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15:00 - 15:20

Transforming retail operations through AI and analytics

Nextail CEO and Co-Founder, Joaquin Villalba, is speaking at the Euro CIS Forum. 

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12:00 - 12:20

Harnessing the power of prescriptive analytics in omnichannel

Nextail CEO and Co-Founder, Joaquin Villalba, is speaking at the Omnichannel Forum.

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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 06  Merchandise management (ERP)
  • 06.02  Stock management software

Our products

Product category: Stock management software

Buy Optimization

Nextail’s Buy solution addresses the problem of defining quantities to be bought, once the assortment has been decided.

The Buy solution helps retailers optimize how many units to buy of a new item at size level. It calculates purchase orders, define size curves and take into account lost sales of previous collections to define the units to buy. The advanced dashboards are very visual and intuitive, enabling the user to make easy modifications.

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Product category: Stock management software

Dynamic Replenishment

Nextail’s optimization algorithms maximize sales probability across the network, calculating daily replenishment to the stores.

Nextail defines how many units of an existing product to send to each store, maximizing sales probability across the network. Our advanced optimization algorithms calculate daily replenishment to the stores and integrate with warehouse management systems.

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Product category: Stock management software

New Product Introduction

Nextail defines how many units of a new product to send to each store, based on detecting patterns of products introduced in the past (similar products).

Nextail helps retailers in defining how many units of a new product to send to each store by identifying demand patterns on similar products found through computer vision techniques and artificial intelligence, enabling a forecast to be created.

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Product category: Stock management software

Store Transfer Solution

Nextail predicts non-replenishable out-of stocks and rebalances stock among the stores of a region to boost sales at the end of the life-cycle of each product.

Nextail defines when and how many units to move across stores to consolidate broken size sets to increase sales.

Towards the end of the lifecycle of a product, broken size sets and stock imbalances among stores leads to products not selling at its full potential, causing lost sales in some stores and overstocks in others. Our Store Transfers solution rebalances stocks between stores in a city or a region to give each product the best opportunity to be sold. We like to think of it as the Robin Hood approach, taking overstock from non-efficient stores and giving it to stores in need. With this module,

Our end-to-end approach, automatically facilitates the execution of transfers within minutes.

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Product category: Stock management software

Business Intelligence & Store Mobile App

Nextail’s Business Intelligence provides visual information about the business to support decision making. The Mobile App is a bidirectional communication that empowers Store Associates.

Business Intelligence is a one-stop shop for KPIs at all levels of your organization to check the operational status of the business, whilst the CEO Dashboard provides key information for top level management. Our platform is designed as a consumer app, making it very intuitive and easy to use.  KPIs and reports calculated automatically overnight so that retailers can take decisions first thing in the morning.

Nextail’s mobile app is a bidirectional communication channel that gathers feedback from the field and is a true companion to store managers. It empowers store associates in their day-to-day work, including quick store transfer executions through guided pick & packing lists. Additionally, it includes a scanner to read product barcodes, allowing quick access to key product information.

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Company news




Jan 22, 2019

Italian retailer transforms inventory management

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About us

Company details

Nextail is a smart platform for retail merchandising. Developed by retail experts, it delivers agile data-driven decisions to meet increasing consumer demands. Using Nextail’s AI and advanced analytics, global retailers like Stefanel, Pepe Jeans and Melon Fashion Group are automating dynamic buying and merchandising. Within weeks, sales and margins increase while stock levels are reduced.

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