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Námestie Slobody 1237/156, 09301 Vranov nad Topľou

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Bratislava, Slovakia



Dominik Petro




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  • 02  Analytics
  • 02.01  Analysis tools for customer data, CRM software

Our products

Product category: Analysis tools for customer data, CRM software

Customer Satisfaction & Automated Feedback

Gathering feedback from in-store visitors is critical to maximizing sales opportunities, driving incremental revenue, and ensuring a positive retail experience. With FaceMedia's visitor tracking and analysis platform, you can monitor and assess feedback tracked from facial expressions of your in-store visitors without any interaction.

  • ACSS™ - Automated Customer Satisfaction Scoring
  • 1-5 Scale Satisfaction Score
  • In-store emotion mapping (heat maps)
  • Staff performance analyses
  • Real-time feedback without any interaction


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Product category: Analysis tools for customer data, CRM software

People counting and customer traffic

  • Age, gender, and ethnicity is captured from in-store visitors and passerby traffic.
  • Bounce rate & lost opportunities
  • Duration of stay & store occupancy
  • Staff traffic analyses
  • Unique/returning visits& frequency of visits
  • Visitors’ clothes size and color

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Product category: Analysis tools for customer data, CRM software

Customer Journey

Create a Better Customer Journey

Do you know where your in-store visitors are spending their time? In front of which products? And for how long? With the FaceMedia in-store tracking and analysis platform, you can gather data from 95% of your visitors with 0,5-meter accuracy into valuable heat maps that inform your executives and store managers where traffic is congregating.

With powerful store layout and zoning tools, you can accurately assess traffic flows, maximize product placement, and target specific marketing campaigns.

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Product category: Analysis tools for customer data, CRM software

Digital Signage & Out-Of-Home Advertising

Enhance the effectiveness of your digital communications with FaceMedia. Our face detection technology enables
you to trigger and display personalized messages based on the age and gender of people standing in front of your

  • Personalised  communication
  • Campaign  quality
  • Attention time
  • Audience counting and demographics

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About us

Company details

We believe that in order to redefine the retail industry we need to go beyond customers’ physical presence. The understanding of shoppers’ in-store emotion, perception & satisfaction in numerous interactions helps our customers to make better, data-driven business decisions in real-time.

FaceMedia is an innovative technology company that leverages artificial intelligence with face and body detection. Through our in-store platform, we deliver powerful data and insight that retail stores can use to maximize revenue opportunities, product placement, and the in-store experience.

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IT services

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