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  • 04  Digital Marketing Solutions
  • 04.08  Digital signage solutions

Our products

Product category: Digital signage solutions

eTILE Range

The AOPEN eTILE series is designed for commercial use. The cable management and IP65 grade dust free and waterproof status make them perfect for commercial environments. Their main goal is interacting with customers. The eTILE series is available in 15", 19" and 22".

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Product category: Digital signage solutions

Digital Engine Computer platform

Semi-industrial grade hardware. The AOPEN computing platform is created for 24/7 use in tough environments. Dusty clothing stores and greasy restaurants are no issue because of the fanless design.

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Product category: Digital signage solutions

AOPEN Chrome Range

The AOPEN computing platform is created for 24/7 use in tough environments. Dusty clothing stores and greasy restaurants are no issue because of the fanless design. In the Chrome range, AOPEN offers both Chromeboxes and Chromebases. The Chromebox is available with one or two outputs. The Chromebase is available in 10 and 22 inch. Furthermore, AOPEN offers a 15 and 19 inch display with the Chromebox integrated for a two-in-one device.

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Company news




Feb 13, 2019

AOPEN creates line-up of visual edge computing solutions for Machine Learning

January 22nd, Taipei, Taiwan – AOPEN, a proud member of the ACER Group, is proud to announce a new line of AI enabled visual computing solutions, aimed at enabling rapid and seamless deployment of edge-computing solutions. With the growing acceptance of devices performing edge computing tasks (IDC expects 25% of all endpoint devices will execute AI algorithms), AOPEN has created several levels of devices aimed at the most common edge computing tasks in the next decade. Furthermore, according to Forbes Magazine, 40% of all organizations’ cloud deployment will include edge computing in 2022 increasing the demand  for dedicated and enabled devices. NVIDIA, AOPEN’s graphics partner for the DEV7610 & DEV8430, has estimated that their revenue for 2018 would reach US$ 3 Billion, This shows visual computing engines are part of a market that shows massive growth.

AOPEN’s Smart Vision product range consists of:
  • DEV5400 compact visual computing device
  • DEV7610 high-performance computing engine for high-level analytics
  • DEV8430 for professional AI training and inference task
Based on leading machine learning processors from Intel and NVIDIA, AOPEN’s edge computers are used in various functions with maximum performance. In industrial control, it does not only verify product quality but also checks safety standards and regulations. AOPEN products are also used for advanced (facial) recognition tasks at military bases by some of the largest bases in the world. AOPEN has vast experience in various scenarios like smart retail, smart surveillance, and smart manufacturing, and is confident to realise robust AI applications with matching hardware through algorithm testing with hardware performance benchmarks. 

With backing by the ACER group, AOPEN’s strongest point is the integration of service and support in the entire implementation chain. Via a strong collaboration with Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, a healthy and reliable cloud component serves as a reliable base for implementation, and AOPEN is finalising its certifications for their respective cloud platforms.
AOPEN oversees consulting, design and customization processes to ensure successful projects completion.

“Improvements in Artificial Intelligence and smart vision retail solutions are developing at a rapid pace, as witnessed by the many projects our partners are currently implementing” Said Dale Tsai, AOPEN President.“This is driving both customer satisfaction and margins through AOPEN’s strengths in our client’s solutions.”

AOPEN smart retail solutions
Machine Learning and Smart Vision solutions are already implemented throughout the retail world. “With m-intelligence by MeldCX, a cloud-connected platform, we are working smarter and more efficiently. We are able to drastically reduce the time required for training and re-training our models, reducing the work-load.” explains Stephen Borg, meldCX CEO and co-founder. “With AOPEN Smart Vision we aim at delivering a unified platform with integrated support, created for rapid adoption in retail, without all the complications of developing a proprietary ecosystem.”

Practical AI solutions
During the NRF show in New York (January 13-15), AOPEN demonstrated its machine learning solution. One of AOPEN’s solutions assists both retailers and shoppers by identifying a bag of self-served nuts placed on a scale. It uses two cameras and AI to identify the nuts (colour, size, shape, and weight) as well as checking which nuts are actually available in the store to create a pricing label. The solution is cloud-connected as it is trained in cloud solutions but can run its inferencing offline. AOPEN machine learning solutions are already helping retailers across the globe to deliver high quality, whether it is identifying if a piece of chicken is perfectly fried, or if a label is applied properly to a bottle of wine.
DEV5400 compact visual computing engine
The DEV5400 is a compact (0.7L) computing engine device designed for 24/7 use. It’s configured for visual computing tasks. The built-in Intel® Movidius™ AI accelerator can rapidly and accurately process data from high frame rate or high-density cameras. The DEV5400 is suited for implementation in retail, government, and industrial environments. The DEV5400 supports the OpenVINO toolkit and deployments can run optimized inferencing codes for Intel® CPU and MovidiusTM VPU straight out of the box.

DEV7610 High-performance Computing Engine
The DEV7610 is a high-performance visual computing engine supported by NVIDIA® Graphics. The DEV7610 is designed to perform high-end AI tasks and process high-performance (facial) recognition. The DEV7610 combines an 8th Generation Intel® Coreä processor with Intel® Optane™ technology and an NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti in a chassis that is barely 2 inches high. The DEV7610 is perfect for implementation in almost any environment. Its high 3D performance makes the DEV7610 excellent for visual tasks where it can be an extension of its (3D) Digital Signage performance.

DEV8430 Superior Deep Learning
With the DEV8430, AOPEN has created a high-performance workstation that is used for training, deep learning and inferencing. Because of its design, the DEV8430 is used as a desktop workstation and it’s capable of running demanding tasks with the power of an Intel® Core processor and a full range of NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX card, as well as the Tesla® P4 and T4 cards. With support for multiple HD cameras, a single DEV8430 can run several high-level tasks simultaneously. With a robust aluminium case for excellent thermal performance, the DEV8430 is ready for operation in any environment.

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About us

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We Reshape How You Do Business. 

AOPEN offers Best-In-Class, Cross-Platform, Commercial-Grade, Smart Vision Solutions in Cloud-based Digital Signage and Applied Computing. 

At our core, AOPEN is SMART INNOVATION. Our continuing advancements have led to unique and custom solutions deployed globally. The company is actively developing solutions in response to current and future market demand in applied computing and smart vision products, empowering AIoT and Machine Learning applications in a variety of industries such as QSR, Smart Retail, Smart Manufacturing,  Hospitality, and Transportation utilizing analytical data to increase revenue. 

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