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Nino Hörttrich

Senior Marketing Manager



Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Omnichannel / E-Commerce Solutions
  • 01.01  Omnichannel integration

Omnichannel integration

  • 02  Analytics
  • 02.01  Analysis tools for customer data, CRM software

Analysis tools for customer data, CRM software

  • 03  Payment Systems
  • 03.04  Mobile payment solutions

Mobile payment solutions

  • 04  Digital Marketing Solutions
  • 04.11  POS kiosk systems

POS kiosk systems

  • 06  Merchandise management (ERP)
  • 06.01  Merchandise systems, ERP solutions

Merchandise systems, ERP solutions

  • 06  Merchandise management (ERP)
  • 06.02  Stock management software

Stock management software

  • 07  POS Software
  • 07.01  Checkout software
  • 07  POS Software
  • 07.02  Self-checkout / self-scanning software

Self-checkout / self-scanning software

  • 07  POS Software
  • 07.03  POS communication software

POS communication software

  • 07  POS Software
  • 07.04  Software for mobile devices

Software for mobile devices

  • 08  POS Hardware
  • 08.01  Checkout hardware

Checkout hardware

  • 08  POS Hardware
  • 08.03  Self-checkout, self-scanning systems

Self-checkout, self-scanning systems

  • 08  POS Hardware
  • 08.04  Cash management solutions

Cash management solutions

  • 08  POS Hardware
  • 08.05  Touchscreens


  • 08  POS Hardware
  • 08.08  POS printers, coupon printers

POS printers, coupon printers

  • 08  POS Hardware
  • 08.09  Scanners


  • 08  POS Hardware
  • 08.10  Reverse vending systems (returns)

Reverse vending systems (returns)

  • 08  POS Hardware
  • 08.14  Smartphones / tablets

Smartphones / tablets

  • 10  Price labelling
  • 10.01  Electronic shelf labels (ESL)

Electronic shelf labels (ESL)

  • 11  Communication Technologies, Networks
  • 11.01  Store connectivity solutions

Store connectivity solutions

  • 19  Services
  • 19.01  Implementation of ERP systems

Implementation of ERP systems

  • 19  Services
  • 19.02  Implementation of POS solutions

Implementation of POS solutions

  • 19  Services
  • 19.04  Maintenance of store/outlet systems, field service

Maintenance of store/outlet systems, field service

  • 19  Services
  • 19.06  Operation of POS systems

Operation of POS systems

  • 19  Services
  • 19.07  Cloud-based IT services

Cloud-based IT services

  • 19  Services
  • 19.08  IT consulting

IT consulting

Our products

Product category: Self-checkout / self-scanning software


A self-service strategy offering self-checkout and kiosk applications.
Service speed is a crucial element that influences consumer satisfaction and improve sales. Therefore retailers focus on versatile, tailored solutions that can easily be adapted to changing business needs and consumer demands. With BEETLE /iSCAN EASY eXpress by Diebold Nixdorf, retailers have the opportunity to use it as a self-service checkout solution for speedier customer transactions and shorter lanes, or as a kiosk solution for order taking, service, additional product information or ticket and lottery sales.

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Product category: Self-checkout / self-scanning software


Customers favor stores that enable them to complete their retail journeys rapidly. With BEETLE /iSCAN EASY Smart Pay solutions, retailers can accelerate the customer checkout process.

This comprehensive self-checkout solution offers electronic payment methods on a very small footprint. It can be flexibly configured to meet the requirements of a variety of store types.

Guided by an intuitive interface and automated audio-visual prompts, customers can rapidly scan, pack and pay for their items themselves – helping retailers to deliver a seamless customer journey and maximize sales opportunities.

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Product category: Electronic shelf labels (ESL)


Electronic price labeling system based on radio-controlled fully graphical e-paper displays. Modern tool for performing simultaneous price updates on shelves and POS terminals in all company stores.

  • Low operating costs
  • Optimum ease of installation, operation and maintenance
  • Long battery life:
  • 5 years with 2 updates per day
  • Fully bi-directional encrypted radio protocol
  • High-resolution e-paper with black/white/red pixels or animation
  • Allows immediate response to competitors' offers or campaigns, such as “Happy Hour"
  • Hardware, software, accessories and service from a single source

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Product category: Checkout software

Vynamic™ Retail Software Suite

Change Your Business with DN Vynamic™. Move beyond transactions. Power real consumer connections.

It’s never been more vital to make every consumer connection count. In our digital, hyper-connected world, cutting through the noise means cutting out the steps. With DN Vynamic, you have the power to connect the microcosm of a single consumer’s personal experience to the dynamic retail ecosystem. We’ll help you deliver seamless transactions and intuitive, personalized interactions. Transform your business for the future of connected commerce.

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About us

Company details

Diebold Nixdorf is a strategic, collaborative end-to-end provider of services, software and hardware for the financial and retail industries.

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