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Workforce management systems

Our products

Product category: Workforce management systems


StoreForce is the only Sales Performance System, underpinned by a Specialty Retail WFM.

50% of a specialty retailer’s weekly business is done in their top 20 open hours. Ensure that you are staffed to capitalize on it.

Workforce Management should be simple, but powerful, designed for retail operators.
Retail Workforce Management is not only about scheduling the right staff to the right times. StoreForce combines Workforce and Performance Management into one Solution, which means our clients are able to execute and measure powerful labor programs and strategies, while putting an intuitive and easy-to-use and train Scheduling and Time & Attendance system in the hands of their operators.

StoreForce Workforce Management is end-to-end, with the ability to output directly to your payroll provider so that you do not spend time on payroll processing.
As well, advanced Time & Attendance controls and reports give you visibility to the time actually worked in your stores.
Two of StoreForce’s key Workforce Management differentiators are its ability to identify peak selling opportunities throughout the week using sales and traffic trends, and to facilitate a leading-edge SalesFloor Leadership Program to drive and track employee performance.
With StoreForce your store will spend less time in the back office and more time selling.

  • Top-Down Labor Planning
  • Simple & Intuitive User Interface
  • Contractual Obligations Compliance
  • Labor Regulation Compliance
  • Integrated Salesfloor Leadership
  • Power Hours
  • Advanced Time & Attendance Controls
  • Mobile Employee Self-Service

Focus your stores on your objectives through tasking. And manage strategic execution by monitoring estate-wide task completion.

StoreForce Task Management is easy to use at all levels within your retail hierarchy.
Whether tasking is communicated centrally, or at a regional or district level, the Solution provides you with the ability to track completion, down to a store level, along with its associated work effort.
In retail, tasking is used to streamline an organization, and communicate corporate and brand objectives – it is imperative in ensuring that your brand promise is upheld across your entire estate. StoreForce helps you to create a culture of accountability where tasks are carried out quickly and effectively.

  • Task Assignment Controls
  • Work Effort Allotment
  • Task Dashboards for the Field
  • Real-time completion tracking
  • Assign Recurrences
  • Manage Tasking Groups
  • Messaging Tool
  • Task and Event Calendars
Cascade your corporate goals down to associate teams or individuals, and measure actual against target in real time.

The StoreForce Solution puts goals and targets in one place, and measures goal attainment in real time.
The solution provides you with a clear and relevant understanding of what is happening in your stores and what actions can be taken to maximize results.
The Solution uses real-time KPI dashboards, statistics, and an advanced reporting component to communicate performance to all levels within a retail organization’s hierarchy. The Solution is entirely permission based, ensuring that store managers see what is important to them to drive their store’s business, and a corporate user sees estate-wide information relevant to the strategies and programs they have put in place.
The Solution is intelligent, using predictive analytics and sales and traffic trends to pinpoint where and when stores need to focus labor, tasking, and selling activities. And we’ve embedded best-of-breed retail performance programs into the Solution, to help you get the most out of your bricks and mortar operations.

  • Customizable, Real-time KPI Dashboards
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Statistics & Predictive Analytics
  • Standard and Alternate Hierarchies
  • Library of Best-of-Breed Retail Reports
  • Custom, Retail Reporting Controls
  • Omnichannel Reporting
  • Targets and Stretch Goals

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About us

Company details

StoreForce is a sales performance platform, underpinned by a workforce management system designed exclusively for Specialty Retail.  We call it “wfm+”.  The “+” represents a focus on positive sales growth and exceptional customer experience.  It also represents a foundational shift from the way traditional wfms approach labour planning in Specialty Retail.

No longer is aligning staff levels to traffic demand enough.  The traditional workforce management solution falls well short of driving sales performance lifts in assisted-serve to full-serve environments.  StoreForce wfm+ puts the performance of the Store, Sales Floor Leaders, and Associates at its core.  Each feature and tool answers the question, “how will this improve store sales performance?”

A Specialty Retailer will do over 50% of their weekly brick and mortar sales in their 20 peak hours.  StoreForce wfm+ helps Specialty Retailers outperform these hours by putting their best performers on the sales floor at these peak times.  And it can do this because it integrates scheduling, real-time sales performance management, and store execution tools into a single toolset focused on sales performance.  There is no other wfm on the market that takes this exclusive-to-Specialty Retail approach.

Driving sales performance on the Sales Floor goes beyond optimizing the schedule.  StoreForce wfm+ is a real-time sales performance platform, where Sales Floor Leaders coach on associate behaviors in-the-moment.  Conversion and basket-size targets are automatically set down to 30 or 60-minute coaching intervals, and Sales Floor Leaders course-correct throughout the day.  Coaching behaviours in the moment is the deciding factor between missing your day or blowing it out of the water with exceptional customer service.

StoreForce wfm+ is purpose-built for Specialty Retail, not compromising on functionality or form to serve any other vertical.  The StoreForce Retailer is focusing their stores on Sales Floor Performance and delivering exceptional customer service.  The StoreForce Retailer is prepared to thrive in the future of brick and mortar retail.

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