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Product category: Electronic shelf labels (ESL)

Electronic shelf labels

With the latest technology, our electronic shelf labels are high resolution, fully graphic and available in up to three colours. Showing accurate and up-to-date information, the electronic shelf labels can be used in any sector, helping you to influence the buying decision at the shelf edge.

The wireless ESL communicator handles a two-way communication between your ERP and the electronic shelf labels – reporting that updates have been made and providing details such as battery voltage and temperature, so you can ensure the display’s quality is always high. And, with an integrated Bluetooth option, you can not only easily align prices across your channels, you can also offer personal and rewarding promotions through your app, based on a shopper’s location in store. This is how in-store communication should be.

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Product category: Digital signage solutions

Vision 4K digital signage

Replace paper posters and manage in-store TV's in the same way as electronic shelf labels, providing a better in-store communication experience. Vision 4K is a 4K digital signage solution that supports 4K video quality, high resolution images, logos, slide show, multi-product, animated icons, etc.

The Vision 4K solution enables you to manage in-store TVs as if they were electronic shelf labels. Vision 4K is ideal for replacing old-fashioned paper posters at the end of aisles, in fruit and vegs departments, at entrances, etc.

You can also use Vision 4K to eliminate the need of creating and distributing heavy video material to entire network of stores.

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Company news




Jan 28, 2019

The food mecca of the future has arrived in Copenhagen

In Nordhavn, one of Copenhagen's most vibrant neighborhoods, MENY has opened a new and modern food mecca that sets the standard for future supermarkets. A wide range of exclusive concepts are being tested to give customers inspiring dining experiences. Electronic shelf labels also help to raise the bar.

Quality is the characteristic for the new district in Nordhavn, where MENY has opened a new flagship store. The location of the new modern food store has a very special history, as it is opened in a protected building known as the Riffel Syndicate – a former weapon factory. Today, windows, ceilings, pillars and load-bearing walls still stand as when the premises were built to produce machine guns before and during World War II. Because of the protected building, MENY has also been forced to think differently from the very beginning.

Experienced merchant and ambitious store manager in front
Mikael Lindegaard Kristiansen is the merchant in the new MENY in Nordhavn and has helped to build up the supermarket. He has more than 20 years of experience in the grocery industry from MENY in Lyngby, Salling Group and Coop. The daily operation is the store manager’s responsibility and this task belongs to Mike Drøhse Jensen, who is passionate about creating results. A tool that helps him and the approximately 60 other employees in the supermarket are electronic shelf labels, which, in addition to great time savings and reduction of customer complaints, also help to improve the look throughout the supermarket.

- The electronic shelf labels are a must for running a store today. With them, we avoid human errors that ultimately has a negative impact on customers. In addition, we've got a new and inspiring look on the electronic shelf labels in the fruit and vegetable department. The displays are bigger and the writing has a "chalk look" – this is clearly something that helps to raise the bar and customer experience in our supermarket, says Mike Drøhse Jensen, store manager at MENY in Nordhavn.

The key to the future supermarket
In the new food market, the key to the future supermarket is based on a philosophy that employees are “meal counselors”, who give customers great food experiences and inspiration. Therefore, you will also find small exciting concepts around the supermarket – from a milk machine and juice bar to in-store coffee roasting.

- In addition to electronic shelf labels, we have implemented several initiatives that focus on the customer experience. Among other things, you can try our milk machine, which has aroused great interest from the customers. The milk is organic and pasteurized, coming directly from the cows at a local farm. Basically, we make an extra effort for good experiences and delicious groceries. This is our bid for a future supermarket.

The store has no parking spaces, but it was a deliberately choice to open in the new district in Nordhavn before a new metro, parking garage, superbike path, and other exciting city plans are realized. In this way, MENY is part of the game from the beginning, where a lot of building takes place in the local area.

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Dec 3, 2018

Happy employees and better time for customer service at the new Imerco home

Imerco opens more and more stores under the new store concept Imerco Home. The interior design of the stores must be inspiring and electronic shelf labels play a crucial role in this new concept. One of the side benefits is happy employees and better time for customer service.

Early 2018, Imerco launched its new store concept under the name of Imerco Home with a special focus on inspirational ideas for home interior. The new store concept and the good store locations came in connection with the acquisition of the Inspiration chain, where some of the previous Inspiration stores now have been converted into Imerco Home stores. The store concept is well planned and there is a clear plan for the design and interior in the new Imerco Home stores.

- The Imerco Home stores will offer exciting ideas for interior design. With the new concept, we have placed great enthusiasm in an inspiring and stylish look. In addition, electronic shelf labels are part of this concept – they fit well on the stylish side too, but most importantly, they generate considerable time savings that our employees can convert to increased customer service, says Thomas Sonne Hansen, District Manager at Imerco and responsible for the implementation of the electronic shelf labels.

From paper to electronic signs - a great help in everyday life
The project with electronic shelf labels started at Imerco in 2015 when the first store replaced traditional paper labels with electronic signs. The solution helps create a consistent experience across all sales channels - Imerco, Imerco Home and the webshop In addition, it is a big help in everyday life, says Thomas Sonne Hansen, who has been associated with the project from the start:

- I have only received extremely positive feedback regarding the electronic shelf labels in our stores, it is a major help in the everyday life. In practical terms, the solution runs in the cloud and it gives us an easy operation and maintenance of all stores. Once you have switched from paper to electronic signs, you don’t need to do more. After that, all prices and product information will update automatically at the shelf. With the additional focus on house and interior design at Imerco Home, customers will be welcomed by a different and exciting shop experience in the new stores. At the same time, the service must be world-class.

- The strategy behind Imerco Home is to embrace on a broader level - both in terms of range in home accessories, but especially also in terms of our target audience. We want to inspire even more and continue to provide the best possible service. Electronic shelf labels are a tool that gives employees better time to provide good service, says Charlotte Nielsen, District Manager at Imerco, responsible for 32 Imerco stores in Zealand.

About Imerco:
Imerco is Denmark's largest retail chain within kitchen supplies, tableware, gifts and home accessories. With the Imerco and Imerco Home stores, the Group has a total of 183 stores and the webshop In addition to Imerco's usual assortment, the Imerco Home stores offer a larger and more variable range of housing accessories, design, decors and gifts.

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Oct 1, 2018

TOP-TOY strengthens stores with digital initiatives

Electronic shelf labels and a price robot that monitors and scans competitors' prices online, are some of the digital initiatives that TOP-TOY implements to boost the stores and ensure competitiveness.

A highly competitive market with frequent campaigns such as Halloween, Black Friday, and Christmas puts great demands on retailers. This is also the case with TOP-TOY, the leading Nordic toy group, which operates the TOYS "R" US and BR Toys chains. TOP-TOY makes an active effort to be creative and think of the box when it comes to run stores in a market where the competition is tough and new digital stores are gaining more and more market shares.

- It goes without saying, that we have to be competitive if we want to be a part of the game. It requires discipline and creativity every single day. Therefore, among other things, we are launching a new price robot, which monitors and scans competitors' online prices. In that way, we can adjust prices in all our channels, online and in physical stores, so we constantly can keep up with the market, says Kenneth Messerschmidt, Vice President IT at TOP-TOY.

Electronic shelf labels are a brick in the game
When you have a big need for price and product changes and the number of campaigns during the year does not get smaller, rather the opposite, you also have to take a to look at the resources in the stores. Therefore, TOP-TOY has chosen to implement electronic shelf labels in 72 TOYS”R”US stores in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. The electronic shelf labels release time and resources in the stores and the solution has to be implemented in all 72 stores before Black Friday in November.

Kenneth Messerschmidt says about the project and the tight schedule:
- We have an ambitious, but realistic roll-out plan, as we want the full benefit of the investment within the large pressure coming this fall with Black Friday and hereafter the Christmas season. The electronic shelf labels are an extra brick in the game to be competitive and is a tool that goes hand in hand with our new price robot. Now, within minutes, we can quickly and easily update the prices in the stores.

To begin with, TOP-TOY has chosen to install electronic shelf labels on their 'top 3000 items' - the most selling products and with the most price changes. Delfi Technologies A/S has been chosen as the supplier for the project and a centralized cloud solution ensures a fast and easy preparation process and delivery to the stores.

- We have chosen Delfi Technologies as the supplier as their cloud solution with electronic shelf labels matches our digital ambitions. At the same time, we can control everything at a central level - both the installation in the stores and the following operation.

TOP-TOY is the leading retail company for toys and other children’s products in the Nordic region. TOP-TOY operates the two retail chains, BR in Northern Europe and TOYS "R" US in the Nordic countries. TOP-TOY has a turnover of over 450 million. euro, and has more than 300 stores and 2,000 employees in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Germany and Hong Kong.

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Sep 3, 2018

XL Byg / Bygg-Ole in Sweden streamlines stores with Breece electronic shelf labels

With the goal of saving time and money, the DIY retailer Bygg-Ole in Stockholm has implemented the solution Breece electronic shelf labels, which will help the DIY retailer to increase efficiency and free up time for more promotional activities.

In January 2018, Bygg-Ole installed Breece electronic shelf labels in the DIY stores in Nacka and Värmdö, Stockholm. Bygg-Ole was looking for a partner that could offer a complete solution with direct link to their ERP system, had experience with DIY stores to guarantee a smooth implementation and could offer an effective solution for managing daily product and price changes in the stores.

- Today, the market places higher demands for correct pricing and product information - both in physical stores and online. Consumers expect the price at the shelf to match the price they have seen online or in the newspaper, which we needed a good solution for. Therefore, we chose to start the project with electronic shelf labels and the partnership with Delfi Technologies, says Mikael Larsson, who has been project manager for the implementation and is education officer in Jeeves ERP system & salesman within wood and barley at Bygg-Ole.

Save time and money
The electronic shelf labels are directly connected to Bygg-Ole's ERP system for product management. The Breece System automatically receives new prices and product information when a change is made in the ERP system. For the staff, this means they avoid the heavy and time-consuming task of printing and replacing the traditional paper labels at the shelves.

- There is a huge amount of time associated with continually changing paper labels in order to maintain the right price and product information throughout all of our various campaigns. Unfortunately, this also causes some errors that the customer discovers and therefore we must give a discount at the checkout, says Mikael Larsson.

Bygg-Ole has initially chosen to focus on the color and part of the iron department, which are the departments with most price and campaign changes - a time-consuming work that has to be handled continuously. Breece electronic shelf labels, which is a completely dynamic solution, enables an easy installation in a part of the store. Then you can add displays and antennas as needed in the remaining parts of the store.

Simple installation with own staff
The replacement of the paper and the installation of electronic shelf labels took place within the DIY store's normal opening hours. At Bygg-Ole, all employees play a significant role in the daily operations, therefore Mikael Larsson made sure that all the employees were part of the project and participated in the installation. It went quickly and smooth via Breece Mobile - a handheld solution, where all handling, such as link of display to product and link to various design templates, was made online, directly at the shelf.

- Today, it's actually a natural part of the training of new employees. Everyone must be able to handle the solution and its many opportunities. Therefore, the entire staff has also helped to install the solution when we started. It went quickly and easily with the help of Breece Mobile. Everyone helped link products to the displays and thought it went very smoothly.

New opportunities – A different way of doing business
Mikael Larsson also mentions that it is important to motivate and support employees in finding new ideas that can help to streamline the daily work - and the Breece solution makes this possible. For example, you can add additional information to the shelf labels - e.g. expiration date. The electronic shelf labels are fully graphical and can display any information and graphics. So it's actually more about the level of information that comes from your own ERP system to Breece.

- The employees are the ones using the solution every day and they are the ones who get all the good ideas. We would really like to put them into reality so that we can get electronic shelf labels to create even more value in our everyday life, says Mikael Larsson expectantly.

Bygg-Ole is part of XL-BYG in Sweden. In addition to the Nacka & Värmdö stores in Stockholm, XL-Bygg has implemented Breece in 5 other stores in Sweden and 1 store in Denmark.

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Jul 2, 2018

Electronic shelf labels help in new physical store

The fashion giant has opened a new, big cosmetics store at Købmagergade in Copenhagen - the capital's center for shopping. The fashionable and well-appointed environment gives a new flagship store with, among other things, electronic shelf labels, which will give customers a different and better shopping experience in a digital world.

Located at one of Copenhagen's best and most expensive addresses, surrounded by the strong competing brands, a new 500 square-foot 'Beauty by' cosmetics store has opened. The online store already has a physical store at Ro's Torv in Roskilde, which opened in March 2017. The store in Roskilde was the first physical store that opened, and it was also a kind of test for the physical presence. Here, Boozt has experimented and taken the best experiences to the new store at Købmagergade in Copenhagen, says Christian Schreiber, Retail Director at

- When we opened the first physical store last year, we decided to label all the products with the price at the bottom of the product to avoid a large amount of paper throughout the store. However, we have learned that the customers prefers to see the price when they stand in front of the product and if they can’t, they may think that the product does not have a price or that the item may be too expensive, although it’s not the case. We have brought this experience to Købmagergade, where we do not have to label all the products. Now, instead, we show the price on electronic shelf labels, which are always updated with price, promotions and product info link directly to our internet platform.

Online store going for synergy with physical presence
At, the synergy between the online and physical presence is an important reason for opening physical stores today. In a physical store, the customer has the opportunity to come and try the product before purchase - an option you do not have online. The other way around, there is the time factor and it is convenient to shop online if you know what you want. The best of two worlds has become a reality in's new beauty universe.

- The Boozt philosophy is that the service must be in top and the employees must spend time on the customers what have prioritized to visit us in an otherwise digital life. It's about getting the employees to provide the best service to the customers and guide customers even better. We can not expect our employees to be 100% focused on helping our customers - or guests as we refer to them at ‘Beauty by Boozt’ - if they also need to handle a lot of practical tasks such as pricing, changing signs and campaigns. Therefore, we looked for a solution where we use the technology and our data to free up time for employees for service instead, says Christian Schreiber. has chosen to integrate the electronic shelf labels within the store interior, so they naturally blend together with the decor and cosmetics products. The entire online and "offline" set-up is synchronized and links the two worlds together.

- We already have all the product information in our online store and it's linked to the electronic shel labels, so they are always updated. The electronic shelf labels are a brilliant match. We also avoid a large forest of signs as we have made it easy and stylish by combining more products on one display.

Flexibility and design freedom
The partnership with Delfi Technologies started when Christian researched the market for electronic shelf labels. Christian explains that there were several reasons for choosing Delfi Technologies as a supplier:

- We chose Delfi Technologies because the other suppliers could not live up to the demands we had – to have a lot of prices on one sign, the flexibility to design the entire layout of the display and, at the same time, the possibility of having individual product lines to be updated automatically, says Christian Schreiber enthusiastically.

The new cosmetics store has gained much attention from international retailers, who come to see and get inspiration from the new beauty universe and the way to use electronic shelf labels, which, according to many, looks like ordinary paper with its white color and easy-to-read product information.

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Jun 29, 2018

Cyberport implements ESL solution from Delfi Technologies

E-commerce retailers with omnichannel service face great demands for updated product information in all channels. This also applies to German Cyberport, which is one of Europe's largest consumer electronics retailers with more than 45.000 products. For an omnichannel retailer with such a large product range, it means that there also is a great need to keep products and prices constantly updated. Price accuracy is therefore one of the primary drivers for introducing electronic shelf labels at Cyberport.

Today, 15 Cyberport stores have implemented the Breece System ESL solution from Delfi Technologies. Cyberport installed the first store with ESL back in 2010. Since then, the ESL technology has changed and Cyberport is now implementing the latest ESL technology in all its stores. The first Cyberport store to install the new Chroma (3-color) displays is located in Munich.

Partnership with Delfi Technologies
Together with Delfi Technologies, Cyberport will update all existing installations to the new ESL technology. The next store will be Cyberport in Nürnberg and over the next time, the remaining stores will also be updated.

About Cyberport
Cyberport is one of the most successful distributors of computer technology and digital consumer electronics in Europe. Since its foundation in 1998, Cyberport has grown into an online retailer with more than 45,000 branded laptops, Apple products, smartphones and TV products.

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Jun 1, 2018

Electronic shelf labels leads to satisfied customers and employees

During 2018, Pisiffik – a Greenlandic retail chain, invests in customer - and employee satisfaction, when the traditional paper signs will be replaced by electronic shelf labels in 21 stores. The investment will provide both more satisfied customers and better time to focus on being merchant.

Today, significant resources are being used to ensure that the customer sees the correct price at the shelf in Pisiffik's grocery stores – the Pisiffik supermarkets and the Spar convenience stores. It is a time-consuming task, which requires many resources during the workday for any employee.

Promotional items, without the right price tag attached, will affect the customer experience. Electronic pricing ensures that the price at the shelf matches the price at checkout. It saves time for the employees and leads to more satisfied customers, says the analyst Palle Holm, who came to Pisiffik 1,5 years ago and started the project with electronic shelf labels.

More time to be merchants
According to Palle Holm, the calculation is simple - you look at the things that will contribute to pay the bill. One part comes from significant savings in the time spent on manual work during promotions and price changes, which instead will run automatically with electronic pricing. At the same time, there will also be a significant time saving because of fewer complaints from customers – this will also pay a large part of the bill. But it is not just about the savings. It is also about creating a better customer experience and this is where the second part of the gain comes from. Pisiffik expects to see more satisfied customers as the customers will experience fewer price errors in the store.

- Besides the fact, that we will see fewer price errors and thus fewer complaints from customers, we also save some time by introducing electronic shelf labels. We will get more time to be merchants for our customers. That is what it is all about, says Palle Holm pleased.

Experience shows greater satisfaction among customers and employees
The rollout of electronic shelf labels has begun and the first stores that have introduced electronic shelf labels, have already experienced a greater satisfaction among customers and employees, says an expectant Palle Holm.

- We can already see that our expectations regarding time saving will be achieved. At the same time, we have received a positive response from customers and that is the most important thing, says Palle Holm.

About Pisiffik
Pisiffik is a modern retail chain with seven store concepts, high quality, competitive prices and an extremely high level of service. Pisiffik has more than 40 stores and 700 employees in Greenland's 6 largest cities with the retail concepts; Pisiffik Supermarket, Spar, Torrak Fashion, Elgiganten, Jysk, Pisattat and Note Bene. In addition, Pisiffik operates wholesalers throughout the country through the KK Wholesale and KK Cash & Carry stores.

About Delfi Technologies
Delfi Technologies develops and sells barcode solutions for registration and electronic shelf labels within retail, warehouse and logistics as well as healthcare. Delfi Technologies has grown significantly in the past years and has offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Italy and Vietnam. The company has more than 100 employees, whereas almost half of the employees are based at the head office at Galoche Allé, Køge (Denmark).

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Apr 17, 2018

Electronic shelf labels help to convert visitors into ‘buying-customers’ at Eventyrsport

The time, that was previously spent on changing prices and marking up clothes and shoes at the adventure- and sports chain Eventyrsport, is now spend on customer service and advice. The first goal is to convert 1.5 visitors into 'buying-customers’, which means a customer who actually makes a purchase, per day, in each of the chain's 11 stores across Denmark. This conversion pay back the investment in electronic pricing. On the long run, the investment is expected to throw an even better result at the bottom line.

In celebration of Eventyrsport's relocation to new premises at Algade in Roskilde, Denmark, March 22, the store opened with a brand new look. Electronic shelf labels were mounted on all shelves and cloth hangers. Both customers and staff were excited about the stylish design and clear pricing.

- We are a retail chain where quality and customer service are our top priorities, and therefore we have chosen to invest in electronic price tags. When our product range is of high quality and the brands we sell are priced above average, our customers expect a similar high expert advice.
The electronic price labels release the necessary time to provide our customers the expected advice. We expect to see the positive outcome of the investment at the bottom line within relatively short time, says chain manager Gert Farup Lindquist.

So far, Eventyrsport has installed electronic shelf labels at the store in Roskilde and in a brand new store that opens in Vejle soon. Approximately 1,000 electronic price tags have been installed at the store in Roskilde.

Time-consuming labeling
The chain has calculated how much time that is actually being spent on manual price changes and that is significant. Each store uses about two hours every day on price changes and labeling of clothes and other items. This calculation, as well as other benefits, has contributed to motivate the management to invest in electronic shelf labels. The staff is really happy to get rid of the task of labeling clothes, shoes, and other products. According to Gert Farup, the task of labeling and changing prices on the products has never been a favorite, so that the primary task in the future for the staff will be customer service, has been received very positively.

Eliminate massive paper sign usage
Besides the fact that the staff only have to concentrate on the customers, Gert is also very excited about the fact that the massive amount of paper signs no longer takes up space in the stores.

- What we cannot measure directly is the changing appearance of the store, but I'm pretty sure that it will mean something to our many quality-conscious customers. In the past, it could look like a ‘forest of signs’ when we had multiple campaigns running at the same time. The many signs in the stores could in some cases interfere with the messages we wanted to send. The electronic price tags come in several sizes and can be applied in different ways, so we get the same visibility when we are promoting our campaigns, says chain manager Gert Farup Lindquist.

Eventyrsport is firstmover 
In the past, only supermarkets were aware of price controls through electronic pricing, but this has changed over the past years.

- Today there are several retail areas that demand electronic pricing, such as DIY “do-it-yourself” stores, pharmacies, gas stations and consumer electronics stores. In the Danish market, Eventyrsport is clearly the first mover in their market, says Kim Holst Hansen, who is the consultant of Delfi Technologies (provider of the electronic shelf labels) and Eventyrsport's contact. 

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Mar 19, 2018

ESL optimizes customer experience and employee satisfaction at Bauhaus

In the end of 2017, Bauhaus in Tilst, Denmark, implemented electronic shelf labels on its more than 40,000 items. Since then, the electronic pricing has reduced the number of price errors significantly, increased the overall employee satisfaction on the floor, optimized the overall customer experience and made workflows more flexible - all in all, a good solution for both customers, employees and the business.

Already at the entrance at Bauhaus in Tilst, the electronic shelf labels are visible, giving the department store a stylish and welcoming look. It has taken about a month to get the full implementation in place. Within the opening hours of the store, about 10 people were assigned to the task, supported by various suppliers. In the same way, the supplier of electronic shelf labels, Delfi Technologies has been on the sideline with advice throughout the entire process.

The implementation of the electronic shelf labels has eliminated the task of printing new price labels and the physical replacement in the store. Price changes can now be made in seconds from a central computer.

- The solution with the electronic shelf labels is liberating for anyone working on the floor in Bauhaus. We now have a lot more time for our customers and also have the opportunity to do more with campaigns and other tasks that support our daily work, says Jesper Thomsen, who is working in the lighting department in Bauhaus, Tilst.

Price errors at a minimum
After the integration of electronic shelf labels, the level of price errors has been minimal. During the weekend, approximately 3,000 expeditions take place and previously there was an error margin of 15-20 pcs. Today, the error margin is 3-5 pcs. A reduction of 75%.

- It is obvious, that if the receipt does not match with the price at the checkout, it may ruin an otherwise great customer experience. The reduction of price errors is noticeable, and we are of course pleased to provide a much better customer experience. Whether we can completely avoid price errors in the future is doubtful, but now we have a 'tool' to manage pricing much better than before, says Thomas Bæk, department store manager at Bauhaus, Tilst.

Another advantage of implementing electronic pricing is that the time saved by not having to print and then running around and changing labels, now instead is used for customer service. A clear example of this is that the weekend staff meet almost an hour later than before. The saved working time is now instead used during the time when the customer flow is biggest.

- There is no doubt that all the benefits that the electronic pricing has provided, has increased the staff satisfaction. Very few people think that the task to print price labels and replacing them in the 11,200 m2 store is the most fun job in the world. The staff is actually released to do what they are best at, and actually trained in - customer service, says Mads Jørgensen, CEO of all Bauhaus stores in Denmark, Norway and Iceland.

Promotions and additional sales is optimized
Besides the fact that price controls are secured by electronic pricing, it has also become a lot easier to run campaigns and exploit potential areas of sales.

In the past, many price changes up to a campaign launch took place before and the day before, the new price tags were then set up - with the risk that customers purchased the goods before the announced campaign start. Today, prices are changed in seconds, which means that discrepancies between prices and advertising are eliminated. It is also very quick to take advantage of a resale because, like other price changes, it takes only a few seconds to work on the computer.

New Bauhaus department store opens with electronic shelf labels
In addition to Bauhaus in Tilst, another department store is opening in Kolding in the spring. This store will also implement electronic price labels.

- It is definitely an advantage that the implementation of electronic price labels takes place from the beginning, so we don’t have to make the same exercise again in a year's time," says Mads Jørgensen.

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