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Enactor Ltd.

Enactor House 1 Bluecoats Avenue, SG141PB Hertford, Hertfordshire
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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EuroCIS 2019 hall map (Hall 10): stand F52

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Omnichannel / E-Commerce Solutions
  • 01.01  Omnichannel integration

Omnichannel integration

  • 01  Omnichannel / E-Commerce Solutions
  • 01.02  Click & collect solutions

Click & collect solutions

  • 01  Omnichannel / E-Commerce Solutions
  • 01.03  Online shop systems/platforms

Online shop systems/platforms

  • 01  Omnichannel / E-Commerce Solutions
  • 01.07  Fulfilment


  • 03  Payment Systems
  • 03.03  Contactless payment systems, NFC solutions

Contactless payment systems, NFC solutions

  • 03  Payment Systems
  • 03.04  Mobile payment solutions

Mobile payment solutions

  • 07  POS Software
  • 07.01  Checkout software

Checkout software

  • 07  POS Software
  • 07.04  Software for mobile devices

Software for mobile devices

Our products

Product category: Online shop systems/platforms

Consumer applications

Engaging customers outside the store is critical to the modern retailer. Enactor builds and supports consumer applications that help intimate the relationship with the customer. The unique Enactor Toolkit allows the most highly customizable development of apps in the market.

Our consumer applications allow customers to keep track of: loyalty points, rewards and personalizing promotions in real time are digital ways of ensuring repeat business.

Enactor Digital Hub provides all the back-end: Data, engines and interfaces to support the services to the customer, Omni-channel.

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Product category: Online shop systems/platforms

Mobile POS

With changing consumer expectations, mobility around the store is key. Enactor Mobile POS brings together all of the Enactor POS applications on to mobile devices to deliver all the capabilities of the fixed terminal.

Clientelling, assisted selling through endless aisle, customer orders and queue busting – as well as the full range of traditional point of sale functions are all supported on any mobile POS device.

Everything configurable
Enactor includes tools that customise the look, feel and behaviour of its applications. With the screen designer, marketing and IT departments can build and project exactly the right brand image to customers and users. In fact you can pick and mix whichever applications you want. If required the application can simply be queue busting application to cut down waiting times and improve customer experience.

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Product category: Omnichannel integration


Enactor clientelling adds 1-2-1 marketing functions and systems to encourage regular contact with your customers. The touch screen applications give salespeople quick access to applications that let them communicate with customers and offer promotions or suggest items for sale. Department teams and salespeople can be better informed about their own customers, their visits, preferences and spending, and can be more proactive in their dealings and create new purchase opportunities.

Enactor clientelling is the front-end of the Enactor clientelling/CRM suite, designed to operate in stores, supported and driven by CRM running from central servers. The front-end applications operate on mobile, tablet and desktop devices, and on the Web.

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About us

Company details

Today Enactor spans three countries with offices in Hertford (UK), Charlotte (US) and Colombo (Sri Lanka) selling first rate software to chains anywhere in the world. In the larger markets Enactor works shoulder to shoulder with major partners such as NCR (EMEA) and Pomeroy (US). Currently Enactor has implemented software systems across the UK, US and Europe.

Enactor was founded with a vision to build a new class of retail system: one that would give retailers real control over their destiny. Continual innovation – the creation of new function, new customer value propositions and the deployment of new channels – should not require major development or additional licence purchases but should instead be accomplished with a genuinely agile retail system. Enactor is the embodiment of that vision.

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