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Our products

Product category: RFID solutions

proSystem Pie

At the latest with the new EU Regulation on the Provision of Food Information to Consumers (FIC 2014) many small- and medium-sized companies face the challenge of revising their labelling processes. The fact, that the new EU regulation comes at a time of dramatic changes in the labelling system hardware market, raises additional problems and increases the investment risks even for new acquisitions.

syspro has addressed this market development early with proSystem PIE and implemented a completely new approach: The whole labelling process has been moved into a specific application and the labelling hardware turned into a mere label printer. This unusual concept has proven to be a perfect option for many customers: Existing hardware is made future-proof again and investments in new printing systems are no longer required. But the main advantage is that our customers can escape the currently unpredictable market behaviour of a product segment dominated by monopolies.

Moreover, proSystem PIE enables the companies to effectively combine several process steps, for example by performing labelling and picking and/or palletising in one single operation. Even multi-language labelling processes, including Cyrillic character sets, can be managed without any problem. As a matter of principle, the maintenance of the master data and the management of the label layouts are centralised.

proSystem PIE is a complete out-of-the-box solution consisting of software, industrial PC, industrial printer and weighing terminal with load cell which can be integrated simply and fast into existing labelling chains or even replace them.

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Product category: RFID solutions


AutoID technologies, in particular RFID-based applications, are indispensable in picking and storage processes, in order to achieve flawless processes for high turnover rates of goods. At the same time, automated reading processes are the basis for the integration of picking in other inventory management systems and higher-level ERP solutions.

With RFID Tunnel we have managed to develop a product that truly raises the bar. Where conventional RFID antenna systems fail, RFID Tunnel shows its strengths - in the high-speed picking of closed shipping units on the conveyor belt. Now it is possible to read out all individual products contained in the shipping unit precisely and without loss of speed.

The first generation of the RFID Tunnel was the result of a pilot project which syspro executed together with the German RFID Konsortium and the German Adler Modemärkte AG textile retail chain. Here we managed for the first time to read out the complete contents of packages under real-world conditions using a directional array of a number of RFID antennas arranged around a conveyor belt. In this case interferences between the antennas and environmental impacts such as other RFID labels on staff clothing or shipping containers in the vicinity had to be excluded. A hardware solution alone cannot meet these requirements. For that reason the syspro experts designed a process application whose business logic was able to compensate for all hardware weaknesses.

After a one-year pilot phase and in cooperation with the SICK sensing specialist and the IT consultants from TAILORIT the RFID Tunnel was ready for market launch. The key was the meanwhile available industry-compliant series tunnel from SICK.

Today the RFID Tunnel is available as an independent workstation and as a process station in complex picking systems. Our customers benefit from the best possible reading precision, the highest speed and full flexibility for the consolidation of shipping units.

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Product category: RFID solutions

proSystem Store Light

Smallest configuration level of our RFID - store solution that enables incoming goods, stocktaking and inventory via RFID handheld. In the most basic case, the system needs no interference with the company organization and no investment in server technology – the data management can be done in a syspro- Cloud Server. The reporting is done via stock lists, which can be adjusted manually with the POS data. An integration into the POS systems is not intended by default. Store Light can be expanded to applications and hardware equipment at any time –up to the maximum configuration of a Store Comfort-Solution and furthermore.

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About us

Company details

In 2001 sys-pro GmbH was founded in Berlin, Germany. Today the company has a staff of 30 working in the areas of development, consulting, sales and system administration. In addition to our headquarters in the capital of Berlin we have a branch office in Soest in the German federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia as well as sales offices in Austria and Italy. With this European orientation of our business we follow the needs of our SME customers who market their services beyond the borders of Germany and who are fully supported by us.

Our focus on Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) is more than just a good tradition: As a mediator between global technology developments and daily business routine we assess innovations against the background of their practical use and their real-world value. This is how we create solutions which have an immediate effect and operate sustainably. This concept of thinking and working is particularly appreciated by owner of SMEs and decision-makers.

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