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Arca Technologies S.r.l.

Corso Vercelli 332, 10015 Ivrea (TO)
Telephone +39 0125 235611
Fax +39 0125 235623

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Luca Coccocia

+33 (0)7 60905073


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  • 17  Cash Management, Storage and Transport
  • 17.03  Cash management and transport services

Cash management and transport services

Our products

Product category: Cash management and transport services

The ARCA CM18 Cash Recycler

Automated cash handling for the back office cash room
Free your staff from time-consuming operations so they can focus on sales.

The problem with cash
Congratulations! You're making a bunch of cash. But there's a catch.

Everyday, retail businesses have to stop and take personnel away from making money, so they can count it. No matter how you look at it, time spent manually processing cash is a money loser. 

The CM18 cash recycler drastically reduces the time you spend counting and recounting cash, so you can get your staff back to the sales floor fast. 

The CM18 is a fully-certified safe that automatically processes cash, quickly and accurately. It identifies, authenticates and counts notes, sorts denominations in secured containers and provides auditable details for each transaction. This happens in a few minutes, instead of hours, no human error recounts or dual control to slow things down.  

Cash automation redirects your valuable resources away from operations and allows you to use them on service and sales. The ROI is fast, beginning on day one.

The ARCA CM18 cash recycler will pay for itself quickly and allows your staff to focus on making money.

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Product category: Cash management and transport services

CM18 Solo

It’s the perfect place to start.
Think your retail operation (and budget) is too small for cash recycling? The CM18 Solo is the perfect introduction to cash automation.

We believe every back office deserves the benefits of cash automation—cash technology is within your reach.

No matter how small.
All retail businesses, big and small, struggle with the same cash problems. The costs of cash management—counting, reconciling, storing, securing and transporting cash—are staggering for businesses of any size. And cash poses risks that account for a huge portion of those costs.

Handling cash consumes hours of staff time. And the smaller your staff, the more valuable their time is.

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Product category: Cash management and transport services


Enter the game changer.
We’ve seen it before: Long lines coming out of the cash office while employees wait for their tills and start funds to be distributed. It goes for end of day of balancing too. Trust us, there’s a much better way.

The CM18b cash recycler prepares cashier tills at the start of the day and receives cash at the end of the day—without additional supervision. The CM18b counts, sorts, and stores notes, leading to a reduction in labor costs and ultimately increases efficiencies. No more long lines and no more late nights, which leaves everyone happy.

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About us

Company details

ARCA delivers cash automation technology you can count on to increase your staff's performance.

As the first company to bring cash recycling to North America, we have built our business on reliable products our customers know they can trust.

We make it easy for businesses to automate and enjoy significant improvements in efficiency, sales, security, and savings.

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