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GK Software SE

Waldstr. 7, 08261 Schöneck
Telephone +49 37464 84-0
Fax +49 37464 84-15

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Dr. René Schiller

Director Corporate Communications & Investor Relations

Friedrichstraße 204
10117 Berlin, Germany

+49 374 64 84-264

+49 37464 84-15


Peggy Zimmermann

Senior Manager Marketing & Communications

Waldstraße 7
08261 Schöneck, Germany

+49 37464 84-686

+49 37464 84-15


Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Omnichannel / E-Commerce Solutions
  • 01.01  Omnichannel integration
  • 01  Omnichannel / E-Commerce Solutions
  • 01.02  Click & collect solutions

Click & collect solutions

  • 02  Analytics
  • 02.05  Price management
  • 02  Analytics
  • 02.08  Predictive analytics
  • 06  Merchandise management (ERP)
  • 06.01  Merchandise systems, ERP solutions

Merchandise systems, ERP solutions

  • 07  POS Software
  • 07.01  Checkout software

Checkout software

  • 07  POS Software
  • 07.02  Self-checkout / self-scanning software

Self-checkout / self-scanning software

  • 07  POS Software
  • 07.04  Software for mobile devices

Software for mobile devices

  • 13  Weighing Technology
  • 13.03  Software for data provision/retrieval from scales and printing systems

Software for data provision/retrieval from scales and printing systems

  • 19  Services
  • 19.02  Implementation of POS solutions

Implementation of POS solutions

  • 19  Services
  • 19.06  Operation of POS systems

Operation of POS systems

  • 19  Services
  • 19.07  Cloud-based IT services

Cloud-based IT services

Our products

Product category: Omnichannel integration, Click & collect solutions, Checkout software, Self-checkout / self-scanning software, Implementation of POS solutions, Operation of POS systems, Cloud-based IT services


GK/Retail enables you to offer your customers optimum service across all channels, consistently and transparently. The GK/Retail Business Suite applications ensure that you can provide the right information and the right processes for shoppers at all touch points – whether in store, in the webshop or on a mobile device – in real time, without interruptions and tailored for each particular channel.
GK/Retail has been consistently designed to communicate seamlessly, via open interfaces and web-based services, with the other channels that you use to connect to your customers. For example, the GK infrastructure allows your customers to initiate, alter and complete a transaction in any channel. Our omni-channel processes include collection, payment, returns, loyalty, promotions and stock enquiries, and within these we have taken account of how today’s mobile consumers use their smartphones.

For GK/Retail, omni-channel retailing is not a topic for the future. Instead, it is currently built into our products as standard and many of our customers are already benefitting from the opportunities it offers on a daily basis.

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Product category: Omnichannel integration

Mobile Consumer Assistant

GK/Retail enables you to increase your appeal to mobile customers at all levels thanks to our market-leading valuephone mobile solutions. valuephone is fully integrated into the GK/Retail world of solutions and is available as a white-label solution.
Hence, you can offer your customers innovative yet proven mobile loyalty and mobile payment services within the framework of your own brand positioning. valuephone solutions are already in use at around 15,000 acceptance points today. Together, we have successfully completed one of the largest European projects of its kind which entailed infotainment, mobile couponing and mobile payment, thus covering every facet of the mobile consumer assistant.

Mobile couponing (fully integrated into the mobile payment process)
Mobile payment (independent of banks and mobile providers; NFC, barcode, ID processes)
Mobile promotions (special offers, discounts, information)
Mobile services related to shopping (shopping lists, recipes, social sharing, etc.)
Mobile self scanning (customers scan their items with ease)
All of our mobile customer solutions are available for all key mobile platforms: iOS, Windows Phone, Android and Java-based smartphones. Moreover, consumers gain personal access to their own data and receipts via an online portal.

Our solutions related to the mobile consumer assistant enable you to implement successful end-to-end communication strategies which lay the foundations for long-term and sustainable consumer relationships.

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Product category: Merchandise systems, ERP solutions, Software for mobile devices

Offline Mobile Store

The mobile store merchandise management processes solution package ensures seamless end-to-end connection to the central SAP system. It allows for a considerable improvement in the degree of automation in the store and improves the quality of the inventory data significantly. Thus, the costly gaps between the SAP system and stores are closed.

With the solution package for mobile store processes, the continuous process support to the goods is ensured with mobile devices. The various components work together seamlessly and guarantee that store merchandise management processes run smoothly in the store. In doing so, all the mobile functionalities are available online and offline as needed. Proven data storage and data exchange mechanisms ensure that updated data is available on the mobile devices and the back-office systems at any time and conflicting data entries (such as double counting) cannot be given.

Using a set of rules, it is possible to define which processes may be completed remotely and which require approval or monitoring in the back office or at the central office. All processes can also be checked and edited in the web-based portal with direct access to the central system.

In order to provide the data necessary for automatic scheduling in near-real time, the Enterprise StoreWeaver EE offers its own preliminary inventory management. Using this, all inventory changes are recorded in real time so that the F&R system can generate recommendations for automatic scheduling without a time delay. Faster response times for the order are possible since you do not need to wait for completion of the update process in the SAP system.

All StoreWeaver EE solutions are completely platform-independent and can be used with virtually any standard hardware and any Java-enabled operating system.

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Product category: Software for data provision/retrieval from scales and printing systems


GK/Retail OmniScale transforms your store’s scales from an island solution to a fully-integrated part of the store infrastructure, presenting a paradigm shift for any retail company relying on scales to maintain flexible, accurate pricing and inventory control.
The solution uses an open, platform-independent architecture to create unrivaled agility and integration with other enterprise applications and processes.

Flexible architecture allows use on any modern PC scale
Can be used as a pure scale application for traditional counter scales as well as self-service or checkout scales.
The first solution that can manage scales from various manufacturers in parallel, without having to provide and maintain data for several different solutions.
Proven end-to-end communication channels of the GK/Retail Business Suite enable real-time connection to your central ERP system (such as SAP).
Simplifies the process of providing and clearing master and transaction data
Allows central maintenance of prices, promotions, and parameters for scales and cash registers
Enables integration of digital signage concepts, such as customer monitors on scales, cash registers and other multimedia devices
Supports changing the scales during the sale and, as is necessary, all processes on the scale, such as pre-packing or inventory.
Now available as a fully managed cloud service through the GK/Retail cloud4retail platform

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Product category: Price management, Predictive analytics

Artificial Intelligence for Retail

GK Omni-Channel Personalization uses machine learning and AI to enable real-time personalized services such as recommendations, marketing automation and dynamic pricing for any omni-channel business. Delivered as a modular software, GK uniquely allows retailers to deploy a variety of AI capabilities to create a personalized customer experiences across any channel, including the store.
Key Features
With GK’s expanded omni-channel capabilities, retailers can use AI-enabled personalization features to fulfill the omni-channel promise of GK’s OmniPOS and Mobile Customer Assistant store solutions in one customized, complete solution, including:

Individualized product recommendations: Learn from customers’ reactions in real-time to offer the best and most relevant content for all consumers. This unique customer experience enables retailers to maximize customer loyalty and earnings.
Personalized and real-time dynamic pricing and promotions: Analyze the shopping behavior of each customer, retailers can respond to each individual in real-time and turn visitors into loyal customers. Automatic recommendations of the most suitable products will be sent with maximum personal relevance.
Dynamic Pricing: GK Software delivers the first dynamic pricing tool with the ability to find the best possible pricing in real time. Retailers can now completely, automatically adapt thousands of product prices to customer behavior as well as to the constantly changing market and company situation.
Marketing automation: Generate the right incentive at the right time to optimize conversion rate. By automatically selecting the perfect target group, the solution increases the rate of response to marketing measures – including tailored shopping lists and customer-specific newsletters.
Key Benefits
GK Omni-Channel Personalization brings the power of machine learning and AI to the store and all channels, offering:

Real-time capabilities: GK personalizes interactions across all channels in real-time. This means retailers can further enhance end-to-end interaction with customers for maximum relevance, all the time.
Omni-channel personalization: By integrating GK’s AI-enabled capabilities, retailers can now personalize the customer experience at every touchpoint – online, on mobile sites and at the POS. A combination of customer behavior analysis and the generation of personalized content takes place across all channels in real-time.
Integral approach: The software combines recommendations, marketing automation and dynamic pricing components in one solution. Combining the modules allows retailers to optimally implement their own personalization strategy.
Artificial intelligence: Intelligent algorithms are the heart of GK Omni-Channel Personalization. Using the core function principles of machine learning and reinforcement learning, the machine automatically learns personalization rules in real-time and maximizes the benefit of the system as a whole, including sales or earnings.
Simple integration: The solution can be implemented and configured quickly as a cloud service or software (on-premise). The personalization solution is compatible with every shop system and all mailing services.
High scalability: GK offers high-performance capabilities that can process significant volumes of data in an average time of 25 milliseconds. GK software solution can, therefore, easily process product portfolios with several million items in real-time.
With these tools, GK Software allows retailers to present the right message, at the right time, across every omni-channel touchpoint.

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Company news




Jan 8, 2019

Go Beyond OmniChannel @ EuroCIS - GK Software Booth C42, Hall 10

GK Software, the international market leader for store solutions, will yet again set trends for the future of retail at EuroCIS 2019 in Düsseldorf. Attendees will experience the possibilities of combining the world's most comprehensive retail platform, OmniPOS, with Artificial Intelligence, the unlimited use of mobile devices, and the latest technologies during live presentations at the GK booth C42 in Hall 10. There will be a special focus on the frictionless store, the promise that consumers can make their purchases without having to interact with the retailer’s IT systems or staff from the moment they enter the store through checkout - simply by using a smartphone.

OmniPOS, the award-winning platform for the handling of all store processes on the basis of state-of-the-art technologies, is at the heart of the GK Software solution suite. GK Software also makes OmniPOS completely available from the cloud as part of cloud4retail. The cloud-based platform is ready for the future and offers full functionality, adaptability, and opportunities to significantly reduce operating costs. Recently recognized by Forrester Research as the strongest current platform, its integrated processes have compelled roughly 50 major retailers worldwide, across all sales channels, to deploy it. Among these processes are support for all stationary and mobile POS variants, integrated solutions for scales, label & poster print, omnichannel pricing & promotions, clienteling and a comprehensive offer for mobile customer loyalty.

GK Software will also present the Frictionless Store solution, based on the Mobile Consumer Assistant (MCA), for the first time at EuroCIS. It enables the entire range of shopping processes on the customer's smartphone, including self-scanning, AI-based recommendations and mobile payment. The cloud-based solution offers retailers the fast implementation of a more modern customer approach in the store based on the mobile platform from GK Software, which has already been successfully used hundreds of thousands of times.

With AIR (Artificial Intelligence for Retail) GK Software has developed the first dedicated retail-oriented platform based on artificial intelligence for the optimization of retail processes. AIR enables retailers to realize many processes automatically - from dynamic pricing and personalization to fraud detection - based on machine learning.

The leading mobile merchandise management solution brings all merchandise management processes directly to the store using the latest technology - end-to-end, online and offline, on a wide variety of mobile devices and with direct connection to core systems.

GK Software will also present several new solutions based on the OmniPOS platform for the first time in Düsseldorf. This includes the hardware-independent OmniScale weighing software, which supports all types of scales - from operator scales to customer-operated scales to scales with integrated cash registers. Another first is OmniPOS Petrol. The modern forecourt solution ensures the seamless integration of the petrol station and convenience business into a unified Omnichannel-capable solution. With OmniPOS Hospitality, GK Software now empowers the integration of restaurants into an overall cross-channel strategy. The solution is designed to cover all restaurant types from fine dining to fast food, enabling modern customer loyalty integrations and omnichannel processes at the same time.

In addition to the enhancements to its OmniPOS solution, GK Software will present new and innovative solutions that address emerging opportunities such as blockchain-based payment technologies and virtual reality stores at EuroCIS.

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Dec 20, 2018

GK Software named a Leader in POS Software and SaaS by IHL Group

GK Software announced today that IHL Group, a global research and advisory firm, positioned GK Software as a leader in innovation, market strength and market share in its latest report, "Retail POS/mPOS Software Market.”

In the IHL Insight Market View Positioning Map, GK Software was recognized in the upper quadrant for POS Software and SaaS in the Total Retail, General Retail and Food, Drug and Convenience segments.

IHL determines company positions on each axis by identifying and evaluating not only market strength and market share, but also growth, direction and resilience, including factors like revenue trends, customer satisfaction, commitment to research and development, and unified commerce capabilities. For both General Retail and Food, Drug and Convenience segments, GK Software earned the highest placement on the growth, direction and resilience axis. IHL Group also ranked the company fourth in worldwide retail POS revenue with $114 million POS revenue in 2017.

“The POS software market is rapidly growing as retailers expand to account for unified commerce,” said Jerry Sheldon, Vice President, IHL Group. “Although many of the world’s best-known vendors are competing for POS market share in the U.S. and globally, GK Software differentiates itself with a robust solution suite designed for the future demands of high-profile retail accounts and an exclusive vendor agreement with SAP. Its market share, focus on innovation and continued revenue growth should position GK Software as a notable market force for years to come.”

GK Software’s point of sale solutions, including Omnichannel POS and Mobile POS, allow retailers to more effectively blend together brick-and-mortar sales with digital commerce. What’s more, GK Software offers a highly flexible deployment, whether offline, on-premises or in the cloud. 
“As retail channels become less distinct and consumer demands continue to evolve, retailers need vendor partners that provide robust, scalable and flexible solutions that help them adapt,” said Michael Jaszczyk, CEO, GK Software USA. “At GK Software, we’re dedicated to creating solutions that go beyond the baseline of omnichannel commerce, and our ranking in IHL’s report validates our efforts.”

GK Software’s omnichannel solutions will be on display at NRF’s Big Show, on Jan. 13-15 in booth #3267.

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Sep 14, 2018

SAP Omnichannel POS by GK Named Strongest Current Offering in the Forrester Wave for Point of Service Solutions

GK Software announced today that Forrester Research, a leading global research and advisory firm, rated SAP Omnichannel POS by GK as a "leader" in its latest report, "The Forrester Wave: Point of Service, Q3 2018".

- GK Software provides SAP with exclusive omnichannel POS solution identified as a market "leader"

The report ranked SAP as the POS provider with the strongest current offering. The report also noted that SAP has the strongest overall presence in the market with a perfect 5.00 in this category, which includes installed base, implementation scale and geographic deployment.

GK Software, which offers its own suite of branded omnichannel solutions worldwide, is the exclusive omnichannel POS provider for SAP. The report found that the Omnichannel POS by GK delivers a compelling omnichannel retail capability and highlights client references stating that "the POS team is well structured and delivers functional well-tested software." GK Software's Omnichannel POS is an integrated piece of SAP's Omnichannel suite for retail, and it allows providers to more effectively blend together brick-and-mortar sales with digital commerce. Combined with SAP's Omnichannel Customer Experience tools, it provides a coherent and personalized experience for consumers and retailers alike.

Forrester emphasizes that leading POS vendors excel at exploiting " capabilities to provide both mobility and secure distribution of enterprise data and logic for resilient offline trading." SAP Omnichannel POS by GK contributes to this experience as an important component of the SAP Commerce Cloud. The entire solution enables retailers to optimize their IT landscape while offering consumers a consistent and uncomplicated shopping experience in every channel and at every touchpoint.

"With the increasingly complex network of shopping channels available to consumers, retailers are finding robust omnichannel solutions to be an essential part of their sustained growth potential," said Michael Jaszczyk, CEO, GK Software USA. " Forrester's recognition of GK Software solutions sold by SAP validates the strength of GK's product suite and value of its service offerings."

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About us

Company details

GK Software was founded in 1990 ago and has grown rapidly ever since. The ongoing commitment from both leadership and employees has led GK Software to become the leading European provider of integrated store solutions.

With more than 279,000 installations in more than 50 countries, we are a key player in the international market for store solutions. Our high-quality solution portfolio as well as our vast corporate network allows us to successfully implement major international projects and has led to our success around the globe.

Since 1997, we have consistently used Java as a platform for all our solutions and for more than 10 years, we have continuously innovated the GK/Retail solution based on the latest technologies and open standards. In 2000, GK/Retail was the first store solution certified by SAP.

Our ongoing growth continues to prove our success. Since our IPO in 2008, we have drastically multiplied our revenues and increased the size of our team to more than 1,139 global employees.

For mobile solutions, centralized architectures, or enterprise-wide monitoring of thousands of stores in different countries, GK/Retail sets the standard – one of many reasons SAP sells our solutions worldwide.

Our ultimate goal is to support our customers in offering excellent in-store service because our customers’ success is our success.

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