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Rick Schlenker

Co-Founder, Executive Vice President – Sales & Marketing

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Our products

Product category: Workforce management systems

Enterprise Workforce Management Solutions

Logile’s solutions cover the full spectrum of workforce management requirements including labor modeling, budgeting, projections, forecasting, employee self-service, labor scheduling, time tracking, dashboard KPI reporting, and operations management.

 Logile’s solutions cover the full spectrum of workforce management requirements including labor modeling, budgeting, projections, forecasting, employee self-service, labor scheduling, time tracking, dashboard KPI reporting, and operations management.

Select any of the links below to learn more about our software solutions.

1.       Enterprise Standards Manager™
Logile provides a comprehensive tool to build and maintain engineered labor standards for your organization.

2.       Enterprise Labor Model™
Logile’s solution provides a complete repository for all data required to understand, analyze and plan your labor; it supports effective dating and integrates seamlessly with your internal or third-party budgeting and planning tools.
3.       Data Integration™

Logile provides integration as a service solution to your POS, HR, General Ledger, Payroll, Volume, Case and Item Movement and other ERP applications and also to your data warehouse, Big Data, OLAP and other data sources.

4.       Sales and Labor Planning™

Logile’s solution leverages the data from the Enterprise Labor Model™ to produce an objective and accurate bottom-up weekly labor budget, weekly and daily sales and volume forecast, and staffing for service departments at 15-minute increments.

5.       Demand Forecasting™

Logile’s solution goes well beyond methods like moving averages and exponential smoothing and includes recent advances made in statistical learning and pattern recognition.

6.       Employee Self-Service™

Logile’s solution gives employees secure and convenient access to information about their specific position and allows them to interact in real time with their supervisors and peers in areas like availability and scheduling.

7.       Wall-to-Wall Employee Scheduling™

Logile’s solution translates weekly and daily volume forecasts based on work content and volume into true staffing requirements and then schedules employees based on retailers’ specific policies and standards, and your employees’ work preferences.

8.       Time and Attendance

Logile’s solution allows retailers to configure pay, attendance, benefit and time keeping rules, governmental regulations and your business defined policies, ensuring compliance and consistency.

9.       KPI Performance Management and Reporting Dashboards

With Logile’s Performance Management and Reporting module it’s easy to identify underperformance and non-compliance patterns and react with corrective actions. It efficiently analyzes sales and labor performance, scheduling accuracy, task management execution and regulatory compliance, and validates the labor model integrity, through a single reporting engine.

 10.   Operations Management™

Our Real-Time Re-Forecasting™ module allows real-time insight into current trends in your business to identify whether labor utilization or expense targets are at risk and require adjustment.
Task Execution and Communication Management™

Logile’s solution simplifies the creation, distribution and communication of training, projects, tasks, audits and surveys. Information flows to employees who need it and when they need it resulting in greater productivity and consistent execution.

Logile’s native application may be used on any mobile device and is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

In addition to streamlining and improving communication across their enterprises, retailers have been very successful using our solution to ensure compliance with their corporate directives.

  • Product Recall Compliance
  • Store Walks (opening, peak business, closing)
  • Productivity / Efficiency Checklists (5-S workplace organization and efficient work methods)
  • Shrink and Safety Checklists
  • New Item Promotions and Reset Compliance
  • Ad Hoc Tasks and Messages
  • Training (video clips, visual aids, documentation)
  • Completing Forms (new items, accidents, other)
  • Mystery Shops
  • Employee and Customer Surveys
  • Food Safety Temperature Compliance (integrated with Bluetooth temperature probes)
  • Select this link to learn more.  Task Execution and Communication Management

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Product category: Consultants

Retail and Engineering Consulting Services

Logile's retail experts and industrial engineers provide comprehensive services ranging from opportunity assessments to implementation of 5-S, Efficient Work Methods, and the development of engineered labor standards.

1.       Rapid Opportunity Assessments

Gain insight into what happens within the four walls of your stores, allowing your organization to make critical decisions to provide the best shopping experience for your customers and the best working conditions for your employees while maximizing profit for your stores. Through our Rapid Opportunity Assessment, we offer a customized approach to help your organization analyze the constraints impacting your business and provide specific initiatives to address the limiting challenges.

2.       5-S Workplace Organization

An optimally organized workplace is the foundation for lean inventory management and an efficient, productive and safe operation, delivering the best service to your customers.  Our industrial engineers have experience with retailers, manufacturers and distribution centers of all sizes and complexity levels, organizing the workplace and putting the structure in place to make sure it stays that way.


3.       Efficient Work Methods and Industry Typical Best Practices

Logile’s library of hundreds of proven work methods created out of our team’s experience working over many years with large and mid-sized retailers, manufacturers and distribution centers, provide a strong foundation to efficiently develop work methods specific to you.

4.       Engineered Labor Standards and Store Specific Characteristics

Engineered labor standards are essential for understanding the true work content and time associated with performing work in any organization. Logile’s labor standards are used in conjunction with specific workplace characteristics and work volume to develop objective and accurate labor plans.

5.       Retail Operations Training Programs

Logile’s Training Ecosystem includes highly qualified training instructors to train and reinforce Labor Management techniques, tools, and best practices that enable retail organizations to optimize labor productivity and enhance customer service.

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About us

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Logile, Inc. provides workforce management and execution compliance solutions, encompassing both best practices consulting and planning and execution software applications, that enable companies to maximize efficiency, customer service and profitability.

Logile’s team of retail industrial engineers utilize the 5-S methodology to organize the workplace, establish preferred work methods, and tailor Logile’s extensive library of industry typical engineered labor standards to the customer’s workplace. They then operationalize these practices using Logile’s workforce and execution management software suite that includes labor standards development and modeling, sales and labor budgeting, sales and item level forecasting, employee self-service, optimized wall-to-wall employee scheduling, time and attendance, dynamic reforecasting, task and communication management, and enterprise performance reporting. Logile’s flexible solutions integrate with existing systems, are multi-lingual and compatible with all major mobile devices. They can be deployed as a full service turnkey hosted solution (SaaS). Customers are able to be selective about which Logile services and software are appropriate to meet their objectives and timelines.

Logile, Inc. is privately held with its headquarters and core software development in Dallas, Texas. Principal hosting and disaster recovery are provided through the most secured facilities of Amazon Web Services in Virginia and Oregon. Retail industrial engineers and business analysts are located nationwide and in Latin America. Additional development teams are located in China and India.

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