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Tsvetan Letov

Partner Sales Manager



Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Solutions for stores, head office and e-commerce
  • 01.07  POS hardware
  • 01.07.03  Self checkout, self-scanning systems

Self checkout, self-scanning systems

Our products

Product category: Self checkout, self-scanning systems

Vimana Self Check Out (SCO)

Vimana SCO is an advanced system of self-checkout machines, allowing for self-service shopping and payment. Offered in the SCO-as-a-Device model, the machines are automatically integrated with an ERP system currently used in the shop. These machines are equipped with a wide range of subassemblies and accessories. It is the most cost-effective way to implement this technology in your company.

As an independent manufacturer, we can offer dedicated devices, designed specifically for you and in accordance with presented requirements, with advanced forms of purchase:

  • Customized design and colours of devices
  • Support by financing the investment with a device lease or rental options
  • Integration with our other products for retailers and restaurants.
Self-service checkout systems (SCO) offered by our company are a ground-breaking solution in the availability of this type of technology. In contrast to the solutions offered by our competitors, we provide self-service devices in the SCO-as-a-Service model. This means that we provide ready-made checkout machines with installed software needed to process payments, but the sale-supporting software is provided by the client’s ERP system producer.

Such a strategy has many advantages:

  • It does not require any replacement of a checkout system with software developed by the checkout supplier;
  • It allows to design and implement own sale and marketing solutions;
  • It significantly reduces initial investment and the costs of implementation of self-service solutions.
 As a part of the SCO purchase and installation process, our experts closely cooperate with developers of your sale-supporting systems in order to integrate both solutions and ensure the greatest satisfaction of end clients.

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Product category: Self checkout, self-scanning systems

Vimana Restaurant Manager

From now on, the only person you need to employ in your restaurant is a chef. We offer a complex modular solution supporting the process of placing orders and making payments. From a mobile application, through kiosks and automatic cash registers, the whole process of customer service is based on one platform.

For a restaurant owner, our system contributes to the increase of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Another important aspect of using our application is the possibility to save the personnel’s time, as the employees do not have to take orders or accept payments.
Vimana Restaurant Manager (VRM) is a complex system comprised of numerous mutually cooperating elements which form a complete, flexible, and innovative solution for servicing customers in a restaurant. This solution meets the expectations of today’s consumers when it comes to the quality and time of service, customized offers, and multichannel operation.
Basic functions of the system include:

A- Placing orders with the use of:
  • a self-service kiosk
  • a mobile app
B- The use of complex offers including:
  • price cuts
  • quantity discounts (e.g. buy 2, get the 3rd item at a half-price)
  • coupons
  • personalized offers (“MyMenu”)
  • adverts display
C- Recipe management
D- Order queue management
E- Operating monitors that display order queues, recipes, etc.
F- A multi-language menu
G- Disabled persons’ support
H- Accepting electronic and/or cash payments in a deposit machine.

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About us

Company details

Vimana is created by a team of experts who like their job, with efficient solutions, and attractive offers. We are convinced that only the combination of these three elements allows us to create a company whose services ensure client satisfaction. For this reason, we have conveyed our philosophy and strategy in three key words: People, Performance, Price.

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