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Our products

Product category: Cash management solutions

The ARCA CM18 Cash Recycler

The problem with cash
Congratulations! You're making a bunch of cash. But there's a catch.

Everyday, retail businesses have to stop and take personnel away from making money, so they can count it. No matter how you look at it, time spent manually processing cash is a money loser. 

The CM18 cash recycler drastically reduces the time you spend counting and recounting cash, so you can get your staff back to the sales floor fast. 

The CM18 is a fully-certified safe that automatically processes cash, quickly and accurately. It identifies, authenticates and counts notes, sorts denominations in secured containers and provides auditable details for each transaction. This happens in a few minutes, instead of hours, no human error recounts or dual control to slow things down.  

Cash automation redirects your valuable resources away from operations and allows you to use them on service and sales. The ROI is fast, beginning on day one.

The ARCA CM18 cash recycler will pay for itself quickly and allows your staff to focus on making money.

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Product category: Cash management solutions

ARCA 2600

We designed the ARCA 2600 to be simple, trouble free, easy-to-load and easyto-manage. This dispenser speeds up transactions, reduces exposed cash, and improves the customer experience. With it’s sophisticated, ultra-quiet performance, it may just become your new best friend.

Available as either front or rear access, the 2600 is a durable, rugged, space saving machine that will help you become more accurate, reduce the amount of time spent counting and balancing, and provide additional protection of your cash.

We provide a unique, universal connectivity interface that allows it to work with any cash management application.

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Product category: Cash management solutions


It’s hard to imagine processes so streamlined that full-time employees can be redeployed to other areas of the branch. There is a way to eliminate the time-consuming process of manually counting cash—and the headaches associated with it. The CM18b, with its cash recycling functionalities and extended deposit capabilities, can do just that.

The CM18b not only automates the entire counting process but also strengthens efficiencies surrounding security and cash-in-transit (CIT). Because the recycler counts, sorts, and deposits the cash, there’s no need for dual control; during the transaction or the deposit.

The CM18b eliminates labor intensive, cash related tasks from management’s responsibilities. By automating traditional manual cash handling processes you will realize lower labor costs while freeing employees to focus on what matters most — the customer.

CM18b Quick Specs:
  • Deposit/dispense transactions in batches of up to 200 notes
  • Deposit speed up to 5 notes per second
  • Dispense speed up to 7 notes per second
  • Recycling area: up to 6 recycling cassettes, up to 500 notes per cassette (3,000 notes)
  • Deposit area: A mechanically sealing bag with a capacity of 3,000 banknotes
  • Full image sensors for Visible, UV & IR light plus magnetic and ultrasound sensors
  • RS232, USB 2.0 and TCP/IP connectivity
Dimensions/Weight: 1035 x 440 x 900 mm / 450kg

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Product category: Cash management solutions


The ARCA CC3R Coin Recycler is an automated, fully certified safe containing all the technology required to process coin. It quickly dispenses till amounts in the morning. And at the end of the day, it counts, sorts and deposits 1,100 coins in one minute.

This gets your staff out from behind the door fast and allows you to cut operational costs and increase service and sales.

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Product category: Cash management solutions


The CSeXtra is a high-capacity, small footprint, smart safe designed to process cash efficiently and securely at the front line or in the back office.

With each deposit, banknotes are quickly validated, and securely stored in an auto-sealing, tamper-evident, stacked bag. This system improves in-store security and builds stronger cash management procedures for the smart retailer.

The CSeXtra has a capacity of up to 4,000 notes and is equipped with an innovative long-edge note acceptor. By accepting notes long-edge first, the CSeXtra exceeds existing short-edge standards in terms of speed and accuracy.

See the CSeXtra at our booth (H10 C52)!

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Product category: Cash management solutions


The CS1one is a point-of-sale solution that counts, validates and securely stores cash. This technology helps to reduce shrinkage at the front till, allowing cash to be quickly processed during the actual transaction.

The CS1one’s exclusive auto-sealing, tamper evident, stacked bag combines together the benefits of both cassette and plastic bag. As a result, cash withdrawals are easier and faster while guaranteeing high levels of security during the transportation process.

With its small footprint and easy integration into existing systems, the CS1one is the perfect machine for the modern retail environment.

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ARCA is a global leader in cash handling solutions. We provide cash automation technologies to customers in over 50 countries and support these devices with world-class service from our headquarters near the Research Triangle in North Carolina.

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