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Titangade 16, 2200 Kopenhagen
Telephone +45 70 220322, +45 88 912301

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360 degree POS Systems for Unified Commerce

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EuroCIS 2022 hall map (Hall 10): stand D31

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EuroCIS 2022 fairground map: Hall 10


Mark Stewart Pedersen

CEO, Product Manager POS

+45 8891 2301


Claus Gerlev Vadstrup

Product Manager WMS & RFID

+45 8891 2326


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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 01  Omnichannel / E-Commerce Solutions
  • 01.03  Online shop systems / platforms
  • 07  POS Software
  • 07.01  Checkout software
  • 09  Supply Chain Management
  • 09.08  Warehouse management
  • 15  Merchandise Surveillance
  • 15.07  RFID merchandise surveillance solutions

RFID merchandise surveillance solutions

Our products

Product category: Warehouse management

NP WMS – App for RFID and 100% Mobile Warehouse Management

Accelerate warehouse operations and delight customers with RFID and real-time inventory data. Super cost-efficient implementation process and easy onboarding.

With NP WMS, you perform all daily tasks on handheld devices. End users will only need a minimum of training for this easy-to-use app.

  • Highspeed RFID technology. Accelerate your warehouse management with RFID
  • Built-in barcode scanner. Scan 1D/2D-barcodes with tablets, phones or scanners
  • Ready in 1 day. Automated configuration. No need for external consultants
  • User-friendly. The easy-to-use app minimizes errors and training.
  • Real-time inventory data. Data in the cloud provides 100% updated data.
  • Built into Business Central. No need for integrations or intermediate systems
All you need to get started is to download the NP WMS app from Microsoft AppSource and access to a cloud version of Business Central. After downloading the app, you simply follow the onboarding flow and configure one of the 40+ templates to your needs. When the app is ready for use, your employees will spend minimal time on training, as the intuitive solution requires a minimum of clicks and has no irrelevant information.

With the imbedded camera functionality from Scandit, you can use the app without scanner hardware. It can run on all newer Android devices – tablets as well as smartphones – and supports hardware from Honeywell and Zebra.

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Product category: Checkout software

NP Retail: POS app for global scalability and fast deployment

Get ready for growth with unified commerce. NP Retail is an all-in-one retail app built directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The app is available on Microsoft AppSource. It is the best fit for the most important aspects of retail business such as sales and purchase, customer experience, inventory management, finance and reports.

  • Cost-effective. Fast deployment and high ROI with a POS system in the cloud
  • Accept payments world-wide. Integration with leading PSPs and 200 payment terminals globally
  • Increase customer loyalty. Sell and redeem gift cards and vouchers across all stores
  • Built directly into Business Central. No need for integrations or intermediate systems
  • Better customer experiences. Perform checkouts at the POS counter or on an mPOS
  • Data for unified commerce. The cloud solution provides 100% updated sales and customer data.
NP Retail is easy to deploy, use and customize. It enables retailers to connect all parts of their business, make better decisions and deliver excellent customer service.
With the payment integrations sales assistants can accept payment by cash, debit cards, foreign exchange, gift cards, loyalty cards, mobile and contactless. Additionally the system supports more than 200 payment terminals wordwide.

Hosted in the cloud on Microsoft Azure, the POS system has an uptime of 99,95%. Retailers can also take advantage of Azure services such as Power BI or Mixed Reality and a seamless integration with NP WMS for inventory management.

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Product category: Online shop systems / platforms

NP Ecommerce: Web store platform ready for omnichannel retailing

Profit from an web store based on Magento, and integrated with Dynamics 365 Business Central. Although a web store is a crucial part of a customer journey, the magic happens in the interaction between web stores and onsite stores. 

  • Create a platform for unified commerce: Connect eCommerce, ERP, POS and WMS into one unified solution that optimizes your stores, both online and on-site.
  • Marketing automation and an abundance of features: Utilize the best Magento features and gain access to leading martech platforms facilitated by our partners.
  • Reliable hosting of your web store: The robust setup ensures that your eCommerce site can always perform at its best – also during seasonal sales.
With unified commerce you get the ability to constantly show updated information of available goods across the chain’s warehouses and stores, both onsite and online. This activation of the goods across locations and platforms ensures that the customers won’t be disappointed when choosing click & collect. Unified commerce enables you to activate loyalty programs that provide your customers with access to benefits and points both online and in-store. Your customers get the same, great experience regardless of their choice of purchasing platform – digital or physical.

A wide range of features and add-ons
As a starting point, your new web store has a large number of standard features to ensure that your web store is found by customers and that they get a pleasant experience when purchasing online. We also enriched the standard web store with a wide range of features such as tokenized payments, omnichannel coupons, and gift cards.

To boost your online presence and increase sales you can choose from a wide range of add-ons that facilitate additional sales, upselling and cross-selling, or ensure visibility and control over what the customers are exposed to. More-over you can e.g. expand the standard delivery features or add a B2B web store.

Loyalty and marketing automation
Without the tools to efficiently provide customers and loyalty club members with relevant messages throughout their entire customer lifecycle, you miss out on opportunities to improve both customer experience and profitability.

To ensure that you can utilize the opportunities we have established partnerships with cutting-edge martech providers that can enable you to increase efficiency, customer service, and profitability in all channels.

The real value of the integration resides in leveraging marketing not only on traditional data from your web store, but also including POS transactions from on-site retail sales and returns, to successfully increase the performance of your recommendations and spot valuable customers.

Secure hosting with global reach
With web store hosting on Microsoft Azure, you are secured on up-time of 99,9%.  We monitor the performance of your e-commerce site day and night and you have access to support 24/7/365. During seasonal sales you benefit from the robustness of the solution that ensures that you don’t miss sales due to slow web store performance.

Microsoft Azure offers high speed hosting in hundreds of countries. This provides your eCommerce business with the opportunity to benefit from global reach and local presence all around the world.

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Product category: RFID merchandise surveillance solutions

NP RFID: Loss prevention with RFID reduces shrinkage

Build efficient loss prevention and reduce inventory shrinkage with accurate insight into the when and where of each item. Too often, electronic alarms triggered by theft are ignored. But the loss of huge amounts of money is not a problem that disappears, just because the alarm stops. NP RFID takes you a step further so you can go from reactive to proactive with deeper insight into loss and theft.
  • Gain advanced loss prevention and improved insight
    Armed with knowledge on how each item is moved around you can prevent loss
  • Get exact knowledge about each item that left the store
    Proactively reduce shrink with insights into the when and where of each theft
  • Identify and react to trends
    Plan data-driven initiatives that directly target the cause of the problem
  • Seamless integration with sales and return of goods
    The solution is integrated with automated inventory management and return of items.
Gain advanced loss prevention and improved insight
When you have live data about the location of each item, you can see how it is moved around, and use this data to prevent loss. You can get notifications when an unsold item leaves the store and use the data to identify patterns in shrinkage.

Get exact insight into unsold items leaving the store
Typically, traditional electronic theft prevention triggers an alarm when a security tag leaves the store with an item. The issue with this kind of electronic article surveillance is that it doesn’t collect knowledge about which items are leaving or how they were moved around in the store, before disappearing. The missing insight makes retailers vulnerable and threatens their profitability. With NP RFID you collect data about the date, time, and place for each theft, giving you the opportunity to plan proactive loss prevention.

See patterns to identify and react to trends
With insights on how each item moves around in the warehouse and in the store, you are not only warned when somebody attempts to leave with an unsold item. You can connect the product data with patterns in shrinkage. The system provides you with knowledge on when items enter or leave zones such as trial rooms.
By means of the data, you can identify patterns and act proactively to target the source of the problem directly. Go from reactive to proactive with an overview of data about shrink and theft.

Seamless integration with the registration of sales and returns
Gain seamless loss prevention integrated with automated sales and returns, while at the same time protecting the privacy of your customers. When an item is sold the RFID tag is deactivated in the system. If an item is returned, the tag is reset to normal operation and is made visible to RFID readers. You also get the opportunity to instantly and automatically remove a sold item from the inventory and improve customer experience with the seamless return of items.

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About us

Company portrait

It is complex to navigate in a world where digital platforms, markets and trends are in constant change. A complex business with physical stores, web stores and inventory management can quickly turn into a patchwork of systems. Here a cohesive tech stack can be essential to have an edge in the market.

At NaviPartner, we make unified commerce uncomplicated. We do not claim it is easy but as your partner we help you create coherence, synergy and scalability between systems.

This means that we help complex businesses get physical shops, online stores, inventory management, accounting and finance integrated into one system. In other words, coherence in sales: From the first meeting with the customer to a transaction – and from order management to loyalty.

Coherence makes it a little simpler, and a little easier and safer to navigate your business into an even more complex league. And for us, it's just more fun, the more complex it gets.

We step in and build solutions, where many others give up. We set the standard for standard. Actually, we sell 90% standard solutions. This is a strength for our customers. For it means that we can spend time and energy on integrations that really make a difference.

We do not write 50 pages of requirement specs to sell lots of hours that we can implement – and then complete our delivery. We want to consider ourselves as your business partner - and we expect you to show us the confidence to do likewise.

We live by long relationships. We can only do that if we’re “on time”, “on budget” and “on track”. Often, it's about looking each other in the eyes, and noticing each other's expectations. That's just easier when you know each other well.

We are not just a supplier. We want to be your knowledge partner who is curious, and who critically - and kindly - guides you through the many difficult choices - and thus creates a business-critical digital infrastructure a bit less complex. And a whole lot more profitable.

Uncomplicating Unified Commerce

Company data

Number of employees 100-499
Foundation 1999
Area of business
  • Omnichannel / E-Commerce Solutions
  • POS Software
  • POS Hardware
  • Supply Chain Management