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Reply at a Glance
Reply [MTA, STAR: REY] is made up of a network of highly specialised companies, which support leading industrial groups in defining and developing business models to optimise and integrate processes, applications and devices, using new technology and communication paradigms, such as Big Data; Cloud Computing; Digital Communication; Internet of Things; Mobile and Social Networking.
Reply’s offer is aimed at fostering the success of its customers through the introduction of innovation along the whole economic digital chain. Given its knowledge of specific solutions and due to a consolidated experience, Reply addresses the main core issues of the various industrial sectors. Reply services include Consulting, System Integration and Digital Services. Reply’s offer covers three areas of competence: Processes, Applications and Technologies.


Big Data and Analytics
With over 50 billion objects set to be networked by 2020 and 900 million people sharing information on social networks, every day, millions of links become billions of events generating trillions of data items. This is the realm of big data, where diversity, volumes, speed of analysis, and value generation for the customer are the qualities that demand new architectures and new usage paradigms.

Cloud Computing
In recent years, cloud computing has become one of the most important revolutions for businesses to grapple with. And it is increasingly clear that this is just the beginning. The major world vendors’ offering of services and virtual environments has effectively transformed, if not overturned companies’ traditional concept of IT.

The ever-deeper integration with the new communication technologies (especially in the mobile arena), the social element of participation and collaboration, and the spread of multichannel methods have acquired crucial importance in the creation of CRM solutions that add real value, replacing the traditional models by a customercentric approach.

Digital Communication
In the communication market, individual brands’, products’ or services’ presence on the various digital platforms, both for consumers and for employees, has grown in importance in recent years. This multichannel presence, with multiple target groups, is increasingly dialogue-based and interactive, a long way from the classic shopwindow model.

In recent years, ecommerce has become increasingly central to B2C relationships. Indeed, before 2014 is out, global ecommerce earnings are set to equal those from physical shops. More and more often, businesses are expanding their model with new multichannel strategies to offer consumers different touchpoints – both digital and physical – to use when buying products.

Internet of Things
The impetus for convergence in the telco, media and consumer-electronics sectors is driving the need to treat objects currently without any kind of connectivity (domestic appliances, integrated domotic system controllers, etc...) as “networked devices”. Underlying the Internet of Things (IoT) is machine to machine (M2M), a market that leading analysts predict will grow by over 39% a year in Europe during 2014–20, to be worth over 400 billion euros worldwide by 2020, with more than 26 billion networked objects.

Through its consolidated expertise in devices, user experience and communication protocols and its knowledge of the main telco and media processes, Reply supports its customers in establishing scenarios and models for multichannel interaction. Reply creates new collaborative environments that offer:
- convenient independent access to services and information;
- integration of wireless and wired devices;
- an “always on” infrastructure for managing and distributing services and content.

Mobile Payment
Mobile devices are increasingly pervasive in consumers’ daily lives. Mobile-device developments combined with the growing takeup of new payment methods as alternatives to cash and as ways to transfer funds between private individuals (PtoP), are making the mobilepayments sector a very promising market for the coming years.

In 2013, Reply further strengthened its position in the managed-security-services arena and in project-based and consultancy work. The Security Operation Centre’s (SOC) services and expertise grew considerably, requiring the set up of a second control room.

Social Media
Social media has changed the way people find information and how they interact and communicate. People of all ages use this communication model in an increasingly pervasive and natural way in their daily lives. It has now been embraced on a massive scale by businesses, too, which have seized new opportunities for using these paradigms, both internally (employee networks) and externally (B2C or B2B), seeking innovative ways to connect their organisation/ brand/service with their customers and stakeholders.

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