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  • 01  Solutions for stores, head office and e-commerce
  • 01.07  POS hardware
  • 01.07.04  Cash management solutions

Our products

Product category: Cash management solutions


* ONE of the Smallest Smart Safe ever
* ONE touch cash handling from customer to bank
* ONE by One validation, counting and deposit in stacking bag

U-One is a small smart safe so versatile that it can be positioned in a traditional retail either at the cash point (POS) in a back office.

Notes are validated, counted, stacked and secured with 100% accuracy. Notes  are stored in safe and  stacked in a security sealed tamper-proof envelope.

Seamless: U-One can be tailored and integrated with any existing system.

Monitoring software allows the remote control of every transaction & event occurred on the device simply through a browser. 

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Product category: Cash management solutions


U-Bundle is an innovative and advanced technology solution able to guarantee security and cash flow efficiency improving the cash management procedures of the stores

U-bundle is equipped with YOUGO Bundle advanced technology providing maximum performance in banknotes processing, up to 4/5 notes per second. U-Bundle is equipped with YOUGO stacking and heat-sealing tamper-evident bags system - two different capacity, 2400* or 4000* banknotes, so it is medium / large volume solution for managing the weekly business cash deposit process.

U-Bundle reduces the cost of retail cash management and back office administration, removes cash-counting responsibilities from your staff and saves time on manual counting and verification.

Employees use a touch screen to confirm their identification and to speed up the insertion of the bundle of banknotes; banknotes are processed securely and efficiently, reducing the risk of robbery, preventing shrinkage and eliminating cash differences.
Using our software platform, retailer obtain monitoring in real-time, transaction transparency and reporting functions and gets also control over an entire network of note deposit units. The Retailer can share the real-time access to cash levels with CIT partners, so the retailer is able to optimize the route planning and the pick-up times for a more efficient service. With this software platform is also possible to get Same-Day Credit: deposited amounts can be accredited to the bank account during the same working day for a better operating cash-flow.

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Product category: Cash management solutions


  • U-COIN is a SMART COIN deposit system with fast bulk coin validator: Up to 12 coins x sec.
  • U-COIN can be placed, due to its size, either under the desk or in the back office
  • U-COIN can be connected both with U-One and with U-Bundle allowing in this way the simultaneous deposit of banknotes and coin, speeding up the management

The unit validates and stores coins in a security heat sealed bag inside the small safe. Operating at 12 coins per second, U-COIN improves cash closing in back office and significantly reduces collection costs.

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Product category: Cash management solutions


U-TillOne was born to be a Check-Out System, it is a small Coins & notes recycler, an intelligent till that accepts payments and gives change verifying the authenticity of coins and notes. U-TillOne gives change in notes and coins.

Today we took another step and now uur Check-Out System U-TillOne became a Smart-Safe and thanks to our software platform U-Money Ctrl, it also has access to all the functions of Same Day Credit and Real Time Remot Control.

In this Updated version, furthermore, is available a New Software Platform that allows easier integration with the most of modern Cash Register Software, making U-TillOne a good solution suitable for everyone.

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Product category: Cash management solutions


U-One EVO is the newborn of the U-One family and boasts a wide range of great innovations: First, we have introduced the feeder to improve the speed of the process and to allow cashiers to put in banknotes and then forget them!  Secondly, we have enhanced the capacity of the heat-sealed tamper evident bags designed by YOUGO. Lastly, U-One EVO has been designed to match perfectly the requested of Retailers that ask for an ergonomic device able to be positioned everywhere.

The U-Ones are a range of Smart Safe that helps the cashier in the validation of banknotes, avoiding mistakes during the counting and reducing / eliminating the need to interrupt trading to perform manual skims. The banknotes are validated, counted and stored with 100% accuracy, in a heat-selead security tamper evident bag designed by YOUGO.

The innovative software platform allows the real time remote control of every transaction & event, by standard browser.

The U-Ones are divided into two parts, Top and Safe, the Top validates and counts the banknotes, that when they pass in the safe change ownership: only those authorized can open the safe and take the sealed bag. There are two version on the market, U-One 600 with store capacity up to 600* banknotes, U-One 1200 with store capacity up to 1200* banknotes and now we are introducing the third version: U-One Evo with store capacity up to 3200* or 2000* banknotes and feeder.  

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About us

Company details

In 1980 in the green Canavese, where since last century farm environment joined technological genius giving birth to great products like the first typewriter and the first Italian computer, Franco Ugo and Guido Genisio leave Olivetti, which had been a great school for them, choosing freedom of innovation instead of the simply business strategy, creating CTS Computer Technology System.

That company will become synonymous of technological innovation applied to payment automation in the banking and retail segment, supplier of the top financial institution and of the best players of the market and a technological center with more than 300 professional employees and millions of equipments sold.

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