cloud software and mobile app management. Breece System in-store communication is here to help you manage pricing and promotions in your stores. Imagine launching promotions easily and quickly, implement price changes at the touch of a button and synchronize prices in-store with your web shop. Watch the video to learn more!

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Nov 6, 2017

Consumer electronics stores aim high and brands themselves digitally

The tele company, 3, strongly focuses on the digital costumer experience and rolls out a new store concept in 3 stores all over the country. The new 3 stores will be build up as an inspiring and interactive framework for the choice of phones and accessories with electronic shelf labels, as well as a stylish and welcoming environment that embraces the costumer.

The 29th of September, store number 8, which has been transformed after the new digital strategy, was reopened with splendor in Lyngby Storcentershopping center. The store is neatly presented, yet with the recognizable orange color as an eye catcher, but in a whole new context. The light, the sound, the store décor and the electronic shelf labels by all products, is new and differently welcoming.

Lasse Schneider, who is responsible for the 3 stores and the transformation that the stores and 3 as an organization experience at the moment, was present at the re-opening and explained the digital transformation which 3 has prioritized.

- The digitization that we are going through right now is well connected with our wishes and goals of being more than just a subscription- and phone store. In addition to selling our quality solutions, we want to inspire, guide and meet our customers at eye level – and that’s also what our stores are going to reflect. It’s important to us, that our customers feel welcome and heard, while distancing us from the time where the tele industry sold subscriptions from the requirements of the telephone operator and not the customer, tells Lasse Schneider.

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Jul 14, 2017

Electronic Shelf Labels ensure accurate pricing at Bauhaus

Department store giant BAUHAUS is launching a pilot project with Delfi Technologies to replace its in-store paper pricing with Electronic Shelf Labels. BAUHAUS customers will benefit from clear and accurate pricing according to Bauhaus's overall business strategy.

To meet customer expectations in today’s competitive market, BAUHAUS makes daily price changes for a selection of items. Currently, these changes are made manually by staff who spend a great deal of time adjusting the prices in the system, printing new labels, and then updating Physically in the store.

The pilot project will be road-tested in Denmark – a market where retail customers expect regular promotions and price drops.
By using electronic pricing, BAUHAUS will transform its pricing process and boost efficiency. Electronic Shelf Labels make it possible to remotely change prices in a few seconds – regardless of the location of the items in the store and without manual involvement.

“Another benefit of introducing electronic pricing will be to make sure that the prices in our physical stores match prices online – even within seconds of a price change. Our customers will always find that their purchase is the right price and that Contributes to a good customer experience,” says CEO Mads Jørgensen. 

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Delfi Technologies is a global solution provider, founded in 1988 and specialized in software solutions within electronic shelf labels (ESL), handheld terminals, POS solutions and print solutions.

Our customers represent a wide range of industries such as retail, warehouse, healthcare, field service and office signage. We apply our knowledge and skills to every solution by offering the support, service and counseling you need. Our solutions are available worldwide with offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Italy and Vietnam.

Did you know that our solutions are used all over the world? From the most northern point of Norway to a railway station in Vietnam and a local supermarket in Italy - our solutions can be used anywhere, anytime, enabling companies to empower their business with competitive advantages.

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