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Gartenhofstr. 17, 8004 Zürich
Telephone +41 44 2537570

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Xovis AG

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EuroCIS 2019 hall map (Hall 10): stand B26

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EuroCIS 2019 fairground map: Hall 10

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  • 02  Analytics
  • 02.04  Customer tracking

Our products

Product category: Customer tracking

Retail Intelligence

As a retailer, the more you know about your customers the better off you are. At ASE, we specialize in using pedestrian flow measurement techniques to help retailers improve their offering and increase conversion rates. When systematically gathered, and analyzed in the right way, data about the movements of people outside of and within a store can be very revealing. Whether it’s optimizing your staffing to get the full potential out of a location, reducing waiting times to improve the customer experience, or simulating the effects of a change to your store layout before undertaking an expensive renovation: we provide the information you need for well-founded decisions, helping you turn passers-by into paying customers.

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Product category: Customer tracking

Crowd Management

Public events attracting large crowds can be a great way to enhance the reputation of a city, municipality, or venue. Yet large crowds also pose grave risks. We have a lot of experience helping clients develop crowd management concepts to help reduce risks by identifying potential dangers and suggesting countermeasures. This includes defining evacuation strategies, optimizing pedestrian routes, and ensuring the right amount and correct placement of safety and rescue personnel. As well as safe, a successful event should be enjoyable. We can show you how crowd management techniques can be used to develop optimal pedestrian flow concepts, ensuring maximum comfort and ease for your visitors.

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Product category: Customer tracking

Pedestrian Flows

Making sure that pedestrian traffic can flow safely and efficiently through an area is one of the most important tasks facing architects, city planners and others involved in the development of large public or private spaces. At ASE, we specialize in the gathering and analysis of pedestrian flow data, including robust, detailed, scenario-based simulations. Whether it is planning regulatory-compliant evacuation or fire protection concepts, designing a shopping mall or railway station, or just deciding where to place a display case in your store – our services give you insights to help plan and implement effective concepts to address the needs of all those passing through your space on foot.

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About us

Company details

ASE uses sophisticated data analysis and modeling to help organizations untangle complex problems. We provide clarity and predictability, so you can reach your full potential.

Our vision is simple: use our data gathering, analysis and simulation skills to help companies and organizations become more effective at what they do. By providing clarity in terms of their situation and predictability when it comes to assessing change, we aim to give our clients a better chance of reaching their full potential.

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