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Our products

Product category: Scanners


The NLV-3101 is the smallest 2D stationary scanner ever made by Opticon. It is also the most powerful 2D stationary scanner made by Opticon. It is developed for the most demanding applications that require the capability to scan both 1D and 2D. In conclusion, if you are looking for a 2D fixed mount scanner this device is for you!

This fixed mount scanner is ideal in situations that require both 1D and 2D scanning at a high speed. From previous customers we see that the NLV-3101 is used in retail P.O.S., self service solutions like a kiosk, parking lot ticket machines and it is frequently used in medical or pharmaceutical analysis machines. It is clear that this scanner is applicable in a wide range of markets. For this reason this is such a popular product.

How we describe the NLV-3101
The NLV-3101 is the best 2D fixed scanner Opticon ever made because it is fast, durable and reliable. This stationary scanner comes with an USB HID/VCP or a Serial interface. Its dimensions are small measuring just 41.1 x 33 x 24 mm, therefor it is a perfect fit for most appliances. Furthermore, this scanner is flexible so it suits most OEM or ODM applications that require a high specification 2D CMOS camera for all their scanning purposes. In conclusion the NLV-3101 is a very suitable fixed position scanner for demanding OEM and ODM projects.
There is more to the NLV-3101, all the specifications and details can be found in the leaflet below.

The highlights why NLV-3101 is the perfect scanner to integrate:

  • High end 1D and 2D scanning
  • Compact design
  • Flexible mounting
  • Scanning speed of 60 scans per second

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Product category: Scanners


The OPL-6845S is an elegantly designed handheld scanner with a modern look and feel, and the option for hands-free scanning. It is the scanner that will look good on a check-out counter or service desk while providing rapid and accurate scanning.

The OPL-6845S is used in service and retail oriented environments due to the scanner being reliable to scan with and being non-reliant of a battery. This scanner is often bought to be used on service counters, retail check-out counters and smaller warehouses.

How we describe the OPL-6845S
The OPL-6845S is a powerful laser scanner with a speed of a 100 scans per second. With an ergonomically sleek design this scanner is made to hold comfortably in your hand while scanning. The scanner has a manual trigger modus and an auto-trigger modus that, with the separately sold stand, can enable hands-free scanning. The plated base ensures motion stability during scanning and this scanner is IP42 rated; withstanding drops up on concrete from 1.5 meters.

Below some of the OPL-6845S’s features to give an overview of its unique capabilities:

  • Up to a 100 scans per second
  • Beautiful design
  • Exchangeable cable
  • Stand included

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Product category: Mobile data capture devices


The H-29 is a rugged design Android mobile computer and comes with an alphanumeric keypad. This is also what makes the H-29 highly suitable for many industries such as Logistics, Postal and Delivery. The H-29 is a perfect combination of an ergonomic and elegant design. Underneath the smart design rests everything needed to excel in complex tasks.

The H-29 is a high performance Android mobile computer combined with an alphanumeric keypad and a high-tech 2D Opticon engine. If you are looking for a reliable scanning device and mobile computer that is consumer-friendly, the H-29 is the right choice for your business.
The high resolution camera, fast scanning performance, and plenty of connectivity options make this device perfect for complex tasks. The Octa-core processor will ensure fast performance no matter the application. On top of that, the H-29 is provided with a NFC chip that enables wireless communication as well as synchronization with other devices that enables a better and more efficient workflow.

The H-29 comes with a high capacity battery and a power supply (QC2.0). Additional items such as an extended battery, cradle and a stylus can be ordered separately. In case you do not require a keypad but need the same high performance Android mobile computer, then the Opticon H-28 is a better choice for you.

As mentioned above, the H-29 is a mobile computer suitable for a wide variety of markets such as Logistics, Postal and Delivery. But of course many more industries can benefit from a more efficient workflow, only one of the improvements Opticon’s mobile computers are produced to provide. The Healthcare, Retail, Industrial and Transportation for instance are significant industries which provide services that our society cannot live without. The H-29 is the perfect solution for optimizing the workflow in your field of business. This ergonomic and rugged mobile computer excels in improving efficiency on the work floor, data gathering, and mobility. H-29 is an all-in-one solution that raises performance and efficiency to the next level, and optimizes communication among departments in complex work environments. Furthermore, Opticon provides full and immediate support via your local office. With the Opticon H-29 you are investing in a fully supported product including a two year warranty, and an additional service contract is available.

How we describe the H-29
The H-29 is an ergonomic mobile computer that comes with the Android 6.0.1 operating system, that has the functionality of a computer and a scanner, but with the experience of a smartphone. A 8MP camera with autofocus is included. We offer the SDK upon your order, easily supporting the design of your application according to your business’ needs. Because it has Wi-Fi/4G, GPS, and Bluetooth the H-29 is always connected, and ensures real-time data transfer.

The H-29 is equipped with GPS, and is therefore always traceable. Furthermore, the H-29 provides valuable information that can be used to analyze the workflow. It also comes with a USB-port for data transfer, and a high capacity battery. For demanding applications an extended battery is available. Altogether, the H-29 is the ideal scanning, analyzing, and service device all in one for workflow optimization.

  • Android 6.0.1
  • alphanumeric keypad
  • Bluetooth 4.1 LE & NFC
  • IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • 8MP CMOS camera with autofocus
  • Octa-core Processor
  • IP 65

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About us

Company details

Identifying Our Customer’s Needs Since 1976
From the start, over 40 years ago, Opticon has been one of the first companies in the world to specialize in manufacturing barcode scanners. At the time, barcode scanning was a revolutionary new technology used to identify information at any location. Inventory management, asset management, order picking; all these disciplines made huge progress on efficiency thanks to Opticon’s barcode scanners.

International Supplier
From this pioneering stage, we have evolved into an international supplier of a wide range of 1D and 2D scanning solutions; including point-of-sale scanners, rugged mobile devices and pocket-sized Bluetooth scanners. These innovative answers to practical demands in the workplace have seen our presence expand to over 65 countries.

Our mission
Scan, connect and communicate are the three verbs that describe our business. From scanner devices to electronic shelf labels, all our appliances provide the link between technology and the continuing demand for information. In other words; we scan, connect and communicate, the way we do business.

These three words also represent our mentality. Characteristic for Opticon is the ability to see and hear our customers’ needs, and to link them to the best suitable solution in a transparent and flexible manner.

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