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Vincent Saubaber

Executive Vice President Retail & Transportation EMEA

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  • 17  Cash Management, Storage and Transport
  • 17.01  Money counting systems
  • 17  Cash Management, Storage and Transport
  • 17.02  Coin and banknote counterfeit detectors

Coin and banknote counterfeit detectors

Our products

Product category: Cash management and transport services

CashComplete™ SPS-700 & SPS-800, Next Generation Smart Point of sale Solution

Enhance Cash Payments at Point of Sale
The new Smart POS Solution is the fully automated Point of Sale recycling solution that minimizes manual cash handling at
check-out lanes. It offers your customers improved service with smooth and intuitive payments, always with correct change. Improve uptime by securing the whole cash loop, while preventing the incidence of unfit notes acceptance, counting errors and shrinkage.

Complete POS Automation - Customer facing Cash Recycling Solution
  • Quick and Easy Cash Checkout
  • Increased In-store Security
  • Minimizing of Counting shortfalls and Reduced Shrinkage
  • Saves Time at Tills Open, Close and Shift Changes
  • Accurate, Automated reconciliation and Reporting
  • Improved Customer Shopping Experience

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Product category: Cash management and transport services

CashComplete™ Connect payment management platform

Automating the Payment Management Process
CashComplete™ Connect is the most comprehensive and sophisticated cloud-based payment management platform on the market. It integrates all elements of the cash ecosystem – all points where cash transactions take place – enabling managers and executives to understand what’s happening across the entire organization without having to manually interact with multiple systems or consolidate reports. Information from payment management hardware, software and back office systems comes together in an easy to use, seamless way.

Real-Time Visibility, Analytics and Reconciliation Reduces the Cost of Cash
From a web browser or mobile device, retail managers and executives can access the CashComplete™ Connect dashboard to monitor cash flow and sales, pull POS reports and generate analytics at any level from all connected devices throughout the organization. All functions involved in payment management, from IT to Operations to Loss Prevention to Treasury will benefit from increased access to timely information integrating all elements of the cash ecosystem. Not only does CashComplete™ Connect reduce the cost of cash, but it will improve overall employee productivity, reduce working capital, prevent shrinkage and maximize operational efficiency.

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Product category: Cash management and transport services

CashComplete™ RCS-400 2.2 & RCS-500, Recycling Cash Solution

The Flexible Multi-Till Solution
The high costs of cash operation together with increased competition within the retail sector makes it more important than ever to optimize the business. The CashComplete™ RCS Solution transforms your cash handling into smart cash management, improving your business at all levels. Paired with our unique suite of software the RCS Solution is a strong back-office solution for any market. Explore true cash management with increased customer service and security through a complete cash handling solution.

The Multi-Till Solution optimizes valuable time in the store
When the Till is inserted the dispense operation starts automatically by a sensor activation. This avoids the risk of having coins
being dispensed inside the machine without the presence of a Till. The coins are dispensed parallel with the notes. When notes are ready and taken out of the RCS-500 the Till is ready to be taken out of its position and the cashier is ready to start working! When the RCS-400 2.2 is in deposit mode the Till compartment is closed and coins are available to be sent to transport box when needed.

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Product category: Cash management and transport services

CashComplete™ SDS-35, Smart Deposit Solution

The Compact Loss Prevention Solution
The CashComplete™ SDS-35 improves accuracy, cash visibility and shrinkage protection for a complete transformation of your cash management. Monitor your cash levels, validate bills to prevent acceptance of counterfeits, and simplify the verification process to securely store notes protecting you and your employees. The SDS-35 is the ideal solution for businesses where cash volume, security and handling takes up a significant amount of staff and time.

Reduce Shrinkage and Touchpoints
Shrinkage is the loss of cash due to hazards such as theft, accounting errors, and accepting counterfeit notes. These hazards can occur at each touchpoint within your cash cycle, greatly increasing the chance of shrinkage. Integrating the CashComplete™ SDS-35 at the point of sale will reduce shrinkage and streamline your cash handling process by eliminating unnecessary touchpoints and immediately securing your cash.

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Product category: Money counting systems

ICX Active-9, Mid-range Active Coin Sorter

When Performance and Accuracy Matter
Eagerly anticipated, intelligent, and fresh out of the box, SUZOHAPP proudly presents the ultimate, mid-range, strong and reliable coin sorter. The ICX Active-9 is perfect for medium sized businesses, especially those wishing to process medium volumes of coin without having to worry about reliability and capability.

  • Superior Coin Identification
  • Active Sorting® Technology
  • Intelligent Coin Processing
  • Flexible Batch-Stops
  • Non-Stop Processing
  • Future-Oriented
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Advanced Jam-Prevention
  • Service Friendly
  • Vast Data Connectivity
  • Custom Variables and Input Fields

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SUZOHAPP is a technology company providing software and hardware for cash handling automation and self-service solutions to more than 25,000 customers throughout the world. SUZOHAPP's technology enables automation for customers operating in a variaty of end markets, including retail, transportation, vending, banking, gaming and amusements. SUZOHAPP's solutions include cash deposit, recycling, processing and payment systems as well as a broad range of self-service component technologies. SUZOHAPP operates in 19 counbtries and its dealer network covers more than 100 countries.  

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