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Product category: Money counting systems

BellCount S515

BellCount S515 is an accurate and reliable one and half pocket multicurrency banknote counter with sorting functions. The machine includes an advanced currency auto-switch; BellCount S515 will automatically select the right currency before counting.

BellCount S515 handles up to 20 different currencies. The banknote recognition and detection is based on state-of-the-art two-sided CIS scanner and image processing technology. S515 can also read the serial numbers of the banknotes using optical character recognition technology.

Banknotes can be sorted by denomination and physical orientation. Furthermore, BellCount S515 can sort by banknote issue; in this way it is possible to sort out old issue banknotes. Suspicious banknotes will be ejected to the reject pocket and you can view a detailed counting report after the counting job.

The operation of the machine is very intuitive by a simple keyboard and a large colour display with finger touch function. When performing batch counting, the batch value can be selected using preset standard values or you can input individual values by using the numerical finger touch keyboard. The choice is yours.

Even though BellCount S515 is high tech with many advanced functions, it still comes in a compact size which will fit all modern financial and retail sector environments.

High reliability, high quality and stylish, user-friendly design at an attractive price level are core characteristics of BellCount S515. The delivery includes a protective dust cover for the machine.

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Product category: Money counting systems

BellCount V610

BellCount V610 is a state-of-the-art multicurrency banknote counter in an outstanding BellCon design.

BellCount V610 has value counting functions for sorted or mixed denomination banknotes. When a suspicious banknotes is found, the machine stops and you can easily remove the rejected note.

Up to five different currencies can be installed. The banknotes can be processed in all four orientations.

Furthermore, BellCount V610 is very easy and intuitive to operate. The clear, graphic display gives a perfect overview.

Counting results can be presented in various ways on the display and you can also print the counting results on an external printer (optional).

BellCount V610 is based on an advanced software platform, which ensures easy future software updates when new notes are issued or if you want to add an extra currency.

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Product category: Money counting systems

BellCount V510

BellCount V510 is an accurate, reliable one-pocket multicurrency banknote counter with banknote security feature detection. It also has a value counting function for sorted or mixed denomination EUR banknotes.

BellCount V510 has an outstanding, modern design with ergonomic operation. Furthermore, it operates very smoothly and the sound level of the machine is below market average. BellCount V510 will fit into every modern bank or business environment.

The banknotes can be fed in all four orientations. In addition to EUR, seven extra currencies can be installed. In the detection-free mode, V510 counts other currencies, coupons, vouchers, etc.

Due to the revolutionary touch screen keyboard and the informative graphic LCD display, BellCount V510 requires practically no user training.

The display gives clear counting result reports and when alams and errors occur, you will get a clear text message. The machine has a built-in self-diagnosis technology and on start-up, a self-test will be performed.

BellCount V510 is ideal for use at: Banks, post offices, currency exchange offices, trade centres, large retail shops, casinos, etc.

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About us

Company details

Back in the early nineties, BellCon was founded on the idea that the knowledge from our years as a manufacturer of domestic lighting could be translated into the development of superior high quality UV lamps for banknote detection.

It all started with UV lamps

From 1992 and throughout the nineties, the Danish BellCon manufactured UV lamps achieved unparalleled success on the European market and laid the foundation for further products that were on the cutting edge of design and technology.

In 1994, BellCon began to develop a new electronic detector, specifically designed for detection of US dollar banknotes. By using new technology, this was the first desktop detector in the world, able to detect the very best professionally made counterfeits; the so-called “Super dollar”.

This further spread the knowledge of BellCon on a worldwide basis and solidified our reputation as an innovative pioneer in the field of cash handling equipment. Throughout the years, the “SuperVision” detectors have been continuously improved with new technologies to maintain their status as the best of the best in the particular niche.

The newest generation called SuperVision mc2 uses cutting edge technology and is the result of years of money detection experience. Its universally praised, ergonomic and user-friendly operation is highly appreciated by users.

In 2001/2002 BellCon took another step to provide a complete range of products and developed the Evision DT detector to accommodate the need for a strong euro detector as this currency was introduced in 2002. Evision has received widespread acclaim for its unique design and was developed through consultations with specialists and with strong support from the European Central Bank. The Evision DT was later complemented by the Evision 4D and the new Evision SD, which has been specially designed to fulfil all modern retail shops’ need of convenient and fast verification of euro banknotes.

BellCon embraces the forces of globalisation with open arms and we have been intensifying our cooperation with a few quality suppliers and partners in the Far East. This has allowed us to focus on our strengths and combined with the talent and know-how of our partners, we find ourselves in the strongest ever position for the future.

In recent years, because of continuous demand from our wide and trusted network of distributors, BellCon has further expanded the product portfolio which now also includes various Danish designed banknote counters and further equipment used for the counting and sorting of banknotes and coins. However, we are continuously looking for new products that will give our customers the opportunity to create added value to their business.

In 2017 we celebrated our 25th anniversary, feeling stronger than ever and ready for the exiting challenges of the next 25 years.

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