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Guangzhou Yoko Electron Co., Ltd.

No. 4, Changrong Road, Huangpu District, 510735 Guangzhou
Telephone +86 20 82065622
Fax +86 20 82065420

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EuroCIS 2019 hall map (Hall 9): stand B81

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EuroCIS 2019 fairground map: Hall 9

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  • 08  POS Hardware
  • 08.09  Scanners

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Product category: Scanners



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Product category: Scanners



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Product category: Scanners



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About us

Company details

Guangzhou Yoko Electron Co., Ltd. (Yoko)  established in 2008,is an innovative company focusing on R&D, production and sales of barcode readers. Grinding technology and products with the spirit of dripping water wears through a stone."let the world enjoy the user from China’s high quality products and service" is our company's vision.

    The founder team includes the Ph.D. of Shanghai Physics Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, semiconductor doctor returning from abroad,The founder team includes the Ph.D. of Shanghai Physics Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, semiconductor doctor returning from abroad,and the former technology executive of ZTE. Since the establishment of Yoko, we have established leading technology in the industry, and have acquired a full range of technical patents including laser, image 1D, image 2D. In 2012, the first laser barcode scanning platform in China was successfully developed by Yoko, breaking the monopoly pattern of foreign enterprises in this field. In 2017, we successfully developed high-speed image technology 2D barcode scanning platform of industry's top performance, once again, the technology leading position in the industry has been established.

Brief Introduction to YOKO HOLDING

    Yoko holding CO., LTD is a high-tech enterprise focusing on intelligent identification technology and solutions, which based on YOKO ELECTRON CO., LTD. Yoko is located in Guangzhou economic and Technological Development Zone.


           The technical areas covered by Yoko include:

      Intelligent identification technology: barcode identification technology, fingerprint identification technology, face recognition technology, iris recognition technology, OCR identification technology, RFID identification technology, product identification technology, and action behavior identification technology.

       The overall solution technology: human-computer interaction technology, wireless communication technology, database technology, cloud background technology.


            Yoko Holding’s subsidiaries include:

1、GUANGZHOU YOKO ELECTRON CO., LTD;Founded in July 2009;

          Brand Positioning: R&D Manufacturer of professional bar code reader;

           Scope of business:

               · Barcode scanning engine, barcode scanning module, finished barcode reader;

               · Barcode scanning module and finished barcode reader with RFID function and varius wireless communication function;



          Brand Positioning: manufacturer of vending machine with custom Development;

           Scope of business:

               · Various vending machine modules, overall solutions and finished product suppliers;

               · Self-service terminal board and overall solution based on Android system and LINXU system;

               · Overall solution for unmanned catering and unmanned supermarket.     


3、GUANGZHOU DONNWE CO., LTD;Founded in March 2017;;

          Brand Positioning: manufacturer of professional biometric equipment;

           Scope of business:

               · 2D code, face, fingerprint, RFID, behavior identification terminal module and hybrid identification module scheme;

               ·  Fingerprint, face, palmprint recognition smart lock, attendance, access control, OCR identification equipment;

               · Smart cloud background: smart lock, channel, attendance, patrol, face capture,  behavior identification subsystem;


4、JIANGXI Zhongzhi DONNWE  Internet of Things Technology CO., LTD;Founded in  July 2017;

           Scope of business:

               · Smart community, smart bus overall solution.


5、FUTURE RESTAURANT CO., LTD;Founded in  August 2017;

           Brand Positioning: unmanned catering innovator

           Scope of business:

               ·  Brand operations for unmanned catering ;


    Technology Positioning: Completely independent R&D, continuous research and capture top technology in the industry, starting from the market demand, from the core underlying algorithm, embedded system, terminal operating software, hardware circuits, optical to cloud background system, mobile software, around the needs of users, to create a complete Closed-loop technology solutions for the world to build and accumulate the industry's core technological heights.


    Dream: We never set limits. We believe that through continuous efforts and struggles, relying on China's own big market, Chinese companies will sooner or later become the world's top companies in the intelligent identification industry. They will gradually change from the original follower to the leader.


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1D&2D Wire Scanner
1D&2D Wireless Scanner
2D desktop Scanner
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