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AirTube Technologies Limited

Unit 5, Hartlebury Trading Estate,, DY104JB Hartlebury
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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  • 17  Cash Management, Storage and Transport
  • 17.03  Cash management and transport services

Our products

Product category: Cash management and transport services

AirTube Technologies for Retail

The ongoing and increasing use of cash within retail stores continues to provide retailers with the challenge of how best to deal with it. Here at ATT we have developed and are continuing the innovation of new solutions to these challenges which deliver tailored benefits to our customers. From AirTube, CashNet, Intelligent safes and till safes we deliver value solutions for securing, managing and moving cash. Automated or standalone cash management solutions which lead to reduced shrinkage by improving the tracking of money, preventing employee theft, reducing the risk of short change to customers, lower risk of robbery, improved customer service, cost savings in CIT, improved management information and overall security.

Front End Solutions for multiple retailers
Security for cash and of staff and customers is an on-going concern for all sectors of the retail industry.

Where the challenge is to reduce cash volumes at point of sale, whilst maintaining staff efficiency and customer service, the solution is to install a market-leading pneumatic cash handling system from AirTube Technologies.

Our Air Tube Conveyor system leads to increased profitability through time saved and better utilisation of all staff. Moving cash from the checkout to a secure area becomes a simple, automatic operation without the need to involve senior staff. There is no need to close checkouts as cash is transferred as part of the operators’ normal duties. Cash is moved safely through public areas without the need for security staff and without risk to staff or customers. The continuous transfer from till to cash office removes peaks in cash counting and reconciliation.

AirTube Technologies are the foremost provider of front-end retail solutions and has the most comprehensive range of products and services in the UK. We have been working with the UK’s leading retailers for over 25 years and AirTube will help you take cost out of your business through improved security, increased productivity, improved communications, improved customer services and will contribute overall to the protection of your assets. Our capability and infrastructure enables rapid roll out, either internationally, nationally or regionally.

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Product category: Cash management and transport services

Pneumatic airtube systems, Improving on productivity quality control, Health and Safety

Air tube systems are well suited for a variety of businesses and offices. In administration, logistic and distribution centres, quarries, printing plants, publishing houses and shipping companies, pneumatic tube systems connect departments and decentralized offices in other buildings via buried or exposed tubes. Installation is possible at any time, either during construction of a new building or retrospectively in an existing structure, and interrupting ongoing operations is not necessary.

The system can transport virtually anything which fits into the carriers: photographs, film, official documents, shipping documents, delivery notes, plans, production orders, small parts, copies, outgoing mail and internal correspondence.

At AirTube Technologies we understand that fast and efficient administration is vital to a company’s smooth operation, which is why our systems deliver, 24 hours a day.

Industrial Operations are extremely complex facilities with numerous departments and work areas. The demands made on these operations are growing steadily. The industrial pneumatic tube system provides fast and reliable help in meeting these needs at a reasonable cost.

Different systems are available for a variety of needs. For example, small parts and tools can be sent throughout the plant on demand from a central storage area, and samples can be transported to the laboratory. Most importantly, the carrier is transported immediately and at a relatively high speed. The results of analysis can be made available as soon as possible, thereby speeding the decision-making process for further action. Whether installed in a new building or added retrospectively the industrial air tube system provides customised transport. A variety of standard modules offer the dimensions, transport weights and system capacity, which will best fulfil the customer’s individual needs. Furthermore, any special environmental requirements are taken into consideration during construction of the system.

Warehousing and distribution systems are used to transport official documents, shipping documents, outgoing mail, plans, orders, etc providing greater productivity and profitability.

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Product category: Cash management and transport services

AirTube Technology for Banks and Financial Institutions

Today's bank branches are keen to receive customers in a welcoming, friendly and open environment. In many cases a lobby or self-service area is accessible to the customer performing certain transactions at any time of day. Unfortunately Automatic Cash Dispensers also attract criminals. In order to avoid this kind of attention it makes good sense to remove the temptation.

This is precisely the objective of the AirTube CashNetTM system, which is designed to forward the exact amount of money requested to any teller or ATM in the lobby or 'through-the-wall'. In addition it allows the teller to despatch to the back office any deposits received, in order to avoid any cash in the open customer area.

Profitability and safety are improved by CashNet as well as our traditional offering to transfer monies to safe ATM rooms, thereby doing away with corridors of expensive 'dead' space.

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About us

Company details

CashNet is the innovative cash management solution that enables users to concentrate on their core business whilst proven technology counts and recycles cash around their business sites.

Working with our technology partners we are able to provide our customers with solutions specific to their needs that deliver safety and security to staff, improved profits and reduced CO2 emissions by reducing the cash in transit visits to site.

Developed in modular form the solution can be introduced as a simple add on to a current pneumatic tube system or a full closed loop system that eliminates the manual handling of cash by managing the transfer of notes between trading areas to recycling/counting devices and/or dispensing devices such as ATM's.

Retailers are continually struggling with the costs, processes and security associated with cash in their stores. CashNet provides a revolutionary unique solution to these issues by enabling a closed secure solution to be implemented which automates the processing and recording of cash in one central point. It also enables cash taken through the tills to be recycled through ATM's thereby supplementing or replacing the need for third party deliveries of cash.

Retail banks also need to manage cash efficiently and CashNet delivers a compelling ROI for self-sufficient branches.

Through its automation and software CashNet radically reduces the financial and environmental cost of cash processing.

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