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Frank Ollmann

Managing Director

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Director Sales & Marketing

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Marketing & PR

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Solutions for stores, head office and e-commerce
  • 01.02  Business analytics
  • 01.02.08  Loss Prevention Software

Loss Prevention Software

  • 01  Solutions for stores, head office and e-commerce
  • 01.04  ERP, merchandise management
  • 01.04.01  Merchandise systems, ERP solutions
  • 01  Solutions for stores, head office and e-commerce
  • 01.05  POS software
  • 01.05.01  EPOS software
  • 01  Solutions for stores, head office and e-commerce
  • 01.08  Digital marketing solutions
  • 01.08.11  Loyalty card solutions

Our products

Product category: Merchandise systems, ERP solutions

Merchandise Management and PoS system for retailers

The sigma//MC software suite comprises the integrated and multi-client capable PoS and merchandise management solution, which also addresses and comprehensivley supports current technological themes such as centralization, cloud computing and hosting. It consists of the following modules:
- sigma//HQ = centralized merchandise management
- sigma //STORE = store merchandise management
- sigma//APP = mobile store management
- sigma//POS = PoS system
We thus cover the entire range of services from the PoS through to centralized merchandise management and always provide the most suitable functions, whether these are for independent retailers, franchisors or chain store retailers.

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Product category: Loss Prevention Software

Loss Prevention Audit "Z-Revision"

Z-Revision was designed as a tool for the Audit department and detects fraudulent activity by employees at the PoS. The system is indispensable in all trading businesses where employees at the PoS have easy access to cash or products.
The strengths include in-depth analysis functions and key figures as well as proactive monitoring and early detection of the perpetrators. The functions result in considerable time savings for the auditor and make a valuable contribution ot reducing inventory differences. The system can also be integrated into existing merchandise management solutions as a stand-alone product.

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Product category: Loyalty card solutions

PromoServer - Multichannel customer loyalty

To enable consumers to use customer loyalty programs, promotions, gift certificates, or coupons across all sales channels offered by a respective retailer, Superdata developed PromoServer.
Many retailers wrangle with existing software products and architecture, which have often only been designed for a single channel. A number of various solutions for customer cards, gift cards, promotions, coupons, or sales make a company-wide, uniform use of these instruments extremely complicated for addressing customers and stimulating customer loyalty.
PromoServer software bundles all the instruments for customer loyalty and sales in a single solution. The different sales channels (stationary, online, or mobile) communicate with the PromoServer in real time via Web services. This gives consumers access to all the services incorporated in a multichannel strategy.
This solution thus makes it possible to implement multichannel promotions across stationary, online, and mobile communications, and it supports the handling, analysis, and planning of these. Customer data collected serves as a basis for the analysis in the connected CRM system. With the analysis of shopping carts and purchasing behavior from all channels, retailers are able to address their customers in a targeted way. The improved customer satisfaction supports a years-long customer relationship and, in the best case, an increase in purchase frequency or shopping cart value – thereby boosting profits.

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Product category: EPOS software, Merchandise systems, ERP solutions

Cash PLUS - PoS and merchandise management software

Cash PLUS is a tailored software package comprising a user-friendly checkout with touch-screen plus extensive functions from our merchandise management solutions. The PLUS is key and refers specifically to the ability to expand a PoS system by adding merchandise management functions.
cash PLUS offers the optimum set of functions to meet the respective branch requirements. These features are available fo small retailers and branches such as drinks suppliers, bakeries, organic shops, kiosks and petcare shops and can be supplied including hardware if required.
In addition we offer the system in the form of software as a service - cash PLUS @cloud.

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Product category: Merchandise systems, ERP solutions

sigma//APP - mobile store management

The sigma//APP provides all operational functions such as purchase orders, price changes, goods receipt, inventory information, stocktaking or labelling requirements for flexible use. It can be used on any mobile and devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, as well as on MDE devices.
The app also includes Mobile Reporting, which can be used to retrieve all of the important reports and key figures for store managment no matter where the user is located. Directors and management benefit from easy, direct access to decision-relevant information at any time and in any place. The reports are optimized to rhe requirements of retail companies and are generated directly from the current merchandise management data.

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About us

Company details

Superdata, which was founded in 1986 and has its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, is a non-proprietary systems house that stands for expertise in the realization of innovative merchandise management and PoS solutions.
Our portfolio comprises the headquarter of a medium-sized retailer (sigma//HQ) up to an integrated solution for branches, franchisees and independent retailers with PoS and merchandise management system (sigma//STORE and sigma//POS).
Installations in over 7,000 stores at more than 80 companies that operate in Germany and internationally are testament to the reliability of our products.
With strong innovative drive we support our customers to improve and optimize their business processes and performance within a competitive market. Currently we focus on mobile application fields and innovative cloud solutions. Our PromoServer as multichannel customer loyalty system as well as our Loss Prevention solution Z-Revision complement our portfolio.

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Solutions for stores, head office and e-commerce