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Company news



21 Oct 2021

Frankonia combines its online and offline shopping experience

The German hunting equipment retailer - Frankonia - has decided to implement the Breece system with electronic shelf labels (ESL) from Delfi Technologies in all its stores to unify the online and offline shopping experience.

Founded in 1908, Frankonia has become a market leader in hunting equipment with a multichannel business and more than 40,000 items.

To ensure the same shopping experience and product information across all channels, Frankonia partnered with Delfi Technologies. To make this happen, Delfi has already delivered over 10 million ESLs to over 2,000 locations spread across Europe.

- We know Delfi Technologies from working with other retailers and found that their cloud-based ESL solution is the ideal choice for our needs, says Svenja Horz, project manager for all stores at Frankonia.

The ESL solution from Delfi Technologies was chosen because it is cloud-based and very easy to use. At the same time, the implementation is simple and requires only a small infrastructure, which does not take much time to get started.

- Due to the good test results of the pilot project with Delfi's ESL solution, we have decided to roll out the solution in all our stores. This will allow us to manage our product and price information much more smoothly and at the same time we have the possibility to react much faster, says Jens Meister - Sales Manager at Frankonia.

The rollout is scheduled to be completed in the first quarter of 2022.

He is complemented by Svenja Horz, who explains:

- The combination of the cloud solution and the light infrastructure makes the entire installation process very simple and straightforward.

The electronic shelf labels are fully graphic, which means Frankonia can put anything important on the labels - texts, logos, barcodes, etc. Among other things, Frankonia has placed QR codes on the displays to link the offline sales channel with the online platform

With the ESL solution, Frankonia can ensure the same pricing online and offline, with a high degree of flexibility when it comes to price changes. Everything can be changed within seconds, across all channels.

- It has become much easier and faster to work with special promotions, as the time-consuming exchange of paper tags in all stores is no longer necessary, says Jens Meister.

Frankonia was founded in 1908 and is the German market leader in hunting and sport shooting. The company operates a multi-channel business with 24 stores across Germany, which includes equipment for hunters, shooters and collectors, as well as high-quality fashion and exclusive outdoor gear.

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11 Oct 2021

New solution improves Lysmesteren stores

Electronic shelf labels from Delfi Technologies have now been installed at the Lysmesteren stores in Næstved and Charlottenlund, both part of Denmark's largest lighting chain. A solution that was introduced with the goals of gaining focus and optimizing the most important processes - selling and advising on lighting solutions.

Rasmus Stuhr, co-owner of Lysmesteren Næstved and Charlottenlund, is constantly looking for ways to optimize the business and achieve even better results. This is achieved with a daily focus on maximum efficiency in store operations.

In this context, the desire arose in the two stores to reduce the effort required for time-consuming price updates and adjustments to product information. For this reason, Rasmus Stuhr contacted Delfi Technologies, a supplier of electronic shelf label solutions.

In the Næstved and Charlottenlund stores, electronic shelf labels now ensure automatic updates of new prices and promotions. These can be implemented both centrally via the Lysmesteren chain and locally by the two stores.

According to Rasmus Stuhr, the likelihood that customers are more likely to make spontaneous impulse purchase decisions increases when prices are correctly displayed on the shelves.

Not everyone can imagine a 20% discount if it's only deducted at the checkout. But it becomes clear when the price is adjusted at the shelves - that is then something that everyone can understand, he says and continues:

Thanks to electronic shelf labels, our prices are now updated automatically. And that has a significant impact on our day-to-day operations - we've been able to streamline some very time-consuming processes.

Since the paper signage has been replaced by the digital solution, there are more opportunities to provide customers with additional information. Information that would not have made sense before, because it would have required replacing every single paper sign on the sales floor.

We liked to be able to see the stock level of each product directly on the shelf. With the digital solution, we can now do that. This gives us the unique opportunity to take a look inside the warehouse, Rasmus Stuhr tells us and continues:

We can now introduce new promotions much better and even easier. For example, on Black Friday - we can create a special campaign in a unique design directly on the shelves. Before, we would have had to move everything around the store. That wouldn't have made much sense, explains Rasmus Stuhr.

Lysmesteren is Denmark's largest lighting chain, with 30 stores across the country offering a wide range of lamps in both simple and elegant designs. For over 10 years, the chain has sold graceful lamps from design brands - from Le Klint to Louis Poulsen.

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29 Sep 2021

Digital price labeling creates more time for customers at 3

After installing electronic shelf labels from the IT company Delfi Technologies in all stores, the employees of the telecommunications company 3 no longer have to worry about updating product information and prices. Now the stores can focus on providing customers with the best possible service.

3's customers diligently use data via their cell phones and for several years had the largest data usage in all of Denmark. Many customers also visit 3's stores, which are fashionably elegant and offer inspiring experiences. In the stores, they find a wide selection of cell phones, accessories, accessories and lifestyle products at super prices.

Prices on the store shelves are automatically updated on Delfi Technologies' electronic shelf labels. In this way, 3 guarantees the necessary clear labeling with basic product information and clearly visible prices. This information helps customers and thus improves their shopping experience.

New product information as well as new promotions are automatically sent to the electronic shelf labels. This allows staff to pay more attention to customers and contribute to a good customer experience with service and advice.

- The cooperation with Delfi Technologies and the electronic shelf labels are a key element to ensure good customer experiences in our stores. Digital pricing is an important tool that allows our staff to focus on the customer and do what they are best at - providing first class service and advice, says Lasse Schneider, Sales Manager at 3.

Delfi Technologies has created a virtual storefront from the 3 store at Strøget, Vimmelskaftet 47 in Copenhagen.

It is possible to visit and navigate this virtual store and take a 360° digital tour of various Delfi Technologies solutions. The tour provides information about the Breece solution with electronic shelf labels used in all 3 stores.

3 offers mobile and data connectivity over 3G, 4G, 4G + and 5G mobile networks. 3 customers are busy data users on their cell phones and have had the largest data usage in Denmark for several years. With the 3LikeHome concept with no roaming charges in 72 countries, 3 aims to become the preferred telecommunications company for Danes who love to travel. 3 is part of the 3 Group in Denmark, which also operates in Italy, Austria, England, Ireland, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Sweden. 3 is owned by CK Hutchison Holdings Limited (60%) and Investor AB (40%). To learn more about 3 Group, visit For information about 3, go to

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12 Sep 2021

Gebr. Heinemann - New technology for duty free stores

Gebr. Heinemann, founded in 1879, has partnered with IT company Delfi Technologies to ensure a high level of performance in its international airport stores. By introducing electronic shelf labels, Gebr. Heinemann can change prices and product information directly in all airport stores worldwide.

As a top retailer in the international travel retail industry, Gebr. Heinemann has a constantly growing assortment of international branded goods. Due to changing promotions and daily updated exchange rates between currencies, many changes in prices and product information are required in the airport stores. For this reason, Gebr. Heinemann has installed the Breece system - an automatic price labeling solution from Delfi Technologies with electronic shelf labels (ESL).

The main reason for implementing an ESL solution was a specific situation with currencies at their outlet in Budapest.

As Gebr. Heinemann, we have decided to work with euros as currency in our store in Budapest, as the forint is subject to large fluctuations. Nevertheless, we are required by law to display prices in Forint. Since Euro was the main currency in our stores, it meant that prices in Forint changed daily depending on the exchange rate. For this reason, we were looking for a solution that would allow us to easily change our prices on a daily basis for a large number of products, says Jennifer Faiss, project manager for POS solutions at Gebr. Heinemann.

Gebr. Heinemann has decided to use the ESL system in other outlets as well for pricing special promotions that are only valid for a certain short duration. In this way, Gebr. Heinemann saves paper and reduces the workload for employees, as the displays of electronic shelf labels update automatically and replacing paper signage would take time.

In most of our outlets, we use ESL displays to show special promotional offers. In each outlet, we have an offer area where we display products that are currently being promoted for a certain period of time (usually 3 months). Every three months, the products and prices in the offer area change, says Jennifer Faiss.

On the display itself, Gebr. Heinemann shows the following:
  • Savings in percent
  • Promotion price
  • Product name and brand
  • Product type
  • Price per liter / kilogram
  • Barcode and GH number
  • Heinemann logo (depending on the size of the ESL display)
  • Additionally, Gebr. Heinemann uses a red background on the electronic shelf label to attract more attention.
At international airports, Gebr. Heinemann operates duty free & travel value stores, fashion label boutiques and concept stores, as well as stores at border crossings and on board cruise ships. The ESL system has also been installed in the recently opened stores at Berlin-Brandenburg Airport (BER).

- Our newest outlet is in BER, the new airport of our capital. Here we definitely wanted innovative technology and state-of-the-art products, says Jennifer Faiss.

The ESL solution is linked to SAP, Gebr. Heinemann's ERP system. In case of any changes in SAP, the shelf labels in the stores are automatically updated in real time.

- By being able to set a start time for each price in SAP ERP, we can plan upcoming changes in special offers and prices some time in advance. On the pre-determined start day, the price on the electronic shelf label updates automatically without any further manual intervention, explains Artem Engel, IT consultant for the POS solution at Gebr. Heinemann, adding:

- By using ESL, we have managed to save 1.3 million paper price tags in 2019, including 1.25 million in Budapest alone, and make the change of special offers and prices that need to be displayed based on daily rates easier to handle for our colleagues in the store.

Gebr. Heinemann and Delfi Technologies have had a close partnership for years. Artem Engel reports the following about this:

- At Delfi, we have very dedicated and reliable contacts who respond quickly and cooperatively, helping us to deal with any problem quickly. They independently inform us about new developments and technologies that could facilitate and improve the operation of our stores. These are great advantages on our side and we are very happy about the good cooperation.

Gebr. Heinemann is one of the top retailers and wholesalers in the international travel retail industry and a leader in the European market. It is the only family-owned company among the global players in travel retail. Gebr. Heinemann operates duty free & travel value stores, licensed fashion label boutiques and concept stores at international airports as well as stores at border crossings and on board cruise ships.

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18 Aug 2021

Eventyrsport: Denmark's best e-shop and good customer experience

The Danish outdoor chain Eventyrsport focuses on good customer experience and was thus named the country's best e-shop. The chain's stores also focus on good service, and prices are linked to the web store via electronic shelf labels from Delfi Technologies, allowing more time for customer service.

PriceRunner compares the prices of over 8,000 Danish web stores and then awards Denmark's best e-retailer every year. Eventyrsport scored the most points and was therefore named "e-retailer of the year" in May 2021.

The justification for this states:

Eventyrsport wins both the 2021 E-retailer of the Year title in the 'Leisure' category and the 2021 Store of the Year title. They can be proud of their website, which is easy for customers to navigate through. The store is tops in customer service and contacting an employee is hassle-free - responses reach customers quickly, are helpful and personal (source:

This is the 18th consecutive year that PriceRunner has won the award among the 8,700 Danish stores whose prices and products can be found on PriceRunner. To be nominated for the e-commerce award of the year, the store must have received verified customer reviews on PriceRunner within the last six months.

Despite the great success of the web store, it is still important for Eventyrsport to maintain and ensure the growth of its store chain.

- It is possible to grow on both channels. In the stores, many of our goods are easier to sell, so we must continue to focus on good customer service, says Emil Holtet Søgaard, retail manager at Eventyrsport and continues:

- With the electronic shelf labels, we have a suitable tool at hand that allows us to ensure the same good experience in our stores as in our web store.

Eventyrsport currently has 13 stores across Denmark - all equipped with Delfi Technologies' electronic shelf labels. Most recently, the chain opened a large new store in Horsens. Here, too, everything for outdoor and running sports is combined with inspiring experiences.

Eventyrsport is passionate about offering great experiences and a wide range of strong outdoor clothing and equipment brands. The Eventyrsport chain has 13 stores across Denmark and operates a webshop that has been awarded Denmark's Best E-Shop (May 2021).

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