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Dirk Rumler

Head of Center of Excellence Retail

Eike Folkerts

Senior Consultant Center of Excellence Retail

Claudia Schumann

Product & Industry Marketing

Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Omnichannel / E-Commerce Solutions
  • 01.01  Omnichannel integration

Omnichannel integration

  • 01  Omnichannel / E-Commerce Solutions
  • 01.03  Online shop systems/platforms

Online shop systems/platforms

  • 02  Analytics
  • 02.02  Data warehousing
  • 02  Analytics
  • 02.08  Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics

  • 04  Digital Marketing Solutions
  • 04.05  Location based services
  • 07  POS Software
  • 07.03  POS communication software

POS communication software

  • 08  POS Hardware
  • 08.01  Checkout hardware

Checkout hardware

  • 09  Supply Chain Management
  • 09.02  Supplier management

Supplier management

  • 09  Supply Chain Management
  • 09.07  Tracking & tracing

Tracking & tracing

  • 10  Price labelling
  • 10.01  Electronic shelf labels (ESL)
  • 11  Communication Technologies, Networks
  • 11.01  Store connectivity solutions
  • 11  Communication Technologies, Networks
  • 11.03  Wireless solutions
  • 11  Communication Technologies, Networks
  • 11.05  IoT solutions
  • 16  Access Control
  • 16.01  Electronic access control

Electronic access control

  • 19  Services
  • 19.01  Implementation of ERP systems
  • 19  Services
  • 19.04  Maintenance of store/outlet systems, field service

Maintenance of store/outlet systems, field service

  • 19  Services
  • 19.05  Operation of ERP systems
  • 19  Services
  • 19.07  Cloud-based IT services
  • 19  Services
  • 19.08  IT consulting

IT consulting

  • 19  Services
  • 19.09  IT security

Our products

Product category: POS communication software, Checkout hardware

MagentaBusiness POS

Innovative cash register system from the cloud
The modernization of cash register systems, which is necessary in many cases, has so far been regarded as a critical undertaking. High hardware costs, difficulties with the backend connection and lengthy updates have caused retailers to hesitate. MagentaBusiness POS, a comprehensive solution by Deutsche Telekom with enforePOS software, simplifies the step towards an innovative POS solution that can do more than previous systems. The complete solution consists of hardware, software, SAP integration, LTE and fixed-network connectivity as well as support and service by Deutsche Telekom. Thanks to free software and operation on a secure cloud platform, the result is a low-cost pricing model with low initial investment costs and low running costs. MagentaBusiness POS is integrated deep within backend systems such as e.g. SAP CAR. The interface is intuitive with product illustrations and simple user guidance. Learn more about this trendsetting, individually customizable POS solution and its tools for merchandise management, CRM, and order and transaction processing.

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Product category: Mobile payment solutions, Location based services, Smartphone apps

Smart Shopper in combination with the Seamless Shopping Experience Solution of our partner Wirecard

Digitized shopping experience in the marketplace
Shopping lists – like everything else – are now stored on smartphones. The digital shopping cart is the next step to take the customer experience in stores to a new digital level. The customer scans the QR tag of the shopping cart and the app links the smartphone with the ePaper display of the cart. Using push messages, the customer can see his favorite products and personalized offers that match their shopping list as well as coupons they have collected. While shopping, the cart is tracked anonymously or in a personalized manner via the app, so that individual notifications can be sent. The display lists recommended articles in the corresponding goods zone, and even food intolerances are taken into account. The shopping list is also constantly updated via the app. An electronically transmitted discount can also be applied at checkout or when paying by smartphone directly at the shopping cart. If the customer leaves the shopping cart and the store, the link expires until the customer returns: "Nice to see you back again."

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Product category: Mobile payment solutions, Smartphone apps, Electronic shelf labels (ESL)

Digital Price Tags in combination with the Seamless Shopping Experience Solution of our partner Wirecard

Smart labels on clothing and shelves
The neon yellow ladies' coat in XS is only available at a bargain price today. Only two pairs of the men's winter boots in size 10 are still available. However, size 11, which has sold out, can be ordered online from the store. The customer immediately sees all the information that is important to him on the electronic price tag – without any action needed from a store employee. Thanks to digital price tags, regardless of whether they are attached to the shelf (smart tags) or directly to the product (fashion tags), retailers can change the prices of individual items and entire product groups in real time to promote sales. From stock quantities, product versions and product details to product recommendations, every piece of information can be stored centrally. Using QR codes, the customer can even order an out-of-stock product online and have it sent to his home or nearest store. Offline and online presence are connected seamlessly. Whether dynamic pricing, customer interaction in conjunction with your own retailer app or payment via smartphone – such as with the Seamless Shopping Experience solution from Wirecard – we can advise you on digital price tags and many other even more far-reaching options.

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Product category: Predictive analytics, IoT solutions

IoT connected store

Sensors help to minimize time and effort
Full reverse vending machines, thawed frozen products, queues at checkouts, overflowing recycling containers and much more cause discontent for customers and stress for store employees. The networked store, in which sensors on the devices report critical conditions, can provide help here: fill and empty levels, temperature, open-close status, functional capability and digital access. In the Connected Things Hub (CTH), Telekom's IoT platform, all information is managed and thresholds defined, as are analyses and alarms. Recognize critical situations long before they affect your store operations or customer satisfaction.

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Product category: Omnichannel integration, Online shop systems/platforms, Big data management

Chatbots AI

The digital consultant knows everything
Nowadays, web shops are not only a popular sales channel, but they also make buyers and prospective customers transparent. Everything can be measured: click rates, length of stay, preferences. Nevertheless, a purchase is not always made. With fast, personal advice in every phase of the purchase process, you can avoid cancellations and increase sales revenue accordingly. But even after the purchase, customers want to be well-looked after and provided with answers to questions. Chatbots allow you to address users depending on the situation and respond to their needs without the need for costly consulting staff in the background. Whether the customer is looking for an item, has questions about price and availability or would like to know more about a product or returns, chatbots use a stored and constantly growing knowledge base on a case-by-case basis to answer the questions. And thanks to artificial intelligence, it is possible to derive and meet current and future consulting and service requirements. With chatbots, you can speed up shopping and service processes, reduce the strain on your employees and positively affect the brand experience.

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Product category: IoT solutions

IoT Service Button

Internet of Things at the touch of a button
In stores and warehouses, there are countless situations in which someone has to be called in. Examples are to refill a goods display, empty a waste container, unload and allocate incoming goods, or call an employee to a customer standing helplessly in front of a shelf. The IoT Service Button is an intelligent retrofit solution for companies in all industries that can be used to shorten and optimize processes in the shortest possible time – and in the simplest possible way. Individual functions can be implemented via the IoT device: By pushing the button, spare parts can be ordered, full containers picked up or technical faults reported. The display provides direct feedback, for example on successfully completed orders or delivery dates. The IoT Service Button can be implemented via plug & play and works independently of electricity or company networks. The device is economical, runs on standard batteries, and sends its messages via the mobile network and the new Telekom machine network based on NarrowBand IoT, which means transmission to the secure IoT platform of Deutsche Telekom is also possible from cellars and underground production facilities. The platform then automatically notifies the stored addressee via text message or e-mail and sends a response to the IoT Service Button, e.g. "be right there". In the portal, you can analyze the use of the buttons and thus further optimize your processes. A small button is thus turned into an efficiency booster.

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Product category: Electronic access control, Cloud-based IT services

Mobile Identity & Access

One app for all access requirements: Digital access to doors, gates and vehicles
Doors, roller shutters and delivery vehicles in the retail trade have one thing in common: physical keys are used to access them. If employees and service providers want to enter defined rooms, they need the right keys. When suppliers push goods through roller shutters, on-site personnel or a key is required. When goods are collected from or delivered to central warehouses, access must always be provided by a person or key. This involves the handing over of keys, defined routes, risks of loss or "even just" time restrictions. And key management becomes increasingly complex as the number of users and different access requirements rise. And if a key is lost, very high costs may be the consequence. Deutsche Telekom offers a simple solution for this: Mobile Identity & Access (MIA) via the Internet of Things (IoT). The solution combines identification processes and access functions in one app. Instead of a key box, the customer uses a key cloud to gain access or authenticate remotely. The smartphone thus becomes a universal key that enables a wide range of new processes. Doors, gates, incoming goods locks and barriers – i.e. all impulse-controlled access areas – can be opened with digital keys. Even predefined vehicles can be found and temporarily unlocked. That way permanently available storage areas are created. In any case, MIA is highly secure, with permissions granted centrally in the cloud. The digital keys are installed as tokens in the MIA app on the smartphone of the respective authorized person. They can be issued for a limited time and withdrawn again in real time. With MIA, you can optimize all of your access processes.

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Product category: Data warehousing, Big data management, Implementation of ERP systems, Operation of ERP systems

Mobile intelligent store merchandise management powered by RealCore Group

More time for customers thanks to a smart backend
Customers in the store want attention and advice. But the staff is often also under pressure to organize the movement of goods at the same time, often via detours and communication from one to the other. In cooperation with RealCore, T-Systems is offering the latest generation of mobile intelligent store merchandise management systems. It connects mobile interfaces with backend processes seamlessly combined with artificial intelligence. All of this happens on an SAP Cloud platform based on SAP HANA. It offers all of the functions needed for analytics, blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence, mobile apps and much more. For in-store staff, it produces welcome time-saving effects, for example through the self-learning agent, which supports the processes for moving goods while also helping to solve problems quickly. In combination with a collaboration platform, time-consuming messages and mails become superfluous. Time for customers is no longer a luxury, but rather the core business.

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Product category: Supplier management, Tracking & tracing, IT consulting


Monitoring suppliers and the origin of goods
Nowadays, goods are purchased from all over the world. Whether food or non-food, the international supplier market is an important success factor when it comes to ensuring that shelves are full and customers are satisfied. However, the satisfaction of all parties involved dwindles if the goods are not delivered on time, in the wrong quality or in quantities other than those ordered. With blockchain, it is possible to secure every single step and verify information in a tamper-proof way. In addition, blockchain also ensures autonomous document management. Blockchain stands for digitized trust and can provide valuable services to retailers along the entire supply and value chain – from the place of production and the display of goods, to customer loyalty in the form of loyalty programs and real-time redemption of points collected. Let us show you where blockchain can improve the strengths of your company and how a blockchain prototype can be implemented for you. 

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Product category: Cloud-based IT services, IT security

Crisis management as-a-service

Corporate responsibility becomes evident during product recalls
Although a tiresome topic, product recalls and failures of IT and merchandise management systems cannot be completely ruled out – despite all control mechanisms. Time plays an important role here in order to avoid damage and loss of reputation. Crisis Management-as-a-Service helps to deal with such situations quickly and professionally. Contact details of relevant contact persons – employees and external participants – along with predefined workflows for crisis management are stored on the cloud platform. In the event of an emergency, they automatically receive their instructions at the touch of a button, for example on their smartphone. They acknowledge the task and report back, for example, by when the products will be removed from the shelves. The solution even enables you to inform known buyers personally. All activities are documented. You can use Crisis Management-as-a-Service cost-effectively in a highly secure cloud, independent of your own IT. The interface is designed for intuitive use, because when it comes to an emergency, there is no time to waste.

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Product category: Maintenance of store/outlet systems, field service, Cloud-based IT services


Seamless digitization and automation of service processes
Devices in the market require maintenance or may be defective, customers buy online and complain in the store, or they book a personal on-site consultation appointment via web – all of these processes have one thing in common: they have to be processed quickly across departments or locations. Paper, telephone calls and mails cost time and are prone to errors. ServiceNow is the central platform for automating all types of service workflows, for example in customer service, IT service management, equipment management and retail space management service – including provision of the right personnel and the required spare parts. The service is requested via the service portal as a ticket. It is then processed and also reported back when its status is set to completed. You benefit from speed, transparency, reduced employee strain, higher service quality and better resource planning. But above all, you benefit from the best possible customer experience across all channels.

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Product category: Store connectivity solutions, Wireless solutions

Branch Connect / International Branch Connect Cloud goes SDN

Network stores through strong highways
Networks are the backbone of digitization, even in over-the-counter outlets. The greater the increase in cloud computing use and associated IoT devices, the greater the amount of data that needs to be processed. And all of this is encrypted, fast and across large subsidiary structures. With new stores, IoT services and partners that need to be integrated, time cannot be wasted on network conversions. The answer here is Branch Connect or International Branch Connect, depending on the size of your network. You receive a powerful, redundant and secure connection to your subsidiaries and outlets. With the built-in 'Software-defined Network (SDN)’ technology, VPNs become reality at the touch of a button. And through self-service, all other settings are also as fast as possible, be it firewall management, WiFi or voice. No matter what you choose, you will benefit from increased flexibility and automation. Let us advise you, so you can be prepared for the future. Even if you're planning for pop-up stores, you can still establish the network for these today.

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About us

Company details

Deutsche Telekom AG
With around 168 million mobile customers, 28 million fixed-network lines and 19 million broadband lines, Deutsche Telekom is one of the world's leading integrated telecommunications companies.

We offer fixed-network/broadband, mobile communications, Internet and Internet TV products and services for consumers, as well as information and communications technology solutions for corporate and business customers.

To ensure our continued success, we are already evolving from a traditional telephone company into a completely new type of service company. The core business, i.e. the purchase and sale of networks and connections, remains the basis. At the same time, however, we are actively engaged in business areas that open up new growth opportunities for us.

T-Systems, the Deutsche Telekom subsidiary, is one of the world's leading vendor independent providers of digital services and offers integrated solutions for business customers one-stop shopping: from the secure operation of legacy systems and classical ICT services, the transition to cloud-based services (including international networks, tailored infrastructure, platforms and software) as well as new business models and innovation projects in the Internet of Things.
T-Systems provides retail companies with comprehensive support combined with many years of industry expertise during their individual journeys towards digitization. Already during the planning and up to the conversion. At EuroCIS 2019, we will be showing at our stand which digitization solutions play a role in this. The topics range from block chains for supplier control, keyless delivery of goods, mobile intelligent merchandise management based on SAP, smart labels and chatbots through to branches connected with the Internet of Things (IoT).

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> 500 Mio US $

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> 5000



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  • Solutions for stores, head office and e-commerce
  • Security equipment
  • IT services
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