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15:20 - 15:40

Presentation @ Omnichannel Forum - Stores are the new DCs?!

Customer’s expectations to shop everywhere at any time has put fashion retailers under a lot of pressure. The quick answer for that was to introduce new systems – since then a huge range of different order management systems was established.  However, what is often missing is a holistic approach in which the role and task of the individual store is reconsidered. In order to be able to offer scalable services such as Click & Collect and Ship-from-Store, you need, in addition to exact inventory data, one thing above all: Logistic processes in the stores, which run like a clockwork. A point where stores can learn a lot from DCs to benefit from increased product availability and proximity to the consumer.

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16:00 - 16:20

Presentation @ EuroCIS Forum - Blockcain vs. AI? And pigs might fly!

It has almost become a recurring game with rising entertainment value: what will be the big topic of the industry this year? After Business Intelligence, Cloud, Analytics, Blockchain and AI - what's next? No question: new technologies are the engine of progress, enabling new services and applications. But what matters most is to apply these new technologies to specific problems and issues. The more complex the technologies and the more abstract the keywords, the harder it is to relate to the "Daily Business" - the main reason why many things do not exceed the conceptual phase. Therefore: A few very solid examples about the use of AI in the store to solve real problems. Who's happy in the end? The consumer.

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Omnichannel / E-Commerce Solutions
  • 01.01  Omnichannel integration

Omnichannel integration

  • 01  Omnichannel / E-Commerce Solutions
  • 01.02  Click & collect solutions

Click & collect solutions

  • 02  Analytics
  • 02.07  Loss prevention

Loss prevention

  • 02  Analytics
  • 02.08  Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics

  • 04  Digital Marketing Solutions
  • 04.06  Smartphone apps
  • 04  Digital Marketing Solutions
  • 04.07  Smart fitting rooms

Smart fitting rooms

  • 06  Merchandise management (ERP)
  • 06.02  Stock management software

Stock management software

  • 11  Communication Technologies, Networks
  • 11.02  RFID solutions

RFID solutions

  • 11  Communication Technologies, Networks
  • 11.05  IoT solutions

IoT solutions

Our products

Product category: Stock management software

Detego InStore Lean Edition

The Detego InStore Lean Edition represents a quick start into the digital store – without any risk. Once inventory accuracy, fast and fault-free stock-takes, and a working replenishment process is established in a pre-defined period of time and budget, fashion retailers scale across the entire store network. Exactly as your business requires.

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Product category: Smart fitting rooms

Detego Smart Fitting Room

Usually, the fitting room is the place where purchasing decisions are made by customers. That is enough reason for fashion retailers to leave nothing to chance. The “Smart Fitting Room” offers possibilities of real customer interaction and to gain additional competitive advantage by meeting the exact wants and needs of today’s shoppers.
However, the “Smart Fitting Room” not only changes the shopping experience for customers, it also provides retailers with important insights on customer preferences.
It’s a highlight in the store for both  the customer and the retailer.

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Product category: Smartphone apps

Digital Sales Assistant / Chatbot Detega

Answering as many questions as possible for shoppers through AI, Detego's chatbot Detega supports the sales personnel and bridges waiting times for customers until there's a salesperson available for individual service

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About us

Company details

Detego develops and distributes highly innovative software products for the fashion retail industry. The company was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in London/UK, with offices in Graz/Austria. Detego’s software suite that provides real-time analytics and merchandise visibility on item-level, enables fashion retailers a digital transformation without the need to replace their existing technology stack.

Bridging the gap between online and offline allows retailers to leverage one of their greatest investment, their brick and mortar stores, transforming them into digital hubs. Providing real-time actionable in-store insights, Detego enables its customers to understand their shoppers’ behaviour and how they move and interact with items inside the stores. Detego brings the same level of analytics and insights into the stores that retailers already have in their web shop. Delivering new store KPIs, such as fitting room conversion rate, abandonment in the fitting room, effectiveness of marketing campaigns etc., Detego enables fashion retailers to optimise processes, campaigns and store activities.

The company’s modular SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) based Detego Suite is comprised of Detego InStore, Detego InWarehouse, Detego InReports and and Detego InChannels. Detego InStore provides real-time article visibility on item-level for the store and stockroom and thereby increases on-shelf-availability. Detego InWarehouse delivers inventory visibility in the central warehouse and over the entire supply chain. Real-time data analytics are translated into graphically appealing dashboards by Detego InReports, providing actionable insights and very clear and easy-to-use operational recommendations that enable better decisions. Detego InChannels actively support retailers in their consumer engagement strategies. 

Detego supports brick and mortar textile retailers of different kind, from the “fast-fashion” segment to the luxury sector. Inventory accuracy – knowing where every article is at any moment in time – and optimized processes reduce the administrational effort and enable the store staff to spend more time with the customer. Having reliable information in real-time, store personnel are able to provide customers up to date information and sell more. Permanently available analysis of e.g. the sales figures of the latest collection, fitting room conversion rate, and store-to-store performance enable the Merchandise Planner to optimise the management of the product assortment and the Marketing Officer to better understand the effectiveness of each campaign in real-time. Consumer behavior insights and merchandise availability enable the fashion retailer to offer the right products to customers and decrease markdowns. Connecting the e-commerce business to all physical stores via real-time article visibility on item-level over all channels, including franchise and wholesale, enables an efficient omni-channel retailing. Detego provides fashion retailers the level of digitisation that increases sales, minimises process-related costs and future-proofs their business.

As part of its expansion strategy, Detego is opening new offices and is seeking to develop a strong European network of partners to enhance Detego’s market offering, bring additional value to customers and widen its reach.

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