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Dec 14, 2018

Mobile Adapters for Enterprise Connectivity

Introducing LAVASync™ Adapters for USB-C
Next-Gen LAVA SimulCharge Mobile Connectivity for Enterprise

LAVA is thrilled to announce that our new LAVASync™ USB-C adapters are here! Create a multi-functional tablet kiosk enabled by SimulCharge technology for USB-C mobile devices and energize your business with the latest disruptive technologies that will make your mobile phone or tablet kiosk smart, affordable, flexible and long-lasting.


LAVA’s SimulCharge and RBM commercial connectivity adapters enable Samsung mobile devices to be used as integrated enterprise level tablet kiosk solutions.

Our bridging SimulCharge/Sync technology allows the tablet to operate as a USB Host controller to connect USB peripherals while simultaneously charging both the mobile device and accessories. Everything is supported through a single USB Host and Charge port with the attached LAVA adapter.

Lava’s innovative RBM technology, exclusive for Samsung mobile devices, protects the tablet’s or phone's battery from overcharging which is of particular concern when running in a 24/7 commercial environment.

Our tablet kiosk adapters come with a variety of configuration options such as single or multiple USB OTG ports, wired Ethernet, Power over Ethernet (PoE), a built-in voltage converter and Battery Modulation. Now, wired Ethernet and OTG USB peripherals are not limited by your mobile's battery life.

Popular LAVA Adapters for Samsung mobile devices include:

  • LAVASync USB-C adapters with simultaneous data & charging and Docking Detect (up to 3 x USB ports, Ethernet, multiple power options) 
  • LAVASync+ USB-C adapters with simultaneous data & charging and Battery Modulation (up to 5 x USB ports, Ethernet, multiple power options) 
  • nSTS Micro USB adapters with simultaneous data & charging and Docking Detect (up to 3 x USB ports, Ethernet, multiple power options) 
  • eSTS Micro USB adapters with simultaneous data & charging and Battery Modulation (up to 3 x USB ports, Ethernet, multiple power options) 
Our connectivity solutions are deployed inside millions of tablet kiosks and mobile computing systems serving a wide range of industries, including retail, transportation, hospitality, financial, education, and government. Browse through the entire selection of LAVA adapters at or contact us directly at

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About us

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Since 1984, Lava Computer Mfg. Inc. has designed, engineered, and manufactured computer connectivity hardware.

We are a leading provider of connectivity hubs and adapters for commercial and consumer applications. At LAVA, we apply our unparalleled engineering expertise to solve customer technology challenges. By connecting and integrating a variety of unique technologies into our adapters, we can meet the expectations of distinct customer needs.

We make reliable OEM connectivity peripherals that enhance the potential of computers and systems. Our commercial product portfolio, made up of the SimulCharge and SynC lines, enhances tablet kiosk applications used by industries such as retail, entertainment and gaming, transportation, and access and time-clock control. 

We sell our products and services through our own sales force as well as through channel partners in over 47 countries worldwide.  We are valued by our customers for dependability, customer service, and the high quality of our North American made products.

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