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Product categories

  • 01  Solutions for stores, head office and e-commerce
  • 01.02  Business analytics
  • 01.02.04  Customer frequency analysis

Customer frequency analysis

  • 01  Solutions for stores, head office and e-commerce
  • 01.02  Business analytics
  • 01.02.05  Management information systems

Management information systems

  • 01  Solutions for stores, head office and e-commerce
  • 01.02  Business analytics
  • 01.02.08  Loss Prevention Software

Loss Prevention Software

  • 01  Solutions for stores, head office and e-commerce
  • 01.04  ERP, merchandise management
  • 01.04.02  Stock management softwre

Stock management softwre

  • 01  Solutions for stores, head office and e-commerce
  • 01.04  ERP, merchandise management
  • 01.04.03  Merchandise planning, forecasting

Merchandise planning, forecasting

  • 02  Security equipment
  • 02.01  Merchandise surveillance
  • 02.01.02  Electronic merchandise surveillance

Electronic merchandise surveillance

  • 02  Security equipment
  • 02.01  Merchandise surveillance
  • 02.01.07  RFID merchandise surveillance solutions

RFID merchandise surveillance solutions

  • 02  Security equipment
  • 02.01  Merchandise surveillance
  • 02.01.08  Security tags

Security tags

  • 03  IT services
  • 03.07  Cloud-based IT services

Cloud-based IT services

Our products

Product category: RFID merchandise surveillance solutions, Electronic merchandise surveillance

iSense Lumen

iSense Lumen offers new user feedback functionalities and can be used at multiple locations in a store, thus optimizing the retailer’s product availability. The iSense Lumen antenna line is designed to enhance the user experience through advanced light and sound options. The multi-colored lights and state-of-the-art speakers notify the store staff about  the cause and urgency of specific events with light and sound signals. The antenna's can be placed at three key locations in a store to track article movements. At the entrance, it can be used as an RF/RFID EAS antenna to detect which items are leaving the store and it will activate an alarm with items that have not been paid for. The RFID antenna's can also be placed between the stock room and the sales floor to track article movements and in the back to track new deliveries.

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Product category: RFID merchandise surveillance solutions, Electronic merchandise surveillance

iD Top

The iD Top is an unobtrusive, high performance RFID reader that can be installed at the store entrance for loss prevention purposes. The iD Top can be installed above false ceilings, with a VESA-mount, hanging on steel cables or directly attached to the ceiling. The readers take up no selling space in the store and make it possible to have completely open entrances where products are enhanced by a bright and open environment. As the solution is based on RFID technology, it can also be incorporated in end-to-end stock management and digital customer interaction solutions.

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Product category: Cloud-based IT services, Stock management softwre

!D Cloud

!D Cloud is a cloud-based alternative for RFID middleware that is tailored to the specific needs of the retail sector. This software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution functions as an integration layer between RFID readers and the retailer’s ERP software, which enables retailers to raise their stock accuracy to over 98% at the lowest cost and effort. Detailed insights into actual stock levels enable retailers to improve the speed and quality of the in-store and DC-to-store replenishment, increase sales and offer omnichannel services.

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Company news




Nov 20, 2017

Nedap introduces 3rd iSense Lumen antenna

Today, Nedap announces the international launch of its iL33 Plexiglas article surveillance antenna for loss prevention in retail stores. The iL33 is the 3rd antenna in Nedap’s iSense Lumen product range, which was introduced earlier this year. It has an elegant design and delivers intuitive user feedback.

New Plexiglas design
The iL33 antenna easily blends in with a multitude of store designs with its combination of a Plexiglas body and metallic foot. The transparent design makes the antenna an unobtrusive element in the store entrance while the light effects are reinforced in case the alarm goes off. Additional sensors for customer counting and metal detection are fully integrated in the design.

Hilbert Dijkstra, Product Manager at Nedap Retail, comments: “We always strive to make loss prevention a natural part of the store design and the store processes. The new Lumen antenna is a great addition to our iSense Lumen product range. It truly reflects our design and functionality ambitions with its elegant looks and multiple alarm options for a variety of events.”

Intuitive user feedback
In line with the other iSense Lumen antennas, the iL33 antenna offers different light and sound effects, which enables store employees to react more effectively to an alarm. The multi-colored lights and state-of-the-art speakers notify the store staff about the cause and urgency of specific events, such as incoming and outgoing RF alarms, metal detection alarms and ‘wrong way’ detection to prevent that the store entrance is used as an exit.

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Nov 6, 2017

Misako to use Nedap's!D Cloud RFID software in 200+ stores

Spanish fashion retailer Misako will use Nedap’s !D Cloud Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) software solution in its 200+ stores and in its distribution centre. By using !D Cloud, Misako is able to raise its stock accuracy to over 98%. Having full transparency of  its store stock levels is an essential part of the retailer’s international growth strategy.

Excellent match
Jean François Thuilliez, Deputy CEO at Misako: “Accurate stock data will strongly contribute to our current stores’ performance and enable our international expansion. We are a very lean organization and Nedap’s !D Cloud solution is an excellent match with our way of working. It is easy-to-use, light on our IT resources and highly scalable.”

By raising the stock accuracy on item-level to over 98%, Misako is able to increase the on-shelf availability, improve the DC-to-store replenishment and also improve the speed of their online and Click & Collect orders. Thuilliez: “In today’s omnichannel world, we need to know exactly where our merchandise is. Only then, we are able to speed up our processes and truly integrate our physical stores with our web shops. True integration means that we have one single pool of products and we know the exact location of each individual item.”

RFID in the cloud
All items are source tagged at the retailer’s production facilities. In the stores, staff members perform a weekly count using an RFID handheld reader and the !D Cloud app on a mobile device to determine which items are available. !D Cloud then highlights the discrepancies between Misako’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and the RFID count. Consequently, the causes of stock differences – through losses or administrative errors – can quickly be identified and dealt with.

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Nedap offers practical solutions to typical challenges retailers face
worldwide. Our mission is to make it simple for retailers to always have the right products available. To achieve this, we offer industry-leading solutions for our customers’ diverse needs in loss prevention and stock management. We are committed to increasing your revenue by helping you to permanently reduce shrinkage in your stores and counting your inventory more often in order to optimize your merchandise availability.

Nedap solutions are built upon 40 years of global experience, market expertise and close cooperation with leading retailers. Our worldwide operations are supported by a flexible network of certified partners across the globe. Our partners represent us and
support our global clients in every relevant retail market in the world. Nedap Retail has offices in the Netherlands, France, Germany, UK, Spain, US, China and Hong Kong and certified partners in more than 120 additional countries.

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