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  • 01  Solutions for stores, head office and e-commerce
  • 01.07  POS hardware
  • 01.07.04  Cash management solutions

Cash management solutions

Our products

Product category: Cash management solutions

PS 4000 E

  • Programming up to 60,000 PLU
  • Programming up to 5,000 linked codes
  • Changes in the article database are “printed” only in the electronic journal, allowing to program new PLU also for the currently open receipt
  • Programming 129 keys (30 x 4 + 9) as direct code keys or function keys
  • Direct code keys can have an additional function: change of programmed price, sale with determined quantity, forced closing of a receipt with cash or other type of payment
  • Function keys can be assigned with any of the 77 available cash register menu functions
  • Cash register keeping the warehouse stocks of programmed articles
  • Internal battery allowing for operation without the external power supply
  • Alphanumeric LCD for the operators, displaying text announcements. Depending on the device version: 4x20 or 2x20 characters
  • Alphanumeric LCD for the customers, displaying text announcements, sold article names, prices, quantities, total amount, etc. Depending on the device version: 2x16 or 2x20 characters
  • Editing a receipt in the display and reversing sold articles without any chance to make a mistake
  • Logging the work of 50 cashiers

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Product category: Cash management solutions


  • Compact dimensions and lightweight design
  • Ergonomic casing made of impact-resistant plastic
  • Operability in difficult environmental conditions: high and low temperatures
  • The first portable cash register with the electronic journal in Poland
  • The electronic journal on SD card with capacity accessible to the user
  • Access to data stored on SD card from the cash register (for printing). Access to data stored on SD card from a PC for reviewing, reporting and copying.
  • Supplied software for reading SD card data with reporting and search functionality and for reading data from fiscal memory with option to perform periodic and monthly fiscal report
  • Advanced energy management
  • High-performance internal Li-ion battery
  • Printing up to 2.5 thousand receipts with 30 lines each without external power supply. After the battery low status announcement is displayed, more than 300 receipts can be printed.
  • Internal battery in form of a removable pack
  • Battery charging with an adapter outside of the cash register
  • Alphanumeric LCDs for the cashier and the customer, 2x16 characters in blue

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Product category: Cash management solutions


SENTO E is a very modern fiscal cash register dedicated to small and medium points of sales and services and offering the function of an electronic journal, i.e. recording a copy of printouts on an electronic data medium (SD card). The small and handy casing of the cash register hides an advanced technology and functionality previously found only in the segment of large systemic cash registers. The entire design is based on well-tested subsystems of the highest quality. Large – especially for this segment – accurate database of articles, communication online with a PC and numerous communication interfaces, including RS232 and USB ports (also of host type) allow an advanced sales system for a medium sales outlet to be built. Apart from a PC, the cash register can be connected to all necessary peripherals: barcode scanners (also USB-based), electronic scales, payment terminal, pin-pad, modem, order printer, monitoring system and cash drawers. Online communication with the computer is performed in a manner similar to large systemic cash registers. The device has an an online buffer, able to store up to 10,000 cash desk receipts. Programmable article names can be up to 40 characters long and the PLU article database stores 7,000 products. A customizable description can be added on the receipt to each sold article.

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About us

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NOVITUS is a guarantee of quality and a sign of new standards in terms of the diversity and complexity of the offer. Our extensive distribution and service network make NOVITUS products available throughout the country and serve both small entrepreneurs and powerful companies. Cash registers, other equipment and system solutions under the NOVITUS brand are used in thousands of retail and service outlets, including retail chains and wholesalers, in petrol stations, newsagents chains, factories, hotels and restaurants, as well as in daily work of doctors or lawyers. NOVITUS is both a branch office and a brand belonging to Comp S.A.

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